UDES 16 Review/Guide, Positioning to Anchor Come-From-Behind Victories

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Source: Taugrim

I review UDES 16, a tier 9 medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Malinovka and Abbey battles.

mediums support 2 different playstyles: ridge fighting and camo sniping. The UDES 16 excels at both thanks a rare blend of bouncy armor and superb camouflage.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camouflage (~34 with Camo and BIA)
+ Upper frontal hull armor is angled, can auto-bounce shells 135mm or lower
+ Flat profile with angled turret armor
+ alpha (390)
– Poor top speed (50)
– Loses a degree of gun depression (-5) relative to tier 8 and 10 mediums, although it can still reach -13 with the hydraulic suspension
– Mediocre silver APCR penetration (234)
– Upper front hull overmatched by shells greater that 135mm in caliber
– Thin armor, susceptible HE / arty

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. thx for your work, you help me a lot to improve my gameplay <3

  2. Taugrim is the very best WOT youtuber there is. Id be willing to bet if Taugrim played with gold he would have as good if not better stats as Skil. Go Taugrim!

    • Appreciate the compliments.

      If I used premium ammo, my performance would certainly be better. I wouldn’t say I’d be as good as skill4ltu, who has 3-marked every tank in the game and is a very talented player.

    • @Taugrim Would love to see you, skill, and maybe Circon platoon together though lel

    • @zeroyuki922 Taugrim and Sir Foch are the best for me.El naturale 🙂

    • There are several YouTubers I watch who are amazing. Taugrim and Skill are among them. I wouldn’t want to try to compare their abilities. But what Taugrim manages with pure standard ammo is extremely impressive.

  3. I love the look of the Tier 9 over the 10! will probably replace my Skoda T50 as favorite tier 9 MT

    • Skoda T50 is one of my favorite tanks in the game. So effective at what it does. It’s a totally different playstyle from the UDES 16 though.

    • I seem to be having some good games in the Standard B, at least more often then the T50. Looking at the Udes16 I think it will be a more difficult tank to get consistent good games in. I would sooner fight a Udes 16 than either a t50 or Standard B in any tier 8 just because I seem to be killing a fair share of them. They do look cool though.

    • @The Ripper same. like Taugrim I had some nice games in my T50, but overall I think I like the Italian medium line better. two frustrating things about the Skoda T50 is its gun depression isn’t as good as the Italian, and its large silhouette. but a solid tank!

    • The Standard B has a better profile and armor than the Skoda T50. I’m on the tier 7 Italian so it won’t be too long before I get to see for myself firsthand.

  4. gerrie van leeuwen

    Love ur vids. But i would love to see more wheeled vehicle action and indepth guides on those.

    • Interesting. From the view counts on my videos (and the dislikes), it seems that many viewers are either uninterested in wheeled vehicle guides or dislike them being in the game.

      I’ve been thinking of making another video on the EBR 75 FL 10/

  5. F_U_L_L__ M_E_T_A_L

    Great video ? Could you please do one on the Leopard 1 in it’s current state

    • I’m working up the Italian medium line now, currently at the tier 7. So reviewing that line, starting from either tier 5 or tier 6, is what I’ll be working on next.

  6. About that thing of light drivers thinking yoloing is their job… Old school light drivers are too used to being teamkilled for NOT yoloing. True story.

    • For as long as I’ve played – dating back to 2018 – how light tanks are supposed to be played is something that many in the community fundamentally fail to grasp. It is for that exact reason that I posted that in-depth 40-min video (Epi #41) on how to play lights correctly.

      It makes sense – light tank gameplay is incredibly nuanced and requires a strong understanding of vision mechanics, map design, game flow, and how to deal with having a fragile tank with weak weaponry.

