UDES 15/16 Review/Guide, In-Depth Look at Two Different Playstyles

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Source: Taugrim

I review the UDES 15/16, a tier 10 medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Westfield and battles.

The mediums support 2 different playstyles: ridge fighting and camo sniping. The UDES 15/16 excels at both thanks to a rare blend of bouncy armor and superb camouflage.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camo (over 36 with BIA and Camo)
+ Excellent alpha (440)
+ Upper frontal hull armor is angled, can bounce shells of 150mm or lower
+ Flat profile
+ -caliber gun (120mm) may create more greater-than-3x opportunities
+ Side skirts provide protection against HE/HESH/HEAT
– Poor top speed (50)
– Mediocre silver APCR penetration (254)
– Below average view range (390)
– APCR has below-average velocity (1000) but it’s still functional
– Thin armor, susceptible to HE / arty

1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. This one time I was having a decent battle on Steppes in my Pershing when I got caught in the open by an FV4005. We looked at each other. You know that feeling when time seems to pause for a moment and you have time to think “Aw, shi…” ?

    The first and only time i have ever been 1 shotted. Memorable!

  2. its kinda funy you dont pay for premium ammo but buy the fv on black market. how much was it?

    • mse 23 million credits

    • I had over 70MM credits accumulated, because I have premium subscription and lots of premium tanks.

      Having a premium subscription absolutely helps speed up grinds and improving crews faster.

      Keep in mind I’m a NA Community Contributor so I received ~100k gold from the 200 holiday gift boxes in December 2018.

  3. Taugrim, welcome back!

  4. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Only problem I have with the new Swede meds is they introduced them just after the armoured cars so everyone seems to carry a lot more HE.

    • The # of wheeled vehicles per battle has dropped pretty significantly, especially as the “newness” has worn off.

  5. yes 9 please

  6. Gregorius Sutikno

    Keep going taugrim, i love your video muchh ..

  7. Nice informative video. Are the 2 tail-looking things at the back of the Udes 15/16 part of the tank’s hitbox?

    • I think skill4ltu said in one of his vids that they are not modeled as hit boxes.

    • Not a hit box, yet it seems like it’s a “physical” part of the tank, that would make it quiet weird.

    • Brjánn Jónasson

      So what does that mean? If you poke the ass of this tank out from behind hard cover so that only the boxes are showing, would the tank get spotted? If I aim for them in an enemy tank, does my shell go through and hit a tank behind them or will the box just eat the shell for no damage, no crit? I’m genuinely curious.

    • +Brjánn Jónasson Shells goes through like they are not there. The Super Pershing used to have one of it’s cupolas like that too some patches ago.

    • Brjánn Jónasson

      Interesting. So you could perhaps bait shots by backing a little out of cover, showing only the boxes, wait for the shot and then pull out fully. Veeeeery situational, obviously.

  8. Ricardo Guerrero

    Tier 9. Absolutely.

  9. I’m interested in a tier 9 video! The stock turret armor on that is higher than the top turret but I’m not sure if it’s worth it with the lower hp and view range.

    • sloping on stock turret isn’t nearly as good as the top turret. The top turret has a steeper angle, no flattened left side, and has the smallest forehead in the game, so you can expose almost nothing when peeking.

      The stock turret has thicker armor, but is nonetheless inferior to the top turret in almost every way.

  10. Very nice vid again.
    Two remarks:
    1. What you said about that arty not retreating absolutely true. Happened to me more times than it should, notice our clicker getting to far away from the team, ping the map and tell him to back up, he doesnt and them 5 mins later when he gets picked off by a pack of lights rushing a flank: “omg retard team, go play hello kitty”

    2. HESH concerning, I think its much better than heat as a premium shell. Guns that usually have considerable hesh alfa are big in calibre and people playing them are usually camping back for those 1/10 shots when you will pen something for full hp so they can be avoided. Also, smaller guns that use hesh dont have enough punch for that he to do anything meaningful. And finally, because it has low pen, 183 pushed me to the limit in looking for weakspots and aiming in. Because I want those big numbers, if I wanted splashes I would have play arty 🙂

    • Agree 100% on HESH – it’s very powerful (overpowered) for high-caliber guns, because even on non-pens the damage is quite meaningful, and on a pen you can 1-shot same-tier tanks, which is nuts.

  11. I just bought my Conway and I really like it. The stock gun is actually better for my play style than the top gun. The stock engine is painful but I just got the middle engine and it is a noticeable improvement. The HESH on the Charioteer is unreliable and the stock gun on this does not have HESH so I can’t comment on that but the gold rounds on the stock gun pack 320 pen. I only carry five of them for those situations where reliable pen vs Tier 10 armor is vital. I like the Charioteer and I have kept it for tournaments where I need Tier 8 tanks. The problem is that is is incredibly fragile. If my gunner sneezes too hard it will ammo rack me and damage the engine.

  12. thanx. Nice video and very informative commentary. I would appreciate tier IX review.

