Type 64 review! Is it WORTH the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. General Saufenberg

    always the same shit. it is a light tank=it is a shit tank…. dude, just
    because YOU dont like light tanks, someone else do.
    this type 64 is a pretty funny tank. and the gun is more than capable to
    punch through side and backarmor.
    you are highly mobile so you can get in to positions where you are able to
    shoot the enemy in the sides pretty often.

  2. yes. yes it is…

  3. These reviews are always so entertaining, love it

  4. This tank is awesome 🙂 But I can understand your hate against light tanks
    in general, but still for me, they are pretty fun to play.

  5. Adolf Oliver Nipple

    go strim u feg! cuck fircon

  6. Foch getting 4 videos out in 4 days. Good times are coming people.

  7. Hope you keep up all these recent vids foch, your tank reviews are a lot
    more fun than anyone else’s. I like the Type 64 but it really is shit at
    range with that garbage accuracy and limited ammo like you said.
    If you have no proper light tanks and want to do the personal missions this
    one will let you do all of them, but you’ll probably want to platoon with a
    tier 9-10 for some of the t55a and obj ones.

  8. sirfoch can u do a t54 lightweight review?

  9. to be honest i bought this tank on both of my accounts, but just playing t6
    skirmishes with it. and for this it is actually pretty nice! but i never
    tried it in a public game

  10. Well this light is for the strongholds 🙂 And you can earn a lot of cash
    fast with this thing. With battle payments on – in about 2 hours of t6 SH
    you can earn something like 1,3 mil. credits – profit

  11. I like light tanks, because they give me a challenge. Also circling heavies

  12. Ace wanker :D

  13. did i hear ace wanker?

  14. I hear this tank is pretty good for making money in strongholds.

  15. “ace wanker”
    i fucking lost it

  16. Lol, you really don’t like light-tanks ^^

  17. holy shit – another video. Fochy = New Jingles (finally with skill)

  18. seconderino

  19. Crunchy McMunchington


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