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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Do you know why you dont hear the tank cause you japan if you soviet you hear like a wall hack

  2. 0:26 — “Oh hi Mark”.

  3. Like for the roblox oof!

  4. Phlydaily: “Overpressure?! Why not!”

  5. am i deaf? or is this video freaking silent? unfortanatly i can still hear my wife from the other room.

  6. 10:20 WAR DOTA-NDER

  7. Евгений Шварцев

    in one of the var thunder broadcasts, it was directly stated that this projectile does not work on planes but on the ground. But YouTubers are all trying to knock something out of them in the air. It’s infuriating

  8. That title gave me an aneurysm

  9. to quote Al Pacino in The Scent of a Woman…….pets his cat and says….”When in doubt…..fuck”. 😆

  10. I really dont get it how some of us cant tell the difference. Sad. We sould try custom sounds again ? like we use to ? Till they fix the problem ?

  11. You and Oddbawzs are the only reason I still play and enjoy war thunder, thank you for your content.

  12. oh, you like giant HE shells?
    play some spj fm 43/44….
    then have some fun

  13. Hmmmm “ANTI AIRT SHELL”

  14. Missed a few days, but Still: # 252 – Take the duck to the pond. (Hs.129 b-3 in naval battles)

  15. 3:50 you forgot to blurr out your CUSSING PHLY

  16. I hate this thing so much, it gets me every time

  17. ah the good ol days where that m36 would have been tk`d for being a bitch like that, i miss it

  18. I was fiddling around with this proxy shell one time, and tried to kill an AH-1G whit it.
    The fuze didn’t do anything, so it was a direct hit instead. Task failed succesfully!
    Nice firework tho…
    It seems like ground vehicles trigger the sensor from about 20m away, and planes/helis get barely noticed by it.

  19. Most fuse shells in game only trigger past 300m

  20. This is why i started using seismic readings for detecting enemies, more commonly known as rotating turret all the time and looking around, worked 2 times.

  21. day 16 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped smoke grenades.

  22. Maybe it’s because I have a 5.1 headset (Logitech G933), but I can still hear the engines closing in, both on the ground and in planes.

  23. Phly. I have been trying for over 3 years. Please take out the I-16 TYPE 10

  24. Since this thing is in the game, when are we getting a fully dedicated artillery line? I could see the paladin, panzerhaubitze, stuff like the akatsiya in the game

  25. Just realized iv been subscribed since 2014. Here’s to another awsem 6 years! 😀

  26. I’m having mad deja vu

  27. I don’t think that’s how it works

  28. Uh gaijin alaways gives me sl when i log another day in war thunder and i won 10k just because i turned of auto repair died and repaired the locust also

    *🅱️ E S H*

  29. Day 153 of asking phly to play any m47 tank

  30. but yamato san has 300 mm , i think

  31. 16:23 has me in tears hahaha you were trying so hard

  32. Dollar Plays did similar video a week ago or so…

  33. Plz play the VT1-2

  34. Phly blaming us for his behavior, typical codependent thoughts. ;p

    When you should really be blaming Gaijin for putting this derp gun into the game. Seriously, it’s an SPG, why is it in the game? Answer: DERP.

  35. Day 36: We want the whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

  36. phly your videos are so quiet D:

  37. Do you know how to use the flakbus anti air shell

  38. Its just another symptom of the problem with Gaijin. Greed. They dont care about things like sound or Quality assurance. Its all about making more paper equipment to sell for real cash. period. Gaijin has simply copy/pasted Wargaming’s business model. Its a dying horse

  39. Anyone else noticed that Phly assumed that Pe8 was 3000 kilometers out? hahaha 😀

  40. The thing with Phly censoring his no-no words is that when he forgets, it really stands out! Feels like spotting a unicorn.

  41. Charlizard2026 Gaming

    Phly the yak-1b is amazing at 3.3 great combo with the t34 (1940)

  42. Okay. if this thing is 6.3 fighting tanks it never would have seen… Then Team Maus should get 4.3…. Just saying. Their argument was based on production and when it would have hit battlefields as to why Maus was 8.0, or whatever it is. So Why is Maus still at the BR it is? Maus is still a fun meme tank…. but, the BR’s of quite a few tanks is seriously Effed right now… Great game, definitely could be better if BR’s were fixed.

  43. 3:44 for a happy sounding cheerful guy like Phly to hate you, you knew you really pissed him off

  44. Somebody has been watching Dollar…

  45. Day 4:please play the SBD3 with gun pods. It turns into a heavy fighter with them.

  46. You can’t hear tanks Phly? Its ok, join the rest of us who never could and think you’ve been hacking the whole time by comparison lol.

  47. Question. Unable to find Black Prince, Widow and KA on premium section. Is it uocked in the hidden part of helicopter as greyed out “?”

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