    • @Taugrim This is not limited to lights…case in point was a recent game (June 9/19) I played on the Glacier map in my M56 Scorpion. At the count down our VK 30.02 D announces to the team that he will shoot any that camp. This assertion is echoed by our SU-100M and Leo. Once the game begins we spawn on the east side of the map and our two King Tigers, SU-100M and a SU-101 all yolo the A line and the Leo goes mountain road and I follow at a distance and keep cover between him and I. Our Vk digs in at B0 and stays there for almost three minutes, but eventually moves to the G7-F6 area where he is killed by the enemy P43.ter. Our assault on the A line fails completely (all 4 vehicles are destroyed and enemy suffered no lost vehicles). We lose the game as expected, but the comments at the beginning had an effect (at least on me), I could not trust I wasn’t going to be TK’d so I positioned and moved with shielding my self from those I thought would do so. It is difficult to jump rope with a foot and the opposite hand tied together.

    • I have only ever team killed one light (pushed him into the water at lakeville) . He refused to protect rt from an e25 that yolo’d river road. It was satisfying especially since i had to carry the game. Got plenty of positive feedback from my team

  7. Great video man. Playing through this tank right now and its actually pretty fun. I enjoyed the tier VIII more for some reason… Maybe because my replayed was featured on Jingles with that tank… but the tier IX is great. Cant wait for the tier X.

    • The tier 10 is much more capable of brawling compared to the tiers 8-9 – the armor is meaningfully improved. So it’s worth getting.

  8. Can you do the udes 03? I am working my way there and would like any tips n tricks.

  9. That strv towards the end, you should’ve done what the M41D did. You had the armor, but no, you went around in a slower tank…

    • What the M41 did? You mean die like an idiot?

    • Silly thing to do, going head on into at least one TD that potentially has another guarding it’s rear. This is a flanking tank, use cover and flank, fight something pointing their gun in the wrong direction and have cover to retreat to. The M41 did not have to do what he did, he made his choice poorly and if he had not suicided would have potentially been a valuable asset in the end.

  10. looking forward to the Italian tank vids.

  11. Where has the videogone for the ranked battles gone

  12. Arty is such a great game mechanic it makes entire portions of the map unplayable…

  13. great video do you use the low end Turret for thr extra armor or do you use the top turret for view range?

  14. welcome in my world when i get heavy’s in every match like that camping in the back letting mediums take the charge/hits and when their support dies off they decide to stronk push and die off almost imm… like they don’t understand heavy’s are strong in begin-stage of the game and not endgame where lights and mediums shine.

  15. Sabin Teodorescu

    Pls never spell lowe like that again. Hurts to hear

    • Did I saw “low” instead of “lurv-uh”?

    • Sabin Teodorescu

      @Taugrim try to put lowe (with the accent in google translate) and should give a hint of how it spells. Luv-ah seems weird but if thats hoe you like it np
      striv too btw 🙂

  16. I just started playing on PC a week ago. Going down the Swede line to the Kranvagn. Going from console to pc is a massive culture shock. Mistakes are capitalized on almost immediately. Arty is vastly more deadly and vision is so much more important. Holy crap!

    • I haven’t played console but that makes sense. There’s probably a lot more technical depth to the PC version, and with the diversity of 3rd party mods available, players can customize the experience to suit their tastes/needs.

  17. Great Analysis ……….. always helpful info

  18. ἀδυσώπητος

    Why you didn’t record the battles live ?

    • I almost always do, but sometimes when I install Windows patches, Nvidia Share doesn’t record. I have to reboot my PC, and sometimes I don’t feel like waiting.

  19. Always a pleasure watching you work, Taugrim. Keep them coming and GL to you out there.

  20. Very helpful vid taugrim, thanks

  21. That Southern Push on Malinovka is like the valley push on Lakeville. It rarely pays off but people still insist on doing it. I especially cannot fathom why heavies will try that Southern push. They invariably get spotted and wrecked by TDs that they never even spot. About the only time I have seen it work, unfortunately, is when teams that I have been on lemming rushed North and left the South unguarded. In those situations I just tend to head back to the redline and see how much damage I can do before we get run over.

