Type 59 Unicum Guide, Playing From a Position of Strength

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Type 59, a tier 8 Chinese premium medium tank in World of (WoT), with a of a tier 9 Highway battle.

Last month I won a Type 59 from the WGLNA Scavenger Hunt. I was eager to try this tank based on its controversial reputation. After 190 battles (58% WR, 2.7k WN8), in my opinion the Type 59 is solid in the current meta but is no longer overpowered. For those of you who don’t own the Type 59, don’t sweat it – power creep has caught up to it.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb turret protection, weak spots are very small
+ Excellent earner
+ Good gun depression (-7), unusual for a Chinese medium, which marries well with the turret and frontal hull protection
+ Frontal hull armor offers ~165mm of effective armor, even more when angled, and this is solid protection against tier 6 and 7 tanks
+ Preferential MM means this tank never sees tier 10s, although it now feels balanced relative to its MM
– Very long aim time (2.9)
– Poor accuracy (0.39)
– Agility and acceleration are mediocre
– Low DPM compared to other tier 8 mediums

Recommended Equipment
1. VStab
2. Rammer
3. Your choice of Optics, GLD, or Vents. I’ve tried all 3 and favor Optics for vision control, especially when solo queuing. Even with a GLD the gun handling is still suspect

Viewers have asked me to review various premium tanks that I don’t have in my garage. If you’re feeling generous and want to gift me a premium tank, let me know and in most cases I’ll be happy to review it.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. I loved so much this tank.
    It is my second most played tank, but I don’t play it anymore, just once a month.
    After 3 nerf, it is almost poor and absolutely not enjoyable.
    T54m1 is better. And possibly the other two Chinese med are better.
    The most disappointing nerf is about mobility. I can understand gun handling and dpm, being a tank with preferred MM.
    But mobility!

    I would be glad to have the preferred MM removed and get a buff, to have back Mt Type 59.

  2. @taugrim off topic but, have you looked into any new MMO’s? maybe Ashes of Creation on kickstarter? Loved your vids all the way back to Warhammer.

  3. Cosmin Herciu-Sava

    Post more often ! 🙂

  4. omg why making a guide of a tank nobody has

  5. ur doing a lot of hight teir tank or rare tanks so could you please do some more accesable tanks?

  6. I’m not too interested in reading about prem reviews. I’d rather you continue talking about managing poor deployment and such. Here’s a tip.

    I recently realized that I my performance has been affected by poor mid-game decision making : the game is tight, and I risk a brash move to move the game forward, but I end up getting killed. I now work harder to be patient, to reposition when necessary, and not panic.

    Thanks for your toughts on WoT.

  7. Another great vid Taug.

  8. Yay a new video!

  9. This is not “Type 59 Unicum Guide”. This is “I played 50 games; at last i did something good and i want you to know that i play this tank very good, im pro Guide”. Shame on you noob

  10. Robert Pettigrew

    To be honest I never thought the type59 was OP, It had epic MM and often you would get 3 or 4 on a team, no golds ammo use, maps where more medium friendly, people used to play their medium tanks as mediums and wolfpacks was the norm. Now with the massive power creep in the game along with all of the changes to the meta of the game it is just a ok tank and not sure if anyone would want one except for the reputation.

  11. Love the vids

  12. thanks for the video Taugrim. 1 thing though, your logo on the left side corner kind of disturbing to see the top forwerd/revers speed etc. i have no better option though…

  13. Have you been planning about livestreaming or are you doing it already?

  14. taugrim what do you think abour jgpze100 i love my JP2 and cant decide continue the lane or not

  15. take a look at super pershig i know it does not need a lot of skill to play but i would like to hear what you have to say about it

  16. I was hoping for a Unicum guide on playing the TOGII 😉

  17. General_Dankenfells

    can someone tell me why he has not premium ammo ?

  18. Thanks for posting a current overview of the Type59. I learned a few things about the tank that gives me encouragement to play it again. Great work on the vids!

