Type 61 goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. bla bla bla, but GJ there I really think it was GJ keeping 100% for so
    long. But it is easier in a medium tank cause he can get away. Overall
    strategt agree totally. You need to be able to block the enemy and minimum
    amount of tanks is 2 if map is open , they will spot, if it is half open
    with stupid valleys the blocking force need to be 4 minimum.

    Next thing to think about speed of tanks, and which fight starts first. So
    go shortest way to enemy and start shooting.

    On this particular map noobs avoid the direct fight they go into the
    buildings into the labyrinth get confused, get spotted, and get shot from
    across the valley from the east side. Without getting anything done, they
    see nothing, the buidlings are in the way etc.

    I think like this … if you are one big fat noob like me in a inferior
    tank, do NOT fight over the top, if you play over WiFi or some shitty
    internet connection do NOT do long distance shooting bouncing enemy turrets
    …. that is OP enemy turrets while you have a shitty gun and a shitty
    cojmputer and a shitty internet.

    Fight AROUND the corners, stay low, isolate tanks, and then go in and stab
    them with your UP tank using a shit computer and laggy internet. Load gold
    if you have to. Any OP tank can be severly damaged and his game ruined if
    you you damn noob stop trying to be a unicum and just select anyone and
    drag him down with you into death.

    You do not need to chase enemy unicum. You can win by making him alone.
    Damage anything kill anything … but please try not get hit in the sides
    by bad positioning and bad map awearness. Therefore. Use any mod that will
    mark max render distance.

    And here the noobs come and say “we allready know this”. Well I am not
    talking to you then am I?

    Anyways, some parts of the map the battle starts early ….. try be there.

  2. ”Who would have thought that 8 is a higher number than 10”’ SirFoch 2016

  3. I felt sorry for that Maus.

  4. Still not good as the Chi-Ri.

  5. You added the “I am live on twitch” button when you don’t even stream

  6. Your chinese crew is so ugly!

  7. pretty lame game for your general youtube standards there Fochy Boy :P,
    either way, it was still a pretty good come back from a gnarly start

  8. There is so much to learn from you, always going south in my med and it
    rarely worked, now on that ridge I have much bigger impact (when artillery
    shell doesn’t impact on me).

  9. Um… Arty sucks?

  10. meds>everything else

  11. I want that tank but don’t want to go through chi ri :/ only 50k Xp through

  12. I’m just too lazy to go down the Jap medium line :(

  13. 2nd? Lame.

  14. 1st! love your vids Foch!

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