Type 64 Unicum Guide/Review, Totally Worth It

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I the , a tier 6 Chinese premium in World of Tanks (), with replays of tier Paris and tier 7 battles.

The Type 64 widely regarded as one of the best premium tanks of any tier, because it overpowered relative to its peers and a fun, comfortable tank to drive. If you’re looking for a mid-tier premium to purchase, I highly recommend the Type 64 as it always available for purchase and relatively inexpensive (3500 gold).

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb view range (390m base)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb DPM (2.1k base)
+ Superb top speed (70 kph)
– Low ammo capacity (45)
– Sluggish acceleration
– Paper thin armor, even for a light tank

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full and FAQs:

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  1. T-34-1 uni guide review?

    • I haven’t played the Chinese LT line yet. Currently working on the RU light tank line, and I’m at the tier 9. So I’ll be covering RU lights in the near future.

    • Try them, Taugrim. The tier IX and X is not really competitive (anymore) right now, but tier 7-8 are pure fun. In fact, both WZ-132 and WZ-131 took #2 and #3 in All non premium LT WR from tier 6-10. (The #1 is T-100)

    • zeroyuki922 I have like 76% wr in my 131 in 50~ games tho not that much dmg ?this thing is sure fun as hell

    • I may get to the Chinese lights after finishing the RU line, just so I can speak to all 5 light tank lines.

  2. The Type 64 is my favourite tier 6 tank after the AC IV Exp. 😀

  3. This is the best week all year. Two Taugrim videos and it’s only Thursday.

  4. I like it! Please share your experience about TVP T50/51. I got trouble with it!

    • Vertical stab (that one is obvious), vents (to shorten reload), coated optics (you will get nice viev range going almost to 500 meters, which is very useful)
      u got 10% fire chance, so taking food rations is good idea as well

    • Bożydar Groch is correct.

    • so we don’t need EGLD on TVP T50/51, right?

    • Wang Manyvo, rip Taugrim won’t use it, tho I am sure one or 2 clips won’t kill anyone, right? ;P I mean, that is not that important, because gold is *** HEAT, which is really bad. Don’t take too much

  5. Type 64, I just wonder how it can be on sale all the time. It is clearly massively OP at it´s tier. Lately, I was 3 marking 59-16 (amazing machine) and 64 was my nemesis every single time. It outclasses 59-16 in every possible way. When ever there was enemy 64 and he messed up, I knew, the game is half won. Luckily, there are lot of clueless Type 64 drivers who don´t know how to play scouts and truly unlock 64´s power. But even clueless suicide yolo Type 64 could destroy my game, since 1 vs 1 he will out dmp my 59-16 any-time.

    Nice video. I especially liked your work with trees on Paris. Learning something new every day 🙂

    • echogameadventures

      its because it is in the tech tree for gold. the panther M10, another OP tank is like that too.

    • That is soooo much easier said than done my dude 🙂 If, and that is big IF, you can reliable pen him with every HE shot, which is definitely not easy task while shooting fast moving and wiggling target. One not penetrating hit to tracks, mantlet or gun and, my dpm is worse than if I would stick with APs only. Another thing to consider is ammo capacity problem of 59-16 (as well as 64´s) due to low aplha and fast firing gun I cannot afford to take to many HEs, two at max. It´s easy to run out of ammo with 59-16…

    • Martas Kali auto aim, shoot he, only chance to win type 64 when playing like 59-16 or something like this

    • @Henri Liimatainen Autoaim? On HEs? Good one 🙂 That is exactly the best way to not penetrate HEs. Since autoaim aims on center of mass, if we shows his side armor, it´s very likely to hit his upper tracks and do not penetrate. If he show his front, it´s very likely to hit lower part of his gun mantlet. Autoaim + HEs, wrong idea which less experienced players often do. It is very unreliable. If you want to penetrate your HEs, you need to aim them carefully and make sure to avoid any spaced armor/tracks. And that brings me back to my previous point. It´s hard to reliable penetrate HEs on fast moving and manoeuvring target …

    • Martas Kali yeah auto aim + he when close range, circling it or something,.ofc not autoaiming when.firing from long distance

  6. You are the best WoT proplayer for the noobs like me! ?

  7. Speaking about Paris: I still think its the best designed map in the game. Its a lot more about the micropositioning within each flank Theres a lot that can be done when you can get a person in the middle plaza and one up in the A line in the ditch. And mid allows for a lot of flex.

    • I mean, Paris would offer many options to any clan willing to consider them, rather than just believing that you can only win by winning the brawling corner and thinking that the field is just a camp fest.

