^^| Type-64 TEAMWORK? IN WOT? IN 2017?! (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. That was obviously rigged. Teamwork in WoT? Are you kidding me?

  2. I was watching that live on stream @SirCircon and was amazed (by the fact
    that STA-2 played so good and used all the spotting you provided) and angry
    at the same time (asking myself where are such players when I’m pressing
    “Battle” button?) :D

  3. Epic Sir :)

  4. “45 rounds isnt a problem” Jinxed it

  5. GG :)

  6. Teamwork in world of tanks
    I have never heard of such thing

  7. Muffins [ALMOST NEVER] Weekly

    I’m sorry Circon, I have to ban you because teamwork in WoT doesn’t occur
    with out illegal modifications. Say good bye to your account, hacker.


  8. Michael Destroyer

    Type 64 3 mark highlight video coming soon?

  9. i like the rock music in the back ;)

  10. Mark Marples (HawkT1)

    note to self load more apcr

  11. incredible comeback! i like seeing you play random battles without
    platooning as it showcases what individual skill and decision making can

  12. Great game. I really wish we would have been able to see the chat on this

  13. I gotta stop watching the stream, or looking at these. I get a double shot
    of the same thing. I do enjoy it the first time though.

  14. nice team work

  15. Sometimes it happens when there are 2 or more competent players on the same
    team. It’s very rare that this happens outside of platoons, but when it
    does it can be very satisfying.

  16. Great play! I think I´ll never play as good as you :/ :D

  17. lots of hype64 vids something tells me you like it ?

  18. +Sircircon You absolutely nailed it! Congrats on the mighty game

  19. gold noob

  20. no Fadins 🙁 was so hoping….

  21. Хуйня !!!

  22. Japanese synergy !

  23. Should send to jingles

  24. Евгений Спирин

    that was great, man!

  25. Teamwork is a myth invented by the chinese.

  26. “Hey look how I perform better than the average player!” —Sircon

    *uses premium tank*
    *uses a 4+ skills-crew*
    *uses premium food*
    *loads 2/3 of premium ammo*

  27. Super play :)

  28. awesome…and why is your music always enjoyable? love it…can you add the
    music list on the description please

  29. Ah yes, awesome battle. Thanks for uploading :D

  30. Is that totalbiscuit in the thumbnail?

  31. To mere mortal average-joe players like myself, that was an epic random
    battle. Wonderful to see such great teamwork and tactics turn round a bad
    looking 6-10 defeat into a well deserved victory! Thanks for sharing Circon

  32. Circon you’re one of my favorite youtubers right now. The funny thing is
    that all your vids are just stream highlights! Always make me laugh, cheers
    for the good times mang.

  33. Live soon at http://www.twitch.tv/circon with World of Tanks :D

  34. Circon – you need to listen to some Joe Bonamassa.

  35. That’s a game worthy for making a 3rd mark, grats.

  36. ^ Nice Video ^

  37. Well-played to Niktos in the STA-2 – excellent teamwork!

    And ‘grats to Circon for a frankly awesome scouting game!

  38. Strange music in the background. Maybe try playing music by The Gathering
    next time.

  39. This is how scouts should be played…. HOly crap. A Lot of patients went
    into this win.

  40. Trying to get 3 MoE on the VK 28 01. At 92% now…….

  41. reported for hax, no one knows about teamwork in wot. Kappa

  42. what is that music at the end please?

  43. The Sanity Assassin

    “Alright we did it, Pffffft.. Ha! The most standard game EU.” Circon 2017

  44. interesting bulldog never fired into the bush. I would assume you’d be
    where you were or next to sta in that scenario. 1 shot into the bush
    settles it and then i know.

  45. Circon could it be possible to put the playlist for the music you used in
    your stream somewhere in the video?


    wait circon actually using team work?? i thought he was a one man army with
    health bars arround him which he can abuse into his own profit

  47. Will circon be streaming today ?

  48. fucking hell that was an awezsome game

  49. I remember I had a battle like this, guy had 780 wn8 but did exactly what I
    asked for and we carried 2 vs 5. It would be 3 vs 5 but 2200 wn8 guy died
    because he had “better tactics”, as he said. Kudos to this STA2 though.

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