Type 64 – 12,000 Wn8 on a Loss – Unicum Teaches How to Play Light Tanks (sorta)

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Source: LemmingRush

Yep, so in hindsight i definetly shouldve gotten on cap and helped that cromwell. When wouldve been the best, is hard to say. That being said, ignore the ÜI dont think i couldve done much more”. This having been a live game, its hard to think clearly, comentate and play the same time.

Hopefully that clears some shit up for you guys. I definetly couldve gotten on cap, there were multiple opportunities for , I just fucked up.

Still though, hope this was helpful to you. This was a perfect example of when you to cap .

I agree with everything else I mentioned except for my thinking that I couldntve done more.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Nice replay very helpful on how you explain what you are going to do next
    and your general thought patterns. I read your comment prior to watching
    and agree that in hindsight could have capped. But you noticed that and its
    a learning which you can take into your next solo games. I think this game
    is about learning where you went wrong and changing what you did to better
    the outcome next time. Good game dude

  2. great video! I love the type 64! in fact I am going to be giving one away
    to my subscribers. do you mind if I post a link here?

  3. sad time to play a scout tank and (for) completing any LT personal mission
    on our current rotation map…

  4. Not even bad… You definitely need more subs and attention:)

  5. on a side note: how do you play light tanks without 6th sense or camo, im
    currently working on them, but sometimes i get outspotted by tier X mediums
    with superior camo and view range, either that or im rushed and my team
    ignored my spots (im trying to do LT 15, its the only thing holding me back
    from the T28 HTC, though the T-55 is what im after)

  6. i understand what you’re saying its much easier to think in retrospect then
    it is in game, and the ability to make good decisions is what will
    determine a win or loss, if not that, then the highest output possible

  7. Interesting to see the losses – makes me feel better about mine. I would
    have probably made the same mistake at the two SPs. Given their speed and
    how the city was falling I probably would have taken the direct route.
    Hearing why that wasn’t a good idea is useful. I will have to remember that
    next time.

  8. More chinesse Tonk !!

  9. Great game anyway and thanks for upload it… and yes, why you didn’t cap
    with the Crommy?

  10. Nice game. Are you interested in a Patton kr game where I did 7k damage?

  11. You are the one who lost this game coz you didnt help to cap or other
    option take shots from this guys so cromwell can cap or even sit on cap
    infront him to provide him cover, coz he was holding all cap points! All
    you care is about farming damage for wn8 and give dont give a shit about
    winning! Saving your hp to play 1v5 is completly useless, you should share
    your hp even if u are low tier scout if this means you are going to win!

  12. Third! And I absolutely love your videos. Please keep them coming!
    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to platoon with you someday

  13. I was thinking you could have won if you had got on cap with that Cromwell
    after you killed that other tank.

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