^^| Type 59 & more giveaways

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Source: SirCircon

See you then!


  1. Nice :O

  2. Inb4 Billy wins one…. #BlameBilly

  3. hey circon, how long will you be steaming for?? I work the night shift in
    the US and I would love to come watch your stream. I missed QB’s stream
    because I had to sleep through it.

  4. Did you see QB’s giveaway? maybe prepare accordingly ;)

  5. by the way, normally i am not really for giveaways on twitch at all. But
    cant let you guys miss out on a chance of a Hype 59. See you soon. <3

  6. SEA get’s the short end of the stick.

  7. Edwin Chao (Mr Tempestman)

    Still no love for SEA …

  8. As usual nothing for SEA. I cri every time.. :(

  9. Sircon ANSWER ME! Could we play some few games for my LT misson 15 4K? :)

  10. Blitzing Dem0c WoTB


  11. Wish me luck :)

  12. Hype 59

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