  13. based on my personal experience UDES 15/16 greatest nemesis is artillery. I was hit by 1k arty shot on a not so rare base. But I love this tank..:)

    • Agreed. I was sooooo excited during the countdown on Westfield because I knew I could go northwest to ridge fight. I tend to attract a lot of attention from enemy arties and if there were 2-3 arties, heck even 1, I would think long and hard before going up top to brawl as there is no meaningful hard cover from arty and I’d be constantly spotted due to proximity.

    • +Taugrim I guess we had similar experiences…:) On the other hand, Udes 15/16 could be very resilient. Here is one of my videos on serene coast with Udes 15/16 This position is pretty good, even with ennemy arty. After I was less succesful in full tier X and versus high caliber gun (obj 268-4) that was able to overmatch udes upper hull.

  14. ofc I’d like to see you play the tier 9! Currently, working my way through the mountain of XP needed to unlock it. But don’t mind so much now as, with the less punishing MM at tier 8 (even for platoons :O ), I’m enjoying the 14/5…

  15. Hey Taugrim, have you got STB1 in ur garage?
    Comparing the UDES and post 1.5.1 STB1 (buffed) will be a thing and I’d like to hear your take on that matter.

    P. S. Seems like you haven’t played the jap med line, so consider doing just that 😉

  16. Great stuff ……….. great analysis

  17. the udes has engine and gas in the front. I’ve found it’s the tank I have that has the most fires. Auto fire extinguisher is a must.

    • I use Auto Fire Extinguisher pretty much on every tank that I can. Fire damage is so crippling.

      The only time I don’t use AFE is when I need food for view range (e.g. wheeled lights) or run double repair kit in very beefy heavies.

  18. Tord Pettersson

    Thank you for the most important idea of holding the mid in this map. At minute 16 there is this arty that complaints but in fact himself has no map awareness. Please evolve and extract further more these kind of rasonings whenever you find a player mismatch the gameplay with event situations. Those insight makes you Taugrim such valuable WoT contributor! Excellent materials.

    • Thanks, and I was really glad for that Murovanka match so that I could demonstrate the value of mid control. When a flank is failing most people simply run away, but getting crunched into a corner tends to remove tactical control of the map.

    • +Taugrim you are such intelligent and smart in the reasoning not only your own actions and reactions, but also how possibly the enemy team player is cognitive decisions. This game actually evolve somewhat my decision making processes even in line of work. You are always respectful and decent!

  19. Did you sign up for the sand box Taugrim? Love to know your thoughts on whatever they are cooking up.

  20. My mans Taugrim with the UNDERHOOKS level of quality as always.

  21. Review t9 please taugrim, currently stuck on it and don’t really understand the playstyle just yet with the stock turret

    • It just sucks a bit with the soft stock turret. Play ridgelines and focus on shooting from camo, then pulling back. Even those tiny bushes can be high enough to cover you fully. You can’t ridgeline brawl well until you get the foreheadless turret, and then you become a ridgeline brawl god.

      You might also be overexposing, too. It takes a bit of practice to learn just how little over the ridge you need to peak to be maximally effective.

      Ultimately, you want to use ridges combined with bushes. The late UDES tanks have phenomenal camo and good alpha.

    • Benjamin Baril thanks for the advice, ill try my best to replicate the info you have given ?

  22. When I play arty, I like the people that follow your advice and knock down trees. Watch for tree fall and click…it feels so dirty and so good. When playing TD’s, I look at arty long up before knocking over trees etc..

    • It’s a risk to knock over trees, but if you do it early enough, I’ve found it to be relatively safe. And I try not to just knock over 1 tree and sit there – that’s too obvious.

  23. So its a really slow light tank :V

    • No, it has a far better gun than any tier 10 light tank. It’s a medium, just one that blends ridge-fighting and camo. So it’s sort of a medium/TD hybrid, not so much a light.

    • +Taugrim ah medium td makes more sense!

  24. Great job as always buddy

  25. 1750 alpha with 230 pen. I think the pen should be lowered to 200 so only effective armour below 200 can be penned. That way you’re always switching rounds as you need.
    I prefer to run ap on my fv as it is more likely to pen and it’s way too derpy

  26. 8:30 according to other youtubers, this tank has the strongest turret (except something like Obj430U whose cuppolas are 250mm), stronger than T62A/907/140.

  27. Yes please for the tier 9 review! Great video—as always!

  28. Here’s some tank nerding for you:

    Two basic types of main gun rounds – kinetic and explosive.

    Kinetic –
    APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot – say it five times fast, that’s what APCR gets to be when it grows up) is the modern kinetic kill round used by (virtually all of NATO uses some variant of the Rheinmetal 120mm smooth bore – so, there’s an in game tie in). Kinetic kills work through direct penetration and spalling, generally. Spalling, in simple terms, is fragmentation off the back side of an armor plate from penetration/impact. When a “silver bullet” (APFSDS) round hits, all the armor in front of the penetrator either ends up as spall/fragmentation in the crew compartment or as liquefied metal in addition to the now blazing hot metal rod the size of your forearm on its way through. Typically used only for tanks, it’s a bit of a waste to shoot APFSDS at lightly armored or soft skinned vehicles.

