Type 95 Heavy Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Nope, didn’t like this tank all!

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  1. Wtf … I played about 100 games on it and no Ace, and that is counting I
    got few games with 8 kills and 1.6k dmg … whyyyy, it was suffering on it
    .. and I will have to repeat to get that Ace. :(

  2. this looks like a JP version of the B1 – it is slower and has worse Armour,
    but the gun is a little more powerful… but several stats of those tanks
    are nearly identical.

  3. Designed to fight infantry in Manchuria and China; not designed to fight
    other tanks.

  4. Loved the video description Irish :)

  5. Wargaming put a bad tank in the line so that players would use gold and
    free XP this tank!

  6. I disagree with you Osirish. I found this tank worse than the M3 Lee. Much
    worse. Wargaming agrees, because this tank gets special matchmaking and the
    M3 Lee does not. Still, the grind is not too long and from now on things
    improve until tier VI. O-I experimental has no armor and the O-I is so slow
    and so big that artillery kills me in 50% of games and in the other 50% I
    am killed by TD’s even before I get to the battle. As of Tier VII the games
    will cost me credits, so I stopped at tier VI. Sometimes, the O-I can
    perform extremely well, but it is highly situational.

  7. I pretty much quit the line because of this tank. Absolute piece of ass.

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