  22. only watched till 19:34 now, but I don’t understand why you didn’t just flex over to J2, which would’ve meant 2 heavys and you vs. 2 of their heavys and you could’ve just pushed and cleared them (with your two guys being alive, the T110E4 being isolated against potentially 3 of you, 1/2 line being opened up for a potential attack path.

    You literally had ages time to do that, yet you hung around mid and 6 lane (doing some semi useful/useless stuff) and letting that flank collapse completely. Really don’t understand, why sometimes you don’t just create a local superiority and push (maybe because u play on NA and that doesn’t work there? On EU that would’ve worked imho and you had minutes to do so).

    • If you understood the capabilities of this tank and its limits you would understand. Going head to head with enemy tanks with this would end badly. His best bet would have been what he was attempting to do, get in a strong position for flanking shots, unfortunately enemy strength in mid prohibited that and repositioning after he would have been trashed from the abbey. Sometimes you have to wait for your opportunities which worked out well in the end. Wish I had his patience as I am sure I would benefit a lot from it.

    • The Ripper hit the nail on the head. The E4 would have auto-penned me. On flat land (1 lane) the T-10 would have easily penetrated the flat panel in my mid-hull.

      You can’t brawl on flat ground with this tank, it’s simply not built for it.

  23. These Swedish meds sure seem squishy, can understand the caution in your play. Going head on to anything with better armour is a death sentence it seems as I have killed a bunch of these that threw caution to the wind.

    • Agreed.

      I’ve found the tier 9 and tier 10 to be best-played with limited ridge brawling. And the tier 9 lacks the speed to escape from trouble quickly.

  24. I am usually really good at playing mediums with gun depression and good turrets (near 60% win rates), but this tank I’m struggling at a 40% win rate my strvs are also a 57% win rates… idk

    • The UDES isn’t techically a tank with always-on gun depression, which is part of the challenge of playing in it.

      How many battles do you have in the UDES 16 so far? It may be an issue with small sample size.

    • Taugrim yes i think it probably is a small sample size, I’ve played about 40 games, most of which were stock

  25. I love your videos. Do you stream anywhere?

    • Not for 6 years.

      I used to stream in the early days of Twitch but my constant dialogue with stream viewers didn’t give my wife much peace. I find doing YouTube videos allows me to be efficient with my time and yours as a viewer.

  26. Hans_von_Twitchy

    Great games and commentaries from you, as usual. Always give you a like because I love the commentaries. I will make a small criticism though: if you’ve titled your vid with “[tank] Review”, there should be a bit more detail in the review. Anyone who finds this after googling for “udes 16 review” would be disappointed by the informational content.

    • That’s fair criticism. Garage-based reviews are commonplace.

      What my videos strive to show is mechanics-in-action and mechanics-in-application, and I would argue that’s the less obvious and more valuable content.

  27. I’ve watched and played with and against you since Rift, I love your videos concerning WoT’s

  28. Well done! I was struggling with this line until I saw your last video

  29. thanks for the replay and analysis.

  30. Your patience amazes me. It has taken me years to develop a fraction of what you have. Several minutes into the second battle you had only done 1 shot of damage. When I’m in that situation a little voice in the back of my head starts yelling, “get your gun in the game!” and that pressure causes me to freak out and make bad decisions. But you stay patient, find good positions, and the damage starts to accumulate.

    Thanks for acknowledging that hand-eye skills do matter. I’ve heard many unicums claim they don’t, and I think people who say that often just don’t realize that they have better hand-eye skills than some of us. They assume everyone else can do what they do. When I’m in a wheelie, jousting with another wheelie, I regularly get owned for no other reason than that the other guy can hit shots on fast moving tanks while also in motion, and I’m bad at that.

    It’s funny that you say bad players tend to do better in heavies. I’m meh (high 1500s WN8 after 37K battles) and I do better in all classