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Making Enemies OVERSHOOT With THE COBRA (War Thunder J35D Draken)



  1. PHEWWW! Here is the second video! Hope ya’ll enjoy. Please be safe and stay inside if you can. Also turn all of your devices to my youtube channel and press mute and play thanks ))**
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  2. Ikea’s delivery truck?

  3. We call it IKEA shopping cart

  4. Nobody told me our neighbours to the east had weaponized the mouse droids from Star Wars… What else has Sweden made?

  5. MeatBall Shotgun

  6. why is this fighting panthers and tiger? what br is this

  7. He looks a little bit like that Wall.E thing from Pixar, with the turret on top, shaped like that

  8. YES PHLY! thanks so much for uploading 2 vids per day now! It really saves me from boredom (at least for ±40 mins)! I really appreciate it!

  9. suomi voittaa

  10. salt has chlorine and chlorine kills corona. Phly is the cure

  11. I herby name this vehicle “Elton”, since he’s a rocket man!

  12. Loving the latest videos Phly 🙂

  13. Phly are you worried about the caronavirus

  14. The Swede-Wagon 👌🏻

  15. Broooo keep them vids coming, pulling me through the quearantine

  16. Hi Phly, great vid again! Somehow “editing” reminds me of something…. Have you been watching DollarPlays videos lately? 😀

  17. Florian Schweiger

    All that roket stuff has to be way higher in ranking.

  18. Rocket Rick !!!!!!!!
    Missile Morty !!!!!!

  19. Random Sharkiness

    Kall it like we in Sweden Kall it ush fy ble

  20. Chupacabra!

  21. Swiss Cheese, it’s Swiss Cheese.

  22. The meatball wagen

  23. Dont u rename the ”USH!” ._. Cus that is how u feel playing it, but It’s very addictive

  24. Wall-E

  25. This video may not be as edited as your other vids, but you still edit the “BBRRRRRRRRTTT” when you say the F word XD.

  26. Apostolis Midnight

    Never played war thunder have 0 clue as to what’s going on, *watches it and enjoys it anyway*

  27. New Ridiculous Vehicle Welcome To unreal Annoying Game

  28. IKEA Lunchbox

  29. the PHEW-inator
    its the sound the rockets make, was gonna say whistling death but thats corsair

  30. BAAAZZOOOKAA HANDS (Руки-базуки)

  31. The cap name changes infuriate me more than anything. Since the new update I’ve had visual glitches, invisible walls and hitbox weirdness, but the caps drive me up the wall… WE HAVE SWEDISH TANKS, EVERYONE! DRAKEN!

  32. Ikea meatball machine 2.0

  33. 1.40 gotta love drinking out cups. Whos chair is that?

  34. This is f*cking unfair. Like – I’m happy it’s tech tree vehicle, but you can’t get this, cuz it’s behind paywall. Or you gonna spend money on this game for some mid-to-high rank vehicle to unlock the tree or see in a while when they will open this damn tree.

    But I guess, money are the most important thing. Gaijin really is true meaning of capitalism.

  35. Paulo de Carvalho

    We should call it the Mouse Droid from Star Wars, because that’s what it looks like.

  36. Pocket Rocket Mobile ©

  37. War Thunder be come like Twisted Metal

  38. Rocket Wall-E is a good name

  39. Swedish meatball launcher

  40. Mr. Rooki-Bazooki

  41. Play the Apache Please

  42. Tovarishch Butterfly

    IKEA delivery van, meatball dispenser or Swedish party bus

  43. when you mount rocket launchers in SA-9 Gaskin instead of aa missiles

  44. Lenderplayerr_HD XD


  45. Hey phly they added a new t-72

  46. swedish tanks broke the game…

  47. The meatball delivery service of the IKEA machine (I’m Swedish so I live the update👌

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