ÜBER SCOUT | Begleitpanzer 57 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ÜBER SCOUT | Begleitpanzer 57 ( Gameplay)


  1. Like anyone will read this.. but I was in 9th grade when i started watching you, I am now almost done with my senior year in highschool

  2. Tb-3 vs 9.0

  3. Been here through high school, loved the collabs and changes your channel has gone through and also you! Proud of ya

  4. Keep them vids coming phly, since you been taking planes out lately……….. you should take out the HE 100 d1. Show them tea swigin panzees the power of sausage raised youth….. up vote!!!

  5. Hey Phly it’s time to cure the B1 Cancer with the Matilda Mk II !!!

  6. I started watching PhlyDaily since late 2015. I was in 4th grade. I’m a 7th grader and I still enjoy all of your video’s

  7. well he is right, i started collage in 2017

  8. I graduated from high school in 1974……..young uns……..lol

  9. I remember watching Phly back in the days and he was playing World of Tanks lol.

  10. There is a bug that the game is not counting in some of ur spotting damage

  11. Hey phly, how do I join your discord? (Invite link isn’t in the description)

  12. youre the reason why I still play WT. Its not so fun when I play, but entertaining as hell when you play.

  13. I’m turning 34 this year, university degree, several high paying jobs, doesnt matter… Been watching you for a while. Always purchase via your link and support ya. Keep up the good work, your the best!

  14. I am in 3rd year now ?

  15. 3 words for this vid…..boom head shot. ?

  16. Cheeki breeki iv damke…

  17. I was a useless Bum when i started watching your videos! Years later i still am..

  18. Started watching when you’d play with entak still ! And I think the bohemian eagle ??? Can’t remember so not sure but was here when you an entak were mates :))

  19. Begleitpanzer is the strongest tank to use as scout/support for its rank: it is small, fast, you can use rockets and if you can, you can destroy tracks to the enemies to don’t let ’em going away. I really enjoyed this video, you showed a nice use of this tank.

  20. Hard Challenge time! Phly! Resources are low and not many jets are not in your area to assist you in battle. All you have at your disposal is an M103 heavy for ground support, and a F2A-1 Thach’s Buffalo for Air support. (Your goal is to get enough RP to take flight and shot down enemy Jets) ( it is possible, ive done it) Attempt #6

  21. Fly the Ru251 can spot and even though 99 % don’t and then we lose

  22. i just realized i did start watching you in 9th grade as a freshmen and now being a freshmen in college now in 2018

  23. Phly! Take out the T-44-122 and show the enemy that 122mm gun! You can use any plane you like to go with as a combo. Attempt #11

  24. #LovingTheNewAndUntried

    Take out the Westland Whirlwind Mk I and give a Hitler a beating he won’t forget!

  25. Tonganian Nationalist

    Could you play Foxhole again please? Attempt #3

  26. Umm, ive always wanted to be in a phly vid, but not as the 163 that crashed

  27. Hold a hot minute! I started watching you my freshmen year of highschool, and now i’m in my second semester of college :O What even Phly!!!

  28. It’d be pretty cool if they eventually add casing ejection to ground vehicles

  29. wtf kinda name is that

    I’ve just moved to Devon with my family and the internet is so bad I can’t play war thunder. I’m so annoyed that I have to wait years to get better internet or move to be able to play my favourite game again. I still got you tho, thanks for giving me war thunder content for allll these years and hopefully many more to come

  30. lentera nusa siregar

    Phly please use objext 268 or sturmpanzer anti russian bias

  31. I’m a senior in Highschool and sell drugs on the side to the students

  32. i don’t know how it works for u in USA but for me in Italy i was in third yer in highschool and now i almost finished the University, it’s a loong time Phly

  33. Is that a bagel coming out of the barrel in the thumbnail?

  34. Was 7th grade in high school over in Australia! Back in 2013 when I started! Finishing up this year and have still watched almost every one of your vids man! So much love from Australia!

  35. Marco Aurelio Imperatore

    You should try the pt-76 with the new scouting/repairing capabilities

  36. I’ve watched your vids way back when I started high-school around 9th or 10th grade. I’m now nearing my 21st birthday and you have really increased my love for war thunder and games in general. Keep making awesome vids phly.

  37. CHALLENGE TIME! take the lowest tier light tank and scout until you get a top tier jet. Good luck!

  38. I have been watching for three years now. ????

  39. I’ve been watching you since April 2014, when I first got WT, now I’m on my second year of my diploma in mechanical engineering, thank you for the quality laughs and entertaining gameplay

  40. yes Phly i started watching as fresman and now i am second year of computer science, its been long time

  41. Love from Germany!
    Watching you since the 7th Class of German Highscool. Now im Working, and still Love it when i See phly uploaded a video

  42. Warthy high tier tanks look like C&C Red Alert. All tanks use auto guns and autoloaders lol.

  43. Phly Could you do a video on the American B-34 Bomber? I love playing as it, I highly recommend you play this and give your opinion on it.

  44. Don’t know if you’ve made a video like this before, but could you make a tips and tricks video for newer players? Half the time I cant even see what you’re shooting at.


  46. Zsu57-2 as SPAA not SPG

  47. Can confirm. Am in college

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