UDES 14 5 Review/Guide, Effectively Engaging at Intermediate Ranges

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Source: Taugrim

I the UDES 14 5, a tier Swedish in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 and battles.

The UDES 14 5 offers a unique style of play; it blends a high-alpha gun with a low-profile platform. The hydraulic suspension enables the driver to increase the max gun depression from -6 to -13 at low speeds, but it’s not immediate gun depression and therefore has limitations in terms of practical use.

If you don’t like brawling and do like vision sniping, this probably a tank you’ll enjoy.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb shell velocity (1385)
+ Superb camo (over 34 with full Camo crew)
+ Excellent alpha (360)
+ Flat profile
+ Upper frontal hull armor is angled, can bounce shells of 105mm or lower
– Poor accuracy (0.38 base)
– Thin armor
– Low HP pool (1400)
– Like many tier 8 meds, limited top speed (55)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. 360 squad Pog

  2. Placeholder. I’m going to watch now, my favourite wot guide

    • It looks like a tier 8 Leo, gun seems derpy but hits like a truck, the reload is nearly as bad as Leo also. I’m really enjoying my Leo, already unlocked the Emil and now trying to unlock the flat mediums.
      I sometimes mess up the Leo but when it works, it’s incredible. I’ll have a look on tanks GG between Leo and the udes as I’m now totally convinced I want one but I’m not sure if I want to keep the Leo. Funny I have all the tier 7 mediums with large guns

    • Also you mentioned sidescraping, beware doing that as the depression over the side is awful. Btw I’m a patron now also. Keep up the great content and I love how you point out when you make mistakes so we can learn

    • SanguineMalcontent

      +Flavia Pitariu Except the UDES actually has pen. Leo + big gun + tier 9 = RIP

    • +SanguineMalcontent well tier 9s still have a weak side and ass and that 300 still hurts. Udes is obviously better as it’s a higher tier, most tier 7 mediums have terrible guns, comet comes to mind

  3. First!
    Had Notifications turned on, clicked as soon as it came up.
    – Roberto577_3

  4. yay been waiting for this! btw, no HD version?

    • It’s fully rendered in 1080p now. It can take 10 mins after a video goes live for the higher-quality versions to be available.

  5. thanks for the code . i enjoy your videos, picked up quite a few useful tips

  6. I really appreciate these videos

  7. woohoo i like you explanations

  8. Thank you for the code

  9. I have to say, it’s always disheartening when a teammate dies and immediately starts pinging you on the map as if you could’ve saved them. Sometimes accompanied by chat rage. And sometimes they’re pretty good players. Normally I made a conscious analysis and decided that it would’ve been a bad gamble. But I almost always worry whether I made the right call.

    • Unless I’m in a platoon, I’ve learned not to be too aggressive. When solo queuing Random Battles, I assume that I’m not going to get supported unless I recognize their names or I see them doing things that make sense during the battle.



  12. .38 is height of Russian accuracy, you should be honored to have such marvelous gun handling comrade. Great guide thank you for doing these.

  13. shigeolincolntaco

    Wow that Batchat in 2nd battle was dogshit 460 wn8 “lancerear”

    • Yep. There are specific players I’m used to seeing fail miserably. I can’t really understand their thought process, at all.

    • shigeolincolntaco

      +Taugrim I consider my self an above average player 34k battles (1977 WN8) but man that guy he’s worse then a bot looking at his wotlab it seems he just yolos to the next battle smh. It’s players like Lancerear who get into top tier are one of the many reasons I seldom play anymore

  14. Theres a lot of good that you can do with these tanks suspension. They dont favor quick poks onto a rodge, but if you can inch up and stop where you know you can get the depression, you can actually get away with showing even less of your tank. Im finding the UDES 14 5 really comfortable with how much it allows me to control my exposure.

    For instance, you probably could have sat even further down on the ridge in the second battle and used the full limits of the gun depression to show even less of your tank.

    Ive found the suspension system to be incredibly intuitive and well done by WG (which is amazing, because I was previously worried that it wouldnt work smoothly at all) and Im incredibly excited for the STB-1 to be gaining it next patch.

    • Yes, you make a good point about ridgeline sniping – this tank is excellent at that.

      I didn’t know the STB-1 was gaining that suspension as well. I agree it was well-implemented. It’s an additional tool, but it’s not overpowered.

    • The SYB-1 is going to have -12 or -13 degrees of gun depression next patch., at least over the front of the vehicle, at the cost of only getting -6 over the sides. Im trying to get info to the WG devs that the STB could actually use its suspension to til left and right as well (by up to 9 degrees), which would allow it to have the same depression around the entire vehcile (minus the engine deck).

  15. What an excellent insight to this new line of tanks, and specifically this tank. Is this a line that you would recommend, or is it a little too technical (i.e. better suited to higher skilled players) for general/average players? Thanks, as always, for your great content.

    • I think it’s a bit hard for average players, the armor is paper and the only time it will (potentially) help you is when you’re on a ridge.
      The tier 8 has a really bad turret, the t9 and t10 have good turrets but even those can be overmatched or easily pend by HEAT (HEAT doesn’t care about angling so it will usually go straight through). It’s not about the line being too technical, it’s just very situational and you need to be very careful with them.

      The suspension thingy is nice but again, very situational. Line is worth a try if you wanna see something new but I think for the average player the m48 patton line or the russian line are better.

  16. 7WWMCPK4
    here is his code

  17. 34th yes, I did it 34th comment woot……

  18. great job Taugrim!

  19. The smaller gun works better for me…

  20. Really nice video mate, I was wondering if you’re gonna make a video on the Pantera/Italian line!?

  21. New episode

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