UC-2pdr Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Back the low tiers now that the event is over!

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  1. Hi Irish the UC-2pdr is actually better with the 2pdr as opposed to the
    57mm (6pdr) it has more pen and a better accuracy and rate of fire but as
    expected the alpha ia lacking 🙁 but the UC-2pdr is a easy ace tanker
    vehicle shame that can’t be said for the next couple of british TD’s the
    valentine At and alecto . still its a fun tank an unlike you i kept mine
    but then again i like Td’s probably because i’m rubbish at playing anything
    else 🙂 nice video anyway mate.

  2. great job , osirish – I got my Ace Tanker in this tank on Karelia
    now all you have to do is snipe from cover with the next 2 tanks ,
    Valentine AT and Alecto
    ( I used the 6pdr for accuracy on the Alecto , and reliable penetration )
    thanks for uploading

  3. i have to re-buy the UC2punder
    but too many machine guns in the low tiers :(

  4. No problem it worked anyway 🙂 try the valentine AT with the derp gun you
    get a nice warm feeling 1 shoting things with it but the pen can be a
    little low but thats derp guns for you good luck with the British low Tier
    Td’s :).

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