TYPE 65 SPAA – Baby ZSU-57 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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65 SPAA – Baby ZSU-57 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. DISCLAIMER: The 102mm Pen shells have been taking out. A lot of the community gave their feedback. And I think this was a good call by the community and War Thunder.

  2. M18’s will never be the same again

  3. i love your content phly but what did you do in this ep is wrong is friking wrong dud

  4. phly you killed another youtuber in the aaa he was in the M4A3 Orangefan and in his Na-To

  5. That was a 11/10 intro. I was dying of laughter?

  6. anyone else see the bill clinton is a rapist at beginning


  8. ScreamingSturmovik

    it’s stuff like this that makes you think if there is any credibility to stats why didn’t tanks get auto 40mm guns from the start in RL

  9. Play your favorite plane phly! Take out the F8F-1b Bearcat!

  10. Oh goody… more Russian bias!

  11. why you are not getting much view is you don’t fly much airplanes anymore

  12. Kevin Van Strahlen

    ki 94 pls!

  13. Theses cancers fuck up

  14. Orangefan get rekt @10:28

  15. 🙁 I didn’t have time to play and get the vehicles, I hope Gaijin puts them on sale someday.

  16. By the way the song Kalinka was ripped off from APPLE MUSIC!!!!!

  17. 1:00 and it’s Chinese

  18. ground RB aka planes and span camping by allies

  19. Russian Bear Commander

    SPAA T-34 Hm… ???

  20. Hi Phly!
    Try to play Battlefield 3 > single player > F-18 mission.
    That will blow your mind ?

  21. The only real problem with this tank is the insane mobility and how thin the turret armor is. Removing the HVAP will not fix the issue because the 60mm can and will tear everything apart if you play it properly, and as normal the majority of people who were killed by this either did not pay attention or were busy with another target.

  22. Type 64 is more Russian! But only by a little!

  23. Phily the US needs you, the Germans have invaded and the only plane in the hanger is the p47D-25, time to unleash eight 50 cals.

  24. (Attempt 2) hey phly love the underated and fly out the A-36

  25. When I saw the name Type 65, I thought it was Japanese until I watched the video. I actually never heard of this, time to google it.
    EDIT: Oh its Chinese no wonder why. I suspected that it might be Chinese since it had a “type” in then ame, Asians love that. And it had a T-34 hull. But I didn’t consider that since there’s no Chinese tree, but ofc Gaijin put factionless vehicles in to other nations… forgot that part.

  26. omfg he killed orangefan!

  27. Fun fact: This design claimed 0 aircraft kills its entire service life.

  28. Possibly loudest tank in wt

  29. 19:03 – Bill Clinton Is A Rapist. LOL!!

  30. Присаживаемся,наливаем себе сами,товарищи

  31. Valentin Mihalescu

    0:41 perfection

  32. hey phly daily hope you liked my m4a1 76 attack 😀

  33. This is a secret communist project
    Stupid capatalist m18 must cry

  34. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    I came from world of tanks and i can say gaijin did it right.wargaming should sell world of tanks to a more passionate company.

  35. At 0:14 what song is that i need to know

  36. I find it odd satisfying to watch m18s get deleted by this SPAA.

  37. Hello from Poland

  38. it is made in china
    search nva63

  39. 7:15 – “Maybe I misread it wrong, but…” 😀

  40. Blackwood Security

    Phly, i want you to take the Panzerwerfer up to 6.7 in arcade.

    Now hear me out.

    I know it’s not THAT strong (i mean hell they took the pen from 60 (same as KV2) down to 42mm. And you only get ten shots. BUT! In arcade, it’s honestly scored me more kills than any other vehicle at 5-6.7 and even 7.0.

  41. Baby ZSU but it’s bigger than the ZSU itself?


    Attempt 2

  43. War thunder should have ai turrets in each spawn just to give the spawn campers a hardtime spawn camping


  45. What is that beautiful monstrosity

  46. Yo Phly, I was thinking and looking over some of your videos in the past and I’ve noticed you have made a devlog on the yak 30 but you haven’t done a gameplay as the yak 30. Could you please try and put in a video of the yak 30. That would be appreciated. GL

  47. “Dead house” ~ PhlyDaily 2017

  48. Jarragar Gothever

    Ka kalin kamaya

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