^^| Type-64 Heavy Scout Tank (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. This piece of shit made me fail my lt15 mission twice

  2. What’s the theory behind the camo net instead of binos?

  3. How did he get the purple reticle to replace the normal one. I know its a
    server one but how did he get rid of the normal one.

  4. Jesus Christ circon

  5. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I used to hate playing LTs. I just played them just to get to T57Heavy.
    However after watching some of Circon’s videos about 5 months back I
    started to enjoy LTs. now I’m addicted to LTs. Probably the most fun tank
    class in the game.

  6. lol the trolls. that is epic by far :D

  7. I envy your skills and I’m not a bad player either but some of the things
    that you make work are AMAZING definitely the best and my favourite
    player/you tuber, keep up the good work legend

  8. you gonna upload the “actual scout game” with the sta2 aswell ? MingLee

  9. this! THIS IS THE REASON I WATCH YOU EVERY TIME! you have fun, you play
    every tank you get your hands on, from tier 1 to tier 10. thanks for this

  10. you an evil man,…muuuhhaaahhaahhaaa!

  11. this was so good to watch hahaha

  12. I watch these vids and go to do same and get blasted

  13. Good job man

  14. Type 64 Heavy Tank not as good of a heavy tank as an IS-6.

  15. how much wn8 was that lmfao padding to the max

  16. ⌨️6️⃣4️⃣??

  17. I would rather be down a crew member rather than on fire…

  18. The Sanity Assassin

    “It’s gonna be a stupid game I’m already warning you guys” Circon 2017

  19. how tier 10 scouts gonna be like t9 meds with view range and less armor? i
    mean how they gonna have better view range?

  20. I like how Circon just takes a bottom tier light tank into the city with
    tier 9 heavies gets the most damage on the team and just makes it work. One
    of the best players of WOT on youtube that I’ve seen. Great job Circon as

  21. that was awesome

  22. The mei-meis are priti stronk on this one :’D

  23. I found the ending very fitting as he seemed to be on fire the entire

  24. Kafir de Carthage

    havy tankoo hhhh

  25. The timing you have is second to none. great game circ

  26. Best type 64 game ever haha
    Another great video, as always circon ;)

  27. top damaaj in tier nein game, uh!

  28. WG please nerf Circon, too OP…

  29. Type 64 best heavy tonk

  30. Breaking the meta like always Circon

  31. Thats just brilliant

  32. lol

  33. I currently learn how to play the Type 62 heavy tanku.

  34. funnily enough i don’t shoot a lot of gold ammo in the type even though my
    ammo loadout is 27 AP 18 APCR… i somehow don’t need it very often

  35. Please, upload your 3-mark game in the Type64, it was AMAZING! Co-operation
    with that STA was superb.

  36. Finding stranded tier 8 heavies is what I live for in the Type 64.

  37. I dont have the balls to not play scout when i play scout

  38. Wow, nice game

  39. does Circon ever catche on fire?

  40. That’s a pretty huge jump for the 3rd mark

  41. My fav queen song! :)

  42. Congrats on 500 videos keep up the good work!!!

  43. with the tier 10 scouts and moving tier 8s to tier 9, are they going to
    move M41 90 to tier 9? That would mean tier 9 prem…

  44. sent it to jingles as well?

  45. RIP Havy tanku

  46. i want to see malinovka one :)

  47. Michael Stiles (Phantom13)

    Yeah that Chinese Tier 10 light tank is going to be an improved version of
    the WZ-132.It has like 200 turret armor basically a T-54 or Type-59
    turret.With a 390 alpha 105 gun with decent 246 pen and OK accuracy.My
    weenie is hard for that tank.

  48. thats so insane

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