^^| Type-61 Replay Cast

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  1. Jonathan Musser

    It’s interesting that you compare this to the Patton, because I’ve had many
    great games with the Patton and I really struggle with the Type 61. The 61
    seems so much softer in the turret and much more sluggish to drive.

  2. Wotko s Vokurkou

    There are a lot of tanks which have ammo capacity problem, which is just
    frustrating cos you cannot take chancy shots, can’t take a load-out you
    would like to be more flexible in various situations or sometimes you just
    can’t win the game, cos you simply do not have enough ammo to kill
    remaining enemy tanks

  3. i gotta say it circon, this new series of yours is really nice, keep it up

  4. Please keep these Replay Cast coming along. They are amazing.

    And good game :-)

  5. Circon pls keep uploading videos… I really love them!;)

  6. congrats on 60k man

  7. And then a week later and 9.15 still hasn’t come out on the SEA server…


  9. PleaseDont ReadThis

    how do you not have more subs? Must be matchmaking

  10. 32 shells. Its a feature da.

  11. bolted on….things with a hex head are bolts lol

  12. good job keep em coming

  13. A fun thing to try in the Type 61, play with the 90mm gun. It can be
    brought to nearly 3.7k DPM with a proper loadout. Handling is also very
    good. The pen is no worse than that of the Patton, E50, or T-54. The only
    drawback is the alpha.

  14. lol what’s happened to Sircon he’s really chill now..

  15. Ammar Abu Gaber

    1:55-2:03 2:18- 2:20 AIMBOT ditected and it happens alote of times at the
    replay just look at the gun circle how it going crazy and disappear

  16. i love that you finally are posting more videos more often circon, keep up
    the amazing work!!! you should post some armored warfare replays to!

  17. Love the IS-7 complaining about the meds being noobs……the dead IS-7
    with the 487 damage.

  18. Do more videos like this.while I like your stream as well, I can watch this
    on my time and I like the tips you provide here compared to the comedy of
    watching livestream =)

  19. I was expecting your first HAL PC video… haha
    All joking aside though, I’m really enjoying your replay casts and I hope
    you reach your end of year goal cos you deserve it

  20. nice on circon – more pls :)

  21. Patton has allot less penn than this tank.. Looks interesting to get. Nice

  22. Love how you improve the video content, with every new video we get new
    stuff. Yea keep going with like showing weak spots and stuff. Respect you a
    lot dude, keep going the good work.

  23. +SirCircon Modpack pleas

  24. Nice game. The sn00ze rage in chat was an excellent bonus! :D

  25. when you add mods 🙂 ?

  26. I scrubscribed to ju cirson flexerses

  27. Richard Gustafsson

    6:20 I’ve penned that MG on top with a T-54 soooo many times before with
    AP, leaving the Jägeru to wonder wtf is going on XD

  28. Circon do you play with a filter on or does your video look like this
    because of some processing during the recording/encoding? Your videos
    always look a lot darker or at least higher contrast than other

  29. I hope you make your sub goal for the year that would be great

  30. I love the increased video production it is great?

  31. “Obviously an Ace” I love you Circon

  32. Best replay commentary from you Circon.. Keep it up. This one was
    entertaining and actually a bit informative

  33. By the way: Thanks for the support, we reached 60.000 youtube subs, gained
    like 300 in the last weke or so. My goal is 100.000 by the end of the year!
    LETS DO THIS~! ??

  34. i really like these vids keep doing them love it :)

  35. Bennett Simpson

    I’m early, let’s make a joke.


  36. rlly nice game btw???

  37. in all your yt replays snooze has shitties games :))

  38. I’m not complaining, but i swear you talk differently in these replay casts
    then you do on your live streams.

  39. love vids fam

  40. Why is there 2 dislikes already?

    Srsly what makes people dislike videos like this?

  41. more replayssss

  42. First! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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