Type 59, 121 and 7 Other Chinese Tanks Buffed! | World of Tanks Tank Buffs – Update 1.15+

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Chinese Medium Tank Line Buffed. World of Tanks 1, -120, Type 59, Type 59G and other Chinese Tanks Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

Information from: WG

Today I am going to talk about upcoming buffs to the Chinese tanks, in total 8 9 tanks will be improved to bring them up to the META.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Good, good Video. DEZ, what do you think about climate protection and a campaign for it?

  2. Mihajlo Petrovski

    ok why would i play t-44-100 then over type 59/59 g?

  3. 121 rly needed it

  4. Omg, the type59 buff is op. The tank is good already.

  5. I guess I should mark Type 59G before the update. Though I don’t think requirements are going to go much higher since it already has very low Ace Tanker base XP requirement. Yes I know those two things are not linked but it does show that it’s owners, on average, do not play it too well for some reason since the tank itself is okay right now, at least in my humble opinion

  6. No Buffs for LTs………..

  7. WZ-120 grind is actually mostruous you have to research basically 3 guns and one turret…

  8. alejandrozapataq

    i think 110 needs a bit more love, i never saw one in battle that could stop me from killing him, even when its on hands of insanely good players, also they are buffing the speed of the type 59 but the cdc does not get a buff there wtf

  9. Tier 5 and 7 didn’t really need any buff but ok. T7 was just buffed a few patches back. WG why still no love for American tanks like T20, Pershing, T69?

  10. Sure, after I just finished the line…. =)

  11. I just sold my 121… bruv

  12. The chinese tank Player in me is rock hard right now

  13. Where’s my qilin buff?!

  14. All these tanks getting nice buffs. Cryes in French M4 rev. It really needs gun buffs i dont care for mobility 200 is barely anything since the gun is supposed to be its selling point

  15. So they buffed Chinese tanks and forgot about my favourite, 113… That sucks

  16. Thank you Dez!

  17. Rafael Gonçalves Dias

    We need Chinese light tanks buff

  18. Again, the premium tanks get the biggest buff, even with pref. mm

  19. there’s very little reason to play most of the chinese tech line unless you just like completing lines. i got the tier x heavies. they are fine. but heavy line and medium line really isn’t that good until t9. the WZ-120 is good – with the 122mm boom stick. same gun on T-34-3 premium t8 … handles a little better. the TD line is a total waste of time imo.. why put yourself through it.. ???

  20. Type 59: gets mobility buff, dpm buff, accuracy buff (nobody asked)
    AMX CDC: doesnt get buffed nearly as much, but everybody asked

  21. All this crap. No new map same fucked matchmaking OP gear for the top 10 players. FUCK WG

  22. maybe people are not playing Chinese tanks because covid
    and WG guessed the reason was their performance?
    idk sure tho since I don’t play covid tanks.

  23. Too bad they didn’t buff the frontal armour on the WZ-120 and 121, however, I am stoked because I just unlock the 121 and my Type 59 is so much fun.

  24. No love for chinese tds, i’m sad…

  25. I like that they are balancing with small changes, and I would like to see these more frequently. Not sure why the type 59 is getting such a large buff though, it is already competitive

  26. it will load like 6.1 seconds so the dpm is going to be very nice and with that buffed dispersion? right now it has already very very good gunhandling, its only problem was the circle being so big so sometimes it completely missed, but this is gonna be big…

  27. pls buff my 121B even moreee xD

  28. I hope they buff the other old tier 7 and tier 8 mediums.

  29. Day 27 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  30. No penetration buff on type 59? 🤣…

  31. a bit disappointed that they’re not planning on buffing the 122-TM a bit. it’s got atrocious DPM, terrible mobility and horrific dispersion while moving. only things going for the 122-TM are the turret armour, dispersion when stationary, gun depression and the damage per shot. not even wanting massive buffs to the tank, just a bit more power to weight, so that it feels like a medium tank, rather than a mediocre heavy and maybe a 1.5-2sec reload buff, so that it’s got a base DPM of 2K, instead of having Bounty Gun Rammer, Bond Vents and gun rammer directive for 2.3K DPM. I spent about 60hrs on that Mission Marathon to get the tank for free. feels like I’ve been robbed of a lot of my time.

  32. Chineese tanks were such a pain to gring but did it cause i love 121 but ben stuck on 110 for years cause it pains me too much to play it

  33. t34-1 is probably the best tier 7 tank after t29. They are insane dude.

    • yeh it sure is amazing but the tier 8 and tier 9 after , sucks quite a lot especially for the grind you have to handle in them.

  34. I really wanna see the buffs from T-34-2 on T-54 mod1

  35. About time they un-nerfed the Type 59 and 121, well at least a partial amount.

  36. Nikola Nikolovski

    WG does indeed have a fetish for Chinese tOnks

  37. Hopefully the type 59 speed buff goes through. Finally have a reason to play the tank.

  38. it’s funny, the tanks i play never get buffed and the tanks i play against and think they’re a bit op, always get buffed over and over again 😀

  39. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Type 59 gets a buff

    Object 430: Smells like someone is going to get destroyed by me

  40. Deeeez, PLEASE, Ive reaserched all tier Xs and game became so boring. You can chose any tank and you can play 1 or2 max 3 positions on any map and its F U C K I N G boring. Tell WG to bring us back STEEL HUNTER because it has so much potencial to be better that hole WoT. New maps, new tanks, unlimited potencial for tanks builts and so much other ideas, it can be a game on its one. PLEASE TELL THEM, thx

  41. Thorsten Seigfried

    So you can get the tier 5 Type T-34 up to about 3,5K DPM :-O …would be op. I mean i love this tank already but after this buff it would be crazy

    i also love my wz-120 with potato-gun – but then it wwould be… ohh booyy

  42. Glad to hear this!! I am a fan of Chinese tanks, they work but, you must get used to the lack of gun depression.

  43. i’m happy they are gonna buff the medium chinese tree.the pen on the tier 8 was disgusting for the last gun and the tier 9 needed that buff too.it’s sad they didn’t bother looking at the stock gun of the tier 8 wich is worse than the gun on tier 7. it’s a step back until you get both tracks and turret (tier 8) and 130 pen at tier 8 is just a joke not even the gold is useful you are basically stuck behind using free exp to get out of it. i had a lot of fun with t34 -1 though marked it without actually trying and i’m a shit player so ._. not many people must be doing it.

  44. Buff Type5Heavy 🙁

  45. I think 121 buff is kinda useless because you got better options like Obj 430U that has better armor or if you want absolutly want a chinese medium I think 121B is just better overall

  46. Retropaintball clips

    The only buff 121 needs is gun compression like 2 grades more

  47. type 59 in 2021 is just ok but not op, so why you have to be mad guys, because you didn’t buy it a few months ago?

  48. jhvudnsbc fhkdbnvb

    how about TD? the least played line in game

  49. it dossent matter if crew 2.0 is comming the game will be broken ewen more than it is

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