Types of players in War Thunder #5

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Music: Alice Merton – Roots

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  1. We all like the not greedy

  2. What is the best vehicle to use to get B-29 in a battle?

  3. slightly under average war thunder player

    All the homies hate the helicopter guy

  4. Does not tuch nuke guy is Sigma guy

  5. I’m the helicopter guy that doesn’t sit above the heli base even though I’m a swedish main who only has atgms

  6. The first 2 are real gigachads

  7. I’m the B29 guy

  8. Where is the guy who leaks secret military documents to win a fight in online-Forums?

  9. The last one is the one where you ask yourself how many silver lions he has

  10. Кирилл Маслов

    Helicopter Gay*

  11. Yeah till the enemy captures it

  12. Samsung emoji user

  13. Dont touch the nuke is the stupidest thing

  14. I am the kamikaze guy

  15. Where is Pe-8 guy?

  16. Second one is the most dumb lmao

  17. Idk capping early feels needed as a scout but mostly rushing the 2nd cap so

  18. Lmao one time my teammate was getting mad at me because I shot him down instead of the nuke plane

  19. We need more helicopter guys

  20. I wait for my team

  21. Denislav Ventsislavov

    I have never seen that b29 guy in ground rb

  22. The B-29 is better than you

  23. The variety is good on this video, nice job.

  24. The B-29 gets little credit, no one knows how hard it is to aim that thing exactly where you want it

  25. the b-29, aka the baby of a semi orbital city destroyer

  26. Actually, i enter to the point, but rushing the middle instead xD

  27. дайте пжпж Голды в стандофе

    what’s the joke?

  28. My only grit with this Short is that he used Comic Sans.

  29. You get less points for a cap with teammates which is enforcing solo captures

  30. The Salty Apple Wannabe

    Aslong as i dont have a big booster on i always wait at the close capture point, but if i have a booster on its a fucking rally to get there first lol

  31. 1st,2nd and 3rd are fr chads no cap on a stack

  32. Its ok to kill the nuke bomber AFTER HE HAVE DROPT THE NUKE

  33. B29 guy flying over Japan Japanese guy : AHHH SH*T HERE WE GO AGAIN.

  34. I was the first one and I got killed waiting for my teammate. This changes a man, never again.

  35. Anyone who spent the time getting a nuke deserves to use it.

  36. Got a nuke yesterday and my team mate shot me down.

  37. Game is really cool I want that

  38. It’s a shame gayjin changed the way you get points on a cap, the old way no matter how many people were on a cap they could all get a certain amount of rp depending on how long they were on the cap. Now it’s a set amount split among the people capping, major nerf to rp gains yet again…

  39. I once or twice tried to tow friendly tank into cover. To see good, become good yourself, as they say.

  40. Should include the player that gets the nuke but doesn’t realize.
    I sadly did this yesterday

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