Types of WarThunder Players + GIVEAWAY

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Source: Gladiator

Join WarThunder clan: [TGCFS]

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  1. This is so true man just one kid in a bush sniping..

  2. I’m what you’d call a luck issue victim
    (Also known as severe chronic skill issue-)

    IGN: Wonghy

  3. Nice vid (IchDMsDir)

  4. Benswe and nice video

  5. Im too broke to be a pay to win 😂😂😂 my in-game nickname is Senator004

  6. Being an F code I can confirm but I always find the match boring without rushing in for some reason (S99TB)

  7. Alexandru Cristian Matei

    How about anti CAS players, nothing beats just clearing the skies for your team. Dog fights are more enjoyable in GRB and getting more than 5 kills and doing 2-3 vs 1 is the best experience.
    I’m a combination between than a wallet warrior and unkillable. Like 90% of case I spawn until I can’t anymore.

  8. IGN: Bez_domova
    I’m normally not the one that destroys their keyboard after they are killed by someone, but if the opponent has 5 bushes on their tank, they are hiding in a bush, and they snipe me across the whole map, it makes me wanna ragequit.

  9. JustinGameing

  10. Chauncey von Snuffles II

    joined the clan! (corn168)

  11. i feel like there should be a bias somewhere in here, or a complainer (Dunkelheit7307)

  12. Gold Maus is all i need (Maxmarius)

  13. User name: Einfisch

  14. amogus ( Maka_Paka77723 )

  15. @livePzKpf_Tiger2

  16. IGN: factsandlogic_

    I have been the tank destroyer that gets obliterated by some anti-air and I know when the get the barrel and tracks that it’s over.

  17. not proud but im probably the f-code

  18. superflottt 👍👍

  19. cCombat

  20. ( SWAT_101 )

  21. nice video,
    Could you make a video about what the tank you play say about you as player? (Dasty419)

  22. Audiomannen.

    I love playing “unkillable”, although the title is very misleading. The best matches i play is in GRB when you have to take the other team’s cap point. Those matches are always dragged out and often end in one team not having any active players left.

  23. One thing i don’t like about War Thunder CAMPERS ( Tyron_80)

  24. Dude I always get vegetabled

  25. I may hate wallet warriors but if I win this giveaway imma be the wallet warrior just thanks to a others persons wallet


  26. I feel like I play like a Unkillable with a bit of F-code. However at times I just generally change roles and try to be a supportive player with others. Also I am ThunderOmen

  27. Avagrage Air to Air Miss-all

    Personally an un-killable player, and I love it, Gasmask_Goblin.

  28. Yes the first one is just my Friend at this point

  29. HazardGoose

  30. BravePuffin74

  31. I would i say i’m close to being a UNKILLABLE type of player. (Cas just gets me way to mad sometimes)


  32. IGN: MrTirkey
    I am most definitely a pilot, i prefer planes but tank gameplay can be pretty fun but with the new Su-25 I’ve just been playing planes. The grind is real but gonna have to drop a couple bucks

  33. Slayer or SmoothGroov

    im the guy that gets a full tank lineup and never spawns a plane

  34. Thefinnishman

  35. Tankman6453

    Love your content

  36. i wanna know how hard to kill pershing with bt42 in realistic🤔(Saya_491)

  37. Melker Zackrisson

    Heavy _SCARE

  38. ixameme i love ge

  39. Lord_von_Nichts

  40. Sometimes i play top tier with my brother and he takes a M4A3 (105) and he acts like my shield, it almost work all time because he can survive up to 5 shots and i always kill his enemy. It’s a very funny tactit.(=LNP=MESSR500)

  41. Littlecones1

  42. I feel guilty of being unkillable

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