Type 59 Contest // “A winner is you”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

The two weeks are well and truly up at this point, so I think it’s about time we see who our winners are! A big round thanks go everyone who took part, and of course, to Wargaming as well for providing these prizes.


World Tanks is a free--play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & features


  1. Aww i think my replay was in too late 🙁 i sent it in yesterday i think…
    Oh well!

  2. Damn it I think I made myself ineligible by sending to the wrong email…
    Then again I didn’t know there was a competition on.
    1925 base XP in my Chaffee. I would have won Sir Havok’s Type 59 contest if
    I’d known about his as well!

  3. he is medal hunting

  4. Leeuw15, The_Kid13’s platoonmate here… We both love our ELC (3 marks
    each) and decided to fire it up for this contest. We had our own little
    competition and I was in the lead with a 1573 xp game for quite some time,
    but then he rekt me with this one… type 59 denied :/ Congratz man! (We
    are actually friends irl so I do like that he has won)

  5. mmhh why i even bother with those contests….and why the t25 has such an
    awesome gun and my T14 has taht shit thing….

  6. pointy, can I please platoon with you at some point? I’m in CIRC2

  7. I think Deano got prize from Maxwell aswell…

  8. Face palms. I forgot about the kills needed. Oh well, wasn’t in contention
    so don’t mind.

  9. I knew it. I bloody knew it. Of course i didnt get a Type because an
    artillery piece killed me. Fuck me ^^
    Bit salty right now because I am 32 xp short on winning one and only
    because the other ELC player was slightly luckier with not getting killed
    by arty…

    Anyways good games you showed us (why did you have to include the only one
    replay per tank type. dammit jedi why u deny my Type ?) and gratz to the
    winners. Atleast I am getting 1000 gold so why am I even complaining (well
    because an S-51 killed me and denied me my Type 59).

    Enough bad mood thanks for the 1000 Gold Jedi :)

  10. Not to be a stats nerd but the Chaffee is faster 🙂

    And the reason for hiding from the O-I is because he was facing Uber
    (turret pointing at).

  11. Arty is so OP lol those shotguns

  12. i was expecting the winners to be like 10-12 kills and i didn’t even bother
    myself to put replays up lol.

  13. Well done to the winners, I was trying for this one, and had a great game
    (for me), there I made 2126 XP using a T14 but only killed 4 :(

  14. ELC with 3 MoE makes me a happy tanker.

    Grats for the winners :)

  15. Hyperuberrandomness

    I didn’t want any of my teammates to endanger my pools ;)

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