UDES 03 ALT 3 – First Look in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks is testing the UDES 03 Alt 3 on the supertest. Here's all you need to know about this Swedish medium!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Nobody:

    Quickybaby: 32 degrees of hull armor

  2. Udes with vk 4502b turret

  3. wow..not very appealing at all. more like the Udes Alt FU..no thanks…lol….but I do have the tier 8-9-10 Udes mediums and i love them

  4. Maybe they are gonna start selling tier 9 and 10’s like in WoWs.

  5. T9 reward tank? More like t9 crap I won’t even bother to attempt to try and think about getting…now if it was t8 or t10…or at least premium so I can make money. but no! It is a crappy t9 reward tank

  6. By the Way with 703 II if the enemy is hide behind the building, just loading both shells and waola you got him .

  7. I love my UDES 16! Was used to it before I ever got through the tier 8.

  8. WG releases balanced premiums again after everybody bitched ; Quickybaby : “I HATE BALANCED PREMIUM TANKS!”

  9. QB made it a pretty big point to talk about the difference between 32mm of armor vs 35mm of armor, but he copied the armor values of the UDES 03 ALT 3 incorrectly. 3:48 clearly shows the armor values being the same as the UDES 14 ALT 5 at 35mm on the front and sides, nice try though QB.

  10. French sweedich who care!!!

    GG Wargaming.. GG! Excactly what the MAJORITY OF PLAYERS wanted and waited for… oh wait: We ain’t all QuickyBaby..
    Why cant we get a Christmas PRESENT wich is WORTH IT and WG simply FIRES the Guys in the “Ballancng Department”….

    QB is disconnected from the BASE (Majority of Players) anyway. That was proofen in his Video about the ANONYMIZER where he realy thought it was for the Unicorns…
    I got a Month Chatban for LESS INSULTING THINGS: QB Insults Players on the Stream and TOUSENDS HEAR/SEE it: No Issue…

  12. Object 490 – 152mm Russian tank destroyer, new WOT premium?

  13. HE boys roll out ???

  14. All 105mm are equal, but some 105mm are more equal than others

  15. Reward for what?

  16. Jacinto Dei Butalid

    Yeah blah blah new tank won’t be having a chance getting it anyways

  17. You need to contact and show PewDiePie how to play wot

  18. type 5, 183, 4005 all just said max damage please

  19. 283rd comment

  20. Can you do a collab with pewdiepiea
    he just made a world of tanks video!

  21. wtf. french udes tanks? and what is udes 18 8:45

  22. Waiting for your comment on the “New Balance” update?

  23. React to pewdiepie playing World of Tanks its glorious

  24. a constant stream of new tanks but the game isn’t changing. no new maps no new modes just the same boring shit year after year. more tanks to feed the junkies. i don”t give a damn about a new reward tank. I want new content. tanks are not content

  25. William Huchthausen

    PewDiePie needs your help playing WOT. He has absolutely no idea what he is doing and it is very hard to watch him play.

  26. I don’t really understand how shooting normal ammo over premium is more skilled. Sure, you need more *knowledge* about armor models and weakspots but that isn’t skill.

    If every shot pens (=full premium) then the more skilled player is going to win. If you have to shoot only normal round and you are only able to pen the small weakspot of a tank you could be the best player in the world and still bounce because of penetration RNG or accuracy RNG. Nothing to do with skill, just a dice roll.

    Every tomato can point their cursor over a spot on their monitor. Knowing where the weakspots are isn’t skill, it’s knowledge.

  27. And that’s why we need to remove HEAT or limit it to max 10 rounds/tank. Gold ammo needs to be changed.

    • Why does it need to be changed? To make this game less skill based and more RNG based? To buff all the heavies in the already heavy dominated game?

    • @Stubbari It will not be less skill based if gold is changed. It will require more skill to know what to use when. And yes, some heavy’s are very over powered, unless you have Russian HEAT, then you can go through everything.
      Today everything is just frontal assault, and if you can’t pen from the front you just push the 2 key and keep on firing, no tactics at all.