      There are lots of small options that most people dont actually consider on Paris because theyre too busy complaining about how it forces you into two corridors, while completely ignoring the entire middle section of the map, which is both super valuable and a valid portion of the map unlike so many other maps. Most people dismiss the roads leading to the cent of the maps, but Ive won games by flanking down them and popping up behind an enemy heavy tank that ignored them. Most people ignore the middle plaza, despite it giving them overlook onto the field and the ability to help the heavy brawl. Most people ignore the A line ditch because they dont expect a person who pushes there to be able to do anything, despite you having a good view of either teams shelf or TD hill.

      Paris is less about the flank you choose and more about what you do when youre in that flank.

    • Avalon304 i dont think you have played at top level clan games before, this map doesnt work in those kind of games, alongside with many other maps aswell

    • I don’t think it’s the best designed, but overall it’s one of the most underutilized map especially by scout/meds/td. Utilizing it like what Taugrim did in this video usually could change the course of the game greatly since most people could only camp or brawl in this map.

    • That map is bad,its about separating class,in order to win its offten diceded by your HT wining over enemy HT,100% exact same spot on bush and if you try to yolo you will get shoot by literally half of the enemy team and the main support artillery are almost useless just like in ensk but ensk have better design in my opinion

    • > if you try to yolo you will get shoot by literally half of the enemy team and the main support artillery

      This is why I said field is a bad idea, at least in the early game. Later when the enemy has been thinned out, you can push field to flank.

      But many players sit and camp in field all game and don’t factor into the outcome of the battle.

  8. I have the cromwell B. Is there anyway to compare the type64 with cromwellB?

    • Play Type64 to become a God in mid tier. Play CromB for a quick medium tank which is also good for skrimish.

    • zeroyuki922 basically I did a mistake by buying crom B and not going for the medium line from British. Instead I chose to go with Chinese med and light tanks(tier 5 now). So type64 will fit perfectly to train crew for light tanks right? And continue growing the crew from crom B till I decide to go with the British med line. I played 2 years wot blitz and there we didn’t had a crew. Comments highly appreciates. Kind regards.

    • The Type 64 is a light tank and has the expected benefits: always-on camo, and in this case nutty view range.

    • i have both and they have similar play styles, save the fact that the CrommyB can be a bit more aggressive because of its hit points…get used to using the handbrake to slide around people too with both the CrommyB and the SixFour ;)…so many people dont use it in game and cant deal with an attacker weaving and drifting by them…

    • Aaron Brockington good tip. Been trying to use the hand break lately and it’s awesome

  9. Have you thought about setting up a monthly pledge/crowdfunding site? Like Patreon or similar to it

    • Yes, as I realize many people these days won’t setup a PayPal recurring donation.

      Was considering Patreon or GoFundMe. When I did some research on them, GoFundMe seems lower maintenance since there are no tiers to manage, so I may end up going with that.

      What do you think?

    • Taugrim PayPal could work if you publicised it a bit more. I guess that would stay your best option seen that they only take the transaction fee, unlike Patreon and GoFundMe who take 5% on each donation. Personally, seen that you already have the PayPal set up, I would encourage you to try and make it more public, and possibly give ‘perks’ to donors. Like their name at the end of the video or in the description, a game together, a handwritten letter for their bday, whatever (figure out what can be an incentive which also doesn’t require you too much extra work).
      Same goes for your Amazon links, while they aren’t an issue for us to use – as they don’t impact costs – it is most likely that when someone needs to buy something they’ll forget about your link. So give them as much exposure as you can.
      Of course this shouldn’t come at the cost of having a negative experience when watching your content but rather it should be an undisturbing addition.
      Having said that, if you feel like you rather have one of these specialised sites I’d say Patreon is more popular on YouTube, meaning it is more likely that someone watching you content will already have an account – making them more inclined in pledging.

    • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Davide.

  10. Stupid guide type 64 needs 50% apcr with food, also wheres ur 3 marks pleb

    • If only “the internet” could install an asshole filter. Buhbye Henri…..

    • WN8OverR9000 I have 20k battles under my belt now and I started watching Taugrim when I had barely 7-8k. These guides he does helped my gameplay overall, positioning flanking as well as map awareness. I dont claim to be second comming in wot but I am far better player now than I was two and a half years ago when I started playing wot.

      And still after all this time me and I am sure u as well can learn something new about any given map or tank in the game. If by looking at his guides or any other yt channel I can learn about new angle to exploit that I am happy panda (and no, I am not talking about boosts)

    • MongooseJake : Fun & Games Actually taking food and gold ammo is not bad idea for going high in WN8 in any tank, if you want those ez penetrations. But I must admit, it breaks whole game balance. Also I want to highlight that if u are not using gold it is not solving problem that most players in WoT are using gold. You won’t convince them. But u will have more credits lmao. I am not as good as Taugrim, so I just need this gold sometimes.
      But there are some tanks, that need gold, eg. T25/2, when you play vs +1/+2 tiers your 170mm pen is just simply not enough.