  19. Thanks for this guide!….I do not have type 59 as my own, but I recently got t34-1, and found that it plays similar to type 59, even though it is a tire lower. The tips that you shared in this video definitely helps me to play better.

    And also, you always inspires me to play better (without relying on gold ammo). Thanks so much!

  20. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but the reason you missed that fully aimed in shot on is6 at the wasn’t because of the gun, but rather because you moved just a bit before firing, which caused the gun to rock back 🙂

    Otherwise, great video, love watching them.

  21. Taugrim if you ever get your hands on one when they randomly show up, Id love to see one of your vids on the Object 252U/Defender.

  22. Always love a WoT video from Taugrim!

  23. Gordon Tannahill

    what would u trade the 50t for with the current exchange?

  24. To be honest I find it underpowered when compared to some of the newer premiums.

  25. The Pilot Penguin

    can you do a super pershing review

  26. The gun on this tank needs a handling buff…

  27. Butcher_ Bird_44

    #1, you should know, that STRV TD has a distinct advantage there, in that any sub 100 caliber guns is an auto ricochet off it, IF it is pointed frontally, so it was bad that he wasn’t in a safe spot from arty, but he certainly had a huge advantage, IF he could face forwards toward the guns, which he did have because the house was shielding him from the side.
    You will see a lot of Swede Tds do this when they need to because if they can protect their sides, people can’t hardly pen them, (cont)

    #2 you were too passive, as in that TD saw the need to go there and get another gun or two on the situation, and that is why he was out of position, while you sat back and shot opportunistically, and watched the super P lose all of his HP while you barely had shots, but then, once he died, then you went down there anyway, so you kind of negate your reasoning for being there in the first place. You then see that Td move up the hill because he couldn’t control his sides any longer, again, just understand the guy was getting his gun into the fight instead of sitting back and letting his teammate die for nothing. (cont)

    #3 if you notice, by the time you go to demand your team cover you, your other TD is already making his way back to base, yet you still call for cover, and you still make your way across the open by yourself, into campers, while your Tds coordinated and took out their T95, which had cover, but still yet was moving across an open field. You simply can’t demand your team do anything, and you certainly can’t count on that even if they do, that they would be adequate. You got pretty lucky in that the 34-2 bounced quite a bit off of you, but you should have died at least 3 times there from him, once from the arty, and once from the Is-6, you literally drove without cover, into an arty cross fire, knowing the is-6 hadn’t been spotted for a while, which should be a clue that they cam back to defend, and also you could have waited for your teammates, as they were advancing to city to try to help pincer their cap, but you pretty much threw away your tank without your team being in a position to exploit them after they took you out, which if you are going to suicide, just make sure that it isn’t for nothing.

    #4 end game, you see to be way too idle, you know that 34-2 is a passive player with low HP, so why not just leave him in base, re-group with your team, and help them while they are attacking? Again way too passive for too long, and your Tds won that game for you. Which is great, because they could have easily sat at base. Then you chastise one of them for going down to field when he anticipated that the 34-2 was going there correctly, but luckily you were able to see him, and he for some reason stopped and backed right into your line of fire and died, but then point out the obvious, that the td had no field of fire, like really, you going to talk to him like that when he just pretty much won the game for you. I was guessing he was going around so you guys could go three ways into cap at once. But I did see you gg there.

    So, all in all, the message is about playing to your team. You don’t always have ideal decision makers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help them be successful in keeping them alive. Being passive early because you have a strong position is often why teams fail, because the ones that are pushing get eaten alive because the didn’t have enough guns to exploit the mismatch and people sat back idle not wanting to leave their safe space. But soon have to leave it anyway in retreat because their team withered away. Attack together, as in you can’t expect your team to cover you, you must get in an area where their guns are at. Which is essentially what you are teaching here, and yet seemingly not adhering to yourself.

    It was a wp gg though, great commentary here, and its nice seeing you back in action!

  28. What is that mod that shows u stats on the main screen? Good game and thks for another lesson!

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