Type 59 Gold – Under the Hammer – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Gold (G) is as extravagant as gets in World of but does it live up to its price?



  1. Added the Qilin and AMBT.. No interest in the 59G as I have the original. I’m guessing it will take at least 40K gold to get it. Possibly more as the bidding will ramp up during the day as those who low bid will get nervous and overbid.

  2. I have Type 59 Gold then later they added the regular Type 59 one month later to the premium shop

  3. Drink every time he says ‘YOO DEZ’

  4. ooh thank god the WT 12 or the Waffentrager Auf E100 hasnt been added to the main servers, i did here/see a post on where its on the Chinese Server.

  5. Golds just wanna have fun …..

  6. So the last tank is WT12

  7. Already overpaid on AMBT and own the regular Type 59 + this skin hurts my eyes, so this one’s a pass 🙂

  8. QB: I got spotted! That can’t be good!
    I think that’s the entire point of driving a bling bling tank, to be seen, no? 🤣

  9. If you already have the Type 59, why bother with an ugly Type 59g that doesn’t do anything different than the original one.

  10. Soo, Im not a whale then… 😉

  11. Doesnt have this tank better credits income? I mean better then other premium tanks?

  12. Definitely not biding. It’s a tear 8 medium. 25k gold 🤣🤣🤣

  13. All this just for this gold skin…i bought this tank for 15 20 $ and traded it for strv 😂😂😂 and ppl kill for it muhaha

  14. Total rip off! 25,000 gold what amounts to a little above average tank with a gold skin. No thanks.

  15. Since I have the original one… no thanks 🤣

  16. Pure gold is absolutely ugly looking tbh, much prefer the QL’s black and gold.

    And it’s absurd to pay €100+ for essentially just a skin!


  18. “Hey, ive seen this one!”

  19. It’s funny, every time I see these videos come up in my sub feed I just answer the “worth it?” Question in the title with “probably not, no” before watching the video

    I’m yet to be wrong 😂

  20. yeah i shouldve gone for the QL and ambt

  21. Quicky you said 2021 at 01:59. We’re in 2022!

  22. whiny baby

  23. Boring event … if wg wanted to make a splash both WT e-100 based vehicles from China server must be put on (Opera, Quillen, Type59G after all was putted so there is not technical issues with that) …. Lots not impressive for such event … AMBT … disappointment as well who need extra tier 8 premium medium/heavy with little or no difference with existing ones, who will need worse grille 15 (total trash tier 10 td) in form of obj 268 5 ?

  24. thanks god that its not Chieftain Mk.6 or any other Chieftain 😀

  25. min 500000 Exp in Asia server… what the hell….

  26. Can we remove the gold from
    This tank? I mean I dont like shining in the game

  27. The Auction is actually rigged. WG are the ones increasing the prices of these things not other players trying to get one. Save your resources.

  28. Nada I have the 59

  29. My friend actually has this tank, he got it for 60k gold

  30. Another reskin for unbelievably wealthy players… ffs

  31. Leo with that “baby” gun is a much better tank, at least to my mind:) better dpm, better gun stats in every account. just a fun tank to play.

  32. blaming other tanks for getting dmg classic cancerbaby!

  33. Henrik Föhrenbach Lenning

    How much did people pay for the WZ 111 QL?
    Personally bid 25k and I got it, dont know if I overpaid or got a good deal.

  34. I already have the type 59, should I go for the type59 G?
    Seems like too much gold for something I already have.
    Might cancel my bid after work and save my gold for something in the future.

  35. I think Tomas, in the T29 in the first game did ok 😉

  36. What on earth is a ‘whale/wail tank’?

  37. 2 barels is-7 is-4 is-6 is-5 is-3 is-2 is-1 is-0 is-8 is-9

  38. I got this thing for 5 euro, from christmas lootboxes…

  39. is-x 2 barels gud tank

  40. I bought this for 75 quid plus bundle last year. Why would I want the tank with a gold skin?

  41. I got an AMBT for an ok ish price…14k but it seems a total bargain compared to the cost of the rest which are just fancy skins! Bonkers!

  42. AMBT was the only offer that was worth it. Skins for thousands of gold is a joke.

  43. Goddamn tank is almost 100 euros to buy, no way in hell.

  44. Hi there QB, just a small addendum on you explanation here 01:00, Yes you could get the Type 59G for ‘only’ 5000 gold, but remember that there was also an RNG element in that the type had to be one of the 5 offer that were presented to you, buying the key did not mean you would therefore get the type 59G, you could also end up with other vehicles.

  45. I hope they give us a chance at a regular type 59 soon…..

  46. QB It’s looking like there will be no black market this year or very again, since WG gets the players to spend more money on the action house then the black market.

  47. what a bot camper 4FG player XDD

  48. ALWAYS a video where you have lower tier tanks lol. or at least 90% of the time.

  49. Yes, the whole event was dissapointing, but I like this direction WG is going for. Releasing more reskins for lots of money is better for the game than releasing more new OP premiums, people should stop complaining about these reskin given how beneficial it financially is for WG while aslo being 100% not toxic for the regular players. Wargaming has my blessing for continuing to do that, even though I don’t have money nor interest to put into these skins (well, if they release skins for my all time favorite tanks I may have to change that statement lol)

  50. The only way the type g would increase in value would be if it had the double credit gain. But its value dropped since it keeps getting sold.

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