    • @Stubbari I can’t agree with this at all.
      If you just can press the 2 key and then shoot at any tank and and penetrate, that isn’t skill.
      This isn’t a game where we race cars or shoot at people, there are so many other variables in play. So knowledge in this case becomes skill.
      This just shows that you don’t want to learn about the game, you just want to be able to use superior ammo and fast fingers to be able to get the better of your opponents. Then you should go back to CS.

    • @Brick Island If it’s *only* you who is shooting premium you can win against more skilled opponents.
      The assumption here is that premium rounds are available to everyone and everyone is using them.

      I think you don’t get the point. Pressing 2, shooting at a tank and penetrating isn’t skill. That is true. Winning against an opponent who can pen you is skill. Winning against an opponent who could but didn’t pen you because of RNG isn’t skill, it’s luck.

      Again, I don’t need to learn the game. I don’t need the knowledge to be successful. You were talking about skill, not knowledge. If you want to make the game more knowledge based then remove premium ammo.

      Obviously the game needs some sort of knowledge based elements to be interesting. A game of Pong or Tetris doesn’t require any knowledge, those get boring quite fast. In WoT that comes in the form of alpha, rate of fire, viewrange, camo, etc.

  28. Please compare E 75 TS and 703 II,…WG is trying hard to kill the game

  29. Holy crap QB is complaining so much. And at the moment he’s one of the reasons we have power creeps in the game. As soon as WG release a tank that is a little worse he complains like it’s the end of the world.

    The only time he had the right to complain was when they released the British lights, as they are horribly under powered.

    • And the funny thing about the British lights is that they are still among the best performing light tanks in the game.
      Manticore is almost as good as the EBR (which is the best performing T10 light).
      GSOR is second to the AMX 13 90 at T9.
      Didn’t have time to check T8 or T7.

    • @Stubbari Maybe that’s just because only the good players have bother to acquire it.
      If a tank is popular across the board of all players, it will not perform as good. But I guess you can’t find statistics about that.

    • @Stubbari But performance is still based on what player that plays the tank, right? It can’t perform without anyone playing it.

    • @Brick Island Yes? I don’t see the point..

  30. oouf some nice ‘French’ medium tanks 😀

  31. So many reward vehicles… What about standard vehicle??

  32. they could easily fit another 2-3 UDES trees in the game. More than 40 projects where proposed.

  33. SMH, Sweden designed these tanks to fight the Russians but forgot about Overmatch.

  34. What if it’s the Swedish Tier IX Light Tank?

  35. Again OP reward tank

  36. U.S.S.R. Tanks ‘re lacking target dummies. There ist no fun in 430U vs. 430U hull down fights. Just release some new XP Pinatas like this for double Barrel HE shots. Every other Nation, besides U.S.S.R., should have a CDC in every Tier.

  37. Simply fix to the pneumatic suspensions. Make it work over the sides like it works in real life.

  38. Quickybaby: You need to work on your Excel skills. It’s all good that you make your own excel sheets when presenting new veichles, but it all looks like a big mess when you use both left and right alignment in a colume. PICK ONE!

  39. Do a collab with Pewds!

  40. Are there even normal updates anymore for WoT? Or just Reward and prem tanks?

  41. No AP and no HEAT…. Just forget about penetrating anything else than german tanks.
    Ever played Emil or Emil1951? Don’t you love like shooting 3 times….
    Missing the first time, bouncing the 2nd and critical hitting the 3rd one?
    Its just sooo lovely to shoot apcr on that things. Rewardtank they say? I just see pain.

  42. It’ll probably be Christmas 2020’s free garage slot.

  43. Kerzerho Pierre-Marie

    May be it’s a kindda old school KV5’s like premium tanks that are not better than their tech tree counter part?!

  44. Looks Naff turret same as tier 8 easy pen hull another crap swede that needs a buff on entering the game.

  45. got tier 8 MT and I am pretty happy with that tank, but tier 9 is garbage. I was watching ur showcase in sunday, awfull line, awfull tanks

  46. Definitely needs stronger front plates and turret to be even remotely relevant in the game. The tech tree tier 9 is hard to play but rewarding when you play it well. This is like the tier 8 with 0 workable armour and no upsides. Expect buffs shortly.

  47. personnally, this vehicle is not interesting in my mind. Just from the turret design i kno this could be a shit vehicle !

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