TYPE 60 – 2 In The CHAMBER (War Thunder 1.65 Tanks Gameplay)

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TYPE 60 – 2 In The CHAMBER (War 1.65 Gameplay)


  1. Battlefield Support c100

    Ad: “there’s no mmo like Warcraft” …uh there are like 50. 10 with much
    faster and satisfying combat. And there’s 1 unique mmo planetside

  2. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    play low or mid tier jap tanks Phly

  3. Will the Ontos be added? FFUUUUCCCKKK YEAH fire spam!

  4. when u are the first blood abd phly kills u, yes im the T29

  5. try glass cannoning it fire both rounds and back off

  6. Its recoilles in terms of the barrel being fixed and not sliding back….

  7. Oi mate the .50s above the Recoilless Guns are used for ranging, so they
    should have the same drop as the 106mm shells

  8. Merry Christmas-!

  9. “the M60 in a nutshell”

    phly, please tell me what you had to drink today, because i would love some

  10. omg I’m dreaming Of A White Christmas

  11. Merry Christmas from north of the border Phly and happy new year

  12. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    You deserve a like just for that intro. There was Hype, Singing and Jokes.

    Best intro of 2016.

  13. Type 60 certainly feels more like playing a WOT tank in WT somehow

    And the way Phly plays is just as cute as ever XD

  14. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    everyone playing high tier jap tanks, i just wanna see the Chi-Nu

    whos with me!

  15. their something wrong with jap shells they go in but don’t detonate a lot .

  16. As cool as this game is to watch ? The game play tells me I don’t want to .

  17. merry christmas to you phly and happy birthday to me

  18. Attempt #3 play with PBJ-1H and any sherman 75mm… but you need use first
    person cam( POV ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) in B-25H …. POV combo!!

  19. war thunder needs to fix the way rounds work. 1.65 kg of TNT exploding in a
    tank should turn the crew into a fine mush. -_-

  20. What happens if you drop the Bomb if the Bomb chute isn’t open? ,Because
    the game didn’t set a key for it (in my mapping)

  21. ”We’re going for fire of our first round first” Suprise suprise

  22. merry christmas everyone

  23. The Japanese Airforce focused on fighters. They viewed bombers as less
    important because why bother wasting time trying to bomb things if you lack
    the air superiority.

  24. play he Chi-To Chi-Ri and Chi-Nu next video please

  25. You read all the comments about the other stuff but you didn’t see the
    50-60 people telling you about the machine guns?

  26. Merry Christmast, infidels


  28. the fucking profits of warthunder turned into cocaine LMAOOO IM LITERALLY

  29. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    japan has one atacker plane,the ki 45 otsu it got updated AP and lower
    firerate,5 sec maybe xD

  30. Pretty sure the MG’s on the recoiless rifles are for rangefinding. If I’m
    right, then the trajectory of the main guns should follow the same path as
    the MG’s. Not sure if Gaijin modeled this in.

  31. Hey phly, almost hitting 400 k subs, how about some quality improvement on
    the video?

    Love the content! Cheers

  32. Phly, take out the German David and Goliath combo; Panzer 35(t) and BV238.

    Attempt No.7

  33. Attempt#2 take out the su-122 and mig15 900kg bombs

  34. heavy tank #6 and ki 87 premium jap combo

  35. my question everyy time I play hahahah. but screw it still better then
    crappy world of tanks.

  36. phly shud be a professional singer fuk youtube

  37. Audio was weird with the guns

  38. Play the sis 43. Attempt #3

  39. PHLY, you’ve gotta get your hands on the LVT Zis-2 and the Type 62

  40. The sushi launcher of doom

    BTW use the teriyaki launcher again, the Japanese derp

  41. i liked that cocaine joke

  42. at 16:30 … good … I wasn’t one of the dead … lol …

    OR even in this match

  43. Japan…country that does a better job countering Russian’s than the

  44. Lmao that intro

  45. phly the reason those 50 cals hhave short mag’s and not huge belts’s of
    ammo is because they are used for ranging so you do not waste your ammo ya

  46. Unawesome

  47. It’s the ashes of your enemies

  48. phly you should try the never stop moving challenge with this tank . i
    think it would be a good one . love the WT vids

  49. I thought the white stuff was salt of all the German tank drivers…

  50. after seeing actual footage of the recoiless rife i can say that it
    actually doenst have any.. unless every video i saw was fake :/

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