    HEAT –
    High Explosive, Anti-Tank. The work horse round for tanks, and appropriate for use on a variety of vehicle and armor types. The HEAT projectile looks a lot like a can of coffee with a pole sticking out the front. The “coffee can” is the shaped charge (HEAT warhead) that creates a focused explosive jet. The charge requires stand off to form the jet prior to contact with the armor/target and the rod on the front is the fusing mechanism that ensures this. APFSDS will typically out penetrate HEAT at “normal” combat ranges. APFSDS also tends to be less sensitive to reactive and composite armor. HEAT projectile performance, however, is insensitive to velocity (whereas APFSDS depends on it). Proximity fused and variable-time fused HE/HEAT are available.

    HE, HESH/HEP –

    High Explosive, High Explosive Squash Head / High Explosive Plastic are usually used in an infantry support role. They are ideal for use against fortifications and obstacles, or massed infantry. They also work well against supply dumps and soft skinned vehicles. This is much more typical, the last few decades, for the former Eatern Bloc countries. This is generally not considered for anti-armor use, contrary to how it’s depicted in game. Most Western nations will use one of the two to three machineguns mounted on their tank to address these types of targets. HE and HESH/HEP differ primarily in how they are fused – HEP/HESH are fused at the rear and the rounds “squashes” or deforms against the target before detonation for greater effect.

  29. Gold ammo is not premium ammo! It’s special ammo and only 5% of all the shots in game are on of those…

  30. Great Video buddy. Love playing this tank although it is the worst tank for fires lol

  31. Protical Gaming

    Taugrim your videos break down clear and specific plays perfectly but please I’ve been wondering can you do a review of the Newest OTTER Emblem xD

  32. you’re to far away to hit sh… what i spot 😀

  33. I’d love to see the tier 9 review actually

  34. 1. Mb for this!? You probably should kill all enemy team by y self to get mastery…. Great high info value video as always anyway.

  35. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Remember that this is the strongly nerfed 183 gun. Because the first one had 275mm of pen. They nerfed it to 230mm. It is fucking overpowered and the udes tanks are too in another sense.
    183 HESH is op itself. Udes tanks are OP because a combination of factors. Excellent Alpha, good gun depression and super OP cammo and armor angles, speed and so on.

    • That’s helpful to know about the 183. 275mm of pen on HESH was insanely imbalanced, and the current 230mm of pen is still way too high. HESH is a bad mechanic in its current design.

      I don’t agree that the UDES mediums are overpowered.

      The speed of UDES tier 9-10 mediums is definitely below-average. The gun depression is not instant – it takes time for the hydraulic suspension to activate. Beyond that, the hull armor is very susceptible to HE.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      I shot on test server one tier IX with Grille 15 (that I have but only play on test server). My HE did 350 of damage only on them, shooting at the turret.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Because AP bounced shot after shot.

  36. Taugrim pls try the Progetto 65!

  37. I would appreciate tier IX review also

  38. Yes tier 9 review! Have heard bad things about it.

  39. Great video. I do not have plan to play Swedish mediums any time soon, but I always learn how to play on certain map or in certain situation of your videos.

  40. Hello there, bitch who uses Reddit but can’t take a joke! 😀

  41. Very nice, interesting and instructive video. You really know your pedagogical ropes! Would love to watch the T9 video (I am just grinding it, so input would be appreciated).
    Thanks in advance & best regards from Munich/Bavaria.

  42. Another yes vote for the tier xi. Thanks for the content!

  43. shigeolincolntaco

    I see you were platooned w/ a cpl former Narwl’s

  44. German Rodriguez SAP Tips

    Hi bro very good Review 🙂 , yes please review the tier 9 bro, take care

  45. Another great, informative video. Thanks again. And, yes, please do the tier IX.

  46. thoughts on the Foch 155? i can make it work for me but othres..

  47. As a tank nerd, HEAT is a bit of a misleading acronym.

    Nothing about the shell’s function uses heat to penetrate the armor, it uses explosive force. So instead of melting through the armor, it’s more like blowing a hole through it with a focused explosion. The copper liner inside the HEAT shell will end up very hot due to physics, but the heat produced is just a side effect of the shell going off.

    As for WoT making HEAT have 85 degrees autobounce, I assume that’s just gameplay simplification of real-life behaviors. Modern HEAT rounds have a fairly long fuse away from the tip of the shell, so to “bounce” them (HEAT will fail to explode if the fuse doesn’t impact the armor first – the damage to the shell from an incorrect impact will destroy the round), it has to hit the tank at a really really steep angle, like the upper plate (like below the gun barrel) of this UDES 15/16 tank if you were looking at it from about level with the gun barrel.

    And HESH in WoT is modeled awfully, but I digress. Keep on with the great videos.

  48. Murovanka is made for these close battles, I have had quite a few white knuckle close calls on it. Great games. I’m on the Leo and I hate it… 9 times out of 10 trying to trade with that 300 alpha gun means you’re gunna get hit while your shot tries to dig a hole to china. I’ve had a number of instances where my gun literally will not hit the target and I get snapped repeatedly from full hp to dead with no damage dealt.

  49. would love to see the tier 9 med, UDES 15 🙂
    Also, love your videoes 😀

  50. Nice review! Good job ?

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