      PS. One more thing: if u will ignore ppl like this hater (his name must be forgotten) he will propably stop. He will get bored once and will leave. Just don’t answer to his calls and he”ll go away, trust me <3 And that is right, Taugrim don't need to proove who is better, even with worse WN8 he makes awesome guides, so he will beat 99,99% of society no matter what.

    • lol, you just jelly of Taugrim’s mad skills! Potato-on, mate!

    • > And that is right, Taugrim don’t need to proove who is better, even with worse WN8 he makes awesome guides

      FWIW, my stats on the Type 64 and at the account level are far superior to Henri’s.

      Amusing and ironic.

  11. echogameadventures

    I love how much you’ve played arty. :p

    • That’s a premium, right? I don’t own it.

    • I started 1 arty line for the sake of campaign, but after that I think it’s important that everyone had at least one so they can understand how do arty think and what can/can’t do, especially certain spots on maps, you know where you are safe and where not, or how to maximize your chances to avoid hits from arty. After all it is a part of the game, so you shouldn’t discourage people from playing arty, rather the opposite, especially if they want to improve their performance.

    • I agree that playing arty would certainly help anyone understand the class better. I just have no interest in it. I don’t discourage people from playing it – I just wish my friendly arties would stop damaging me LOL. It’s been happening so often recently…

    • Taugrim do you talk to the arty players about decision making after the game? I know when I was learning the game the positive comments from really experienced players were great for me.

      I generally do the same thing when I see a player struggling. I drop them a line after the battle of positive and key points to help them out.

    • Sometimes, but what I’d rather do is communicate in the game so they know they need to move (e.g. when a flank is going to fall and they’ll be spottable) and where I’m going to spot so they can pre-aim.

  12. Love your reviews. They are very well made and very educational. gg

  13. Arty still ruin the game.

  14. always great, thanks

  15. The Type 64 is arguably one of the most OP tanks, tier for tier, in the game.

    • Dick Ham churchill GC is arguably one of the best tanks tier for tier

    • Agreed.

      I do think the most OP / broken tank in the game is the Defender, as it has insane hull armor and is very forgiving of mistakes.

      The Type 64 is OP, but it is still a light tank, so it’s not forgiving in the same way the Defender is.

  16. lol it has a fucking hatch in the front! haha what shit!

  17. Great video as always! Type 64 is hands down one of my favorite tanks in the game

  18. ???????

  19. Oh wow, 2k damage in your T-54 ltwt, I feel ashamed of my 1,5k 🙁 I still have a lot to learn. Keep the videos coming! Your insight always helps me a lot 🙂

    • I just purchased the T-54 ltwt a few days ago, so keep in mind I’m playing it after having a ton of experience in other light tanks. The T-54 ltwt is FREAKING AMAZING, by far the best flanking tank I’ve ever played in WoT.

    • In contrast I still have no frickin idea on how to play it despite of doing fine on all other countries lights lol

  20. I’ve used those tree/bushes on the south side of Paris map, but there are no equivalent in the north, and the lane for firing at the side of tanks in the distance is a lot smaller. I’ve really enjoyed the Type 64, as I purchased it after the light tank re-tier and re-balance. It reminds me a lot of what the mobility used to be like before they nerfed the Hellcat.

  21. you are a beast for doing all that with silver ammo. awesome video as always taugrim, your content is verry educating

  22. Nicholas Ballantine

    AMX 50 100 Pls?

  23. Is that Exteel music at the end? I’ve always been a big fan but this is way too awesome!

    • I’m using one of the WoT battle music tracks.

    • Huh, I think I misheard it fror Exteel main theme music then. They are both very similar.

    • For other games that don’t have great soundtracks, I’ve used public domain music or received permission from musicians on SoundCloud to use their stuff with credit given to them.

      WoT has awesome soundtracks. I used to rotate various soundtracks in the intros/outtros of videos, but I like this one the best so I’m now using it as my “Road to Unicum” theme song.

  24. 2-minuses, but you did not mention it gets 1 shotted easily? This is some kinda WG-advertisement?

  25. Great video, great advise. I’m liking the videos

  26. Great to see you in game the other day(indignantPterodactyl) sad we couldn’t do better in the match.

  27. Best WoT content around. Thanks for this.

  28. I have seen arty get greedy and stupid causing damage to me or team mates. I have ~ 2,600 artys played, very few compared to the rest of my tank games, and when I play arty there have been many times where I did not take a shot because a team mate was too close. I do not remember doing this, however, the only time that it is acceptable to put a team member in danger, not a guaranteed kill, is when the enemy team has one tank left and your team has an arty and a tank that is engaged with the last enemy tank. If the friendly tank is scraping paint with the enemy and the enemy tank will obviously kill the friendly tank, then put one arty round down range just before the friendly tank gets killed.

    When friendly tanks are not near an enemy and I think friendly tanks will attack the enemy, I often mark a spot near an enemy tank to let our players know not to get too close to the enemy and the smart players know to shoot him at 50 meters+, that has worked many times with smart tank players. If I mark a spot on the ground and a friendly tank closes in and scrapes paint with the enemy tank I know the friendly player is stupid, because he is not letting arty damage and reduce the enemy health pool, and I do not get a shot.

  29. Seriously, how often do you get such an enemy team on Paris ? In my xp, everything that’s not a heavy camps in the back. In 9 out of 10 games, going to the stairs that early is sudden death.
    I myself, for some reason, prefer the 59-16.

    • It depends.

      Obviously this team did not play mid correctly. This battle was not very competitive (and I tend to show closer matches), but there was a lot of good illustrative footage about how to leverage soft camo to your advantage.

      I only went to the stairs/platform because I read the map and knew it would be low risk given their deployment.

  30. the SixFour is a great little monster, especially now that it only plays up to T8, and no longer gets sucked into T9 matches…

    • Yes, many light tanks became easier to play with the MM re-work in 9.18. I love that light tanks have the same MM as everyone else, it’s less confusing to newer players.

      Some tanks like the Type 64 should have been toned down a bit with the MM re-work, but this is a premium so WG may be hesistant to do that.

  31. You, sir, are a hero for sharing that Paris spotting location!

  32. Taugrim, could you make a video about tips for meds like you did for lights in #41 ?

  33. Thanks for your great work! Maybe T28 Prot next?

  34. Taugrim where are your premium rounds?????

  35. Fabulous content!

  36. Daaang you make it look so easy ??

  37. What? I thought they didn’t count as anything when you knock them down. Did they change that in a recent-ish patch or was it always like that?

    • If you go to a Training Room, knock over a tree, drive into the fallen tree and pan your camera around – you’ll see you get the same translucency as it if were a normal bush.

      I did a quick check on Google and apparently it’s been this way for years.

    • Found the answer:

      half-transparent objects like bushes or trees (up or felled) provide a camouflage bonus up to 64%, depending on the density of the object

    • Taugrim ah thanks. Good to know.

  38. just today i bought this tank and saw u dont have a road to unicum with this one, till now.
    Thank you for your videos taugrim i’m learned a lot with them.

  39. Arty are really dumb with their shots. Nice vid

  40. As always, you do a GREAT job Taugrim, such clean and understandable explanation of tactics. Love your vids, they make me a better player.

  41. I’m glad you showed a replay of Paris. I had no idea what to do on that map in a light tank, especially as a bottom tier.

    • Yea, the choice of Paris was intentional, since light drivers often just play field (which is what I did initially after the map was released).

  42. Knocked down trees are loosing the bush bonus, at least that’s what WG is teaching us

    • I’m not following you, and that web site is not owned by WG.

      WG’s wiki says this:

      “half-transparent objects like bushes or trees (up or felled) provide a camouflage bonus up to 64%, depending on the density of the object”

      If this is changing, that would be useful to know.

  43. You have helped me increase my overall WN8 nearly 1000 to just nearly 1700 WN8 with a recent WN8 of 2100. While I’m not a unicum by any stretch. I am a very real threat in my light tanks and get xvm targeted 1 out of 3-5 games by arty or medium players.

    • > You have helped me increase my overall WN8 nearly 1000 to just nearly 1700 WN8 with a recent WN8 of 2100

      That is outstanding!

      It’s one thing for me to publish these videos, but if your WN8 has more than doubled that means you’re applying concepts well and continuing to improve.

      > I am a very real threat in my light tanks

      That is so encouraging to hear. So many light tank drivers are ineffective.

  44. Type 64 is SHIT now….. cause of it’s LOW SPEED, which they nerfed sometime back.

    • It’s really odd that you think the Type 64 is that bad…

      Yes, the Type 64 accelerates somewhat sluggishly, but its top speed is best-in-class. In addition, it has best-in-class DPM, has tier 9 view range as a tier 6, and is tied for best-in-tier gun depression.

  45. type 62 please…. review thanks

  46. This tank should be nerfed, because it’s too unfair like an autoloader.

  47. Taugrim your videos have proven to be the most valuable to me of all the YouTube channels covering wot educational content. I have played thousands of games in my light tanks and am still learning from your videos. Great work!

  48. You can easy take 10-15 apcr in this just for tier 8 fight!

  49. tier sex ?

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