UDES 03 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. only reason Im grindig these now is because of the nice discount on them,
    but boy are they boring to play….

  2. Welp I don’t agree with some of foch’s tank reviews but this one was spot
    on…what a pile of garbage this tank is.

  3. Congrats on pronouncing ‘advantageous’. That is not the sort of thing you
    learn from TV shows or movies. Did you continue to learn English after

  4. Wich is better T26E5 or AMX M4 mle49?

  5. and fuck you if you watching this after new year lol hahahahaha… Sir Foch
    you are n1 man

  6. swedish tier x pls

  7. I absolutely love my UDES… I use the fuck out of that 70kmph and I can
    make it work on 90% of maps.

  8. Foch I like you’re reviews they’re honest

  9. Merry Christmas to you too you bush wanker :D

  10. Shit review

  11. Merry Christmas foch!

  12. you lost me after “Masturbating at the back” :)

  13. Your opinion on the devs looking to increase shot dispersion even more?

  14. 655 games in panther/m10 why foch why??

  15. Why did WG even bother implementing the swedish TDs after they dropped the
    new overmatch mechanics? There is not a reason at all to play these tanks.

  16. Really enjoying the swedish td line uh Foch.

  17. Masturbating in a bush is definitely preferable to masturbating on a
    portrait of G. W. Bush. Just saying.

  18. I feel the need to point out that siege mode is an invention of WGing, and
    during trials of the strv 103, they found that it was able to get shots on
    target while being surprised as fast as a tank with a turret.

  19. Just got the 263 and it’s been fun shitting all over these things.

  20. It usually takes Foch a few mins before declaring something a POS lol xD It
    took him seconds here.

  21. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sir Foch
    ………………………….but you got three kills not
    4……………………run away

  22. Merry Xmas Sir Foch!! Keep up the awesome work! And a salty new year?

  23. Try the KnJpz :)

  24. The thumbnail indicates that foch thinks the tank sucks.

  25. Should of called it the S TD :DDDD

  26. ” Well it isn’t literally the shittiest thing ever.” – SirFoch

  27. siege mode? like starcraft Siege mode?

  28. They could change sixth sense time on the high tier Swedish to make sure
    that sixth sense plus siege is 3 secs

  29. sorry haven’t watched the stream much over the last 2 weeks but the swe TD
    gameplay is just awful to watch and awful to play from what it looks like.
    Hope you unlock the tier X soon and move on to the med/ht line after the
    xmas break

  30. I had a feeling these would just be a “Gimmicky” TD line…

  31. Happy Holidays to SirFoch, and all of the worlds best stream fans!!!

  32. Siege mode should be instant, traverse needs even the littlest buff and I
    honestly can’t stand the 10km/h reverse/forward in siege mode. Like it’s so
    terrible! You can’t reverse fast enough to duck and shoot. 14 degrees of
    gun depression are worthless when most maps are practically flat or don’t
    have any lines of fire you can use without sitting in the open or playing
    like an aggressive retard. I swear I’ve had all the city maps the moment I
    jumped into this. And even when you finally get a nice open map arty just
    blind fires the two spots you can actually use!

  33. Of all the years I’ve been watching you, that’s the first ace tanker you
    didn’t get. Merry Christmas Sir.

  34. I guess that’s a pretty fair assessment of this TD and siege mode. But if
    nothing else it’s something to grind for and play.

  35. Merry christmas you wanker. 😀
    Hopefully you’ll be gifted a T28 with siege mode.

  36. Please me and my anime porn get me aces all the time

  37. TL:DR: This line is terrible all around, siege mode only fucks you over,
    maps are terrible for TD’s.

    This TD line is actually first one that is terrible across all tiers on
    arrival (shitbarn line at least has workable tier VIII and IX, french TD’s
    had a Foch 155 as a reward for all this suffering in the beginning).
    Currently the only thing siege mode does is destroying your ability to do
    anything that is not sitting and sniping and as Foch said you don’t really
    get that much from it in exchange. DPM is still bad (it was more adequate
    on first CT, maybe a bit too much but more adequate, then WG went full
    retard as usual when it comes to nerfing stuff, took out a sledgehammer and
    slammed swedish TD’s to the ground throwing nerfs around mindlessly just
    like in the Foch 155’s case), accuracy boost in siege can screw you over if
    you don’t use server reticle (client reticle shows you are insta-accurate
    while server one is still closing in the background for another 1-1,5sec).
    And obviously 3-caliber rule that remained in the game renders UDES’s
    highly angled armor that was supposed to give it some survivability
    useless. Maps are also very unfriendly for this tanks. You have like 4 maps
    left where you can comfortably play (Malinovka, Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient
    and Steppes to some extent and this tanks are still nowhere near OP on this
    maps). Rest are either city maps, tunnel maps or “open maps” that always
    have something blocking line of sight to places further than 300m where
    tanks usually are, where you can only take some shitty position, wait for
    enemies to kill your team, shoot twice when they close in and die… This
    tanks would be good somewhere around patch 8.6 when we had plenty of maps
    friendly for them.

  38. Merry Christmas and may you get some Ho Ho Hoes, to relieve some of that
    stress. Thanks

  39. All turretless TD is shit.

  40. Same to you Fochlinger :)

  41. 6:08. Relative… Not relevant.

  42. from the thumbnail I’m guessing foch doesn’t like this tank

  43. Fuck Christmas and wow this game is unplayable right now with all the nobs

  44. Where do you get the gun stats in siege mode from?

  45. “and fuck you” im lost ???

  46. I could tell where this review was going from the thumbnail.

  47. I call the Swede td’s ‘Wedgies’, cos they look like that and also feels
    like WG gave us all wedgies.

  48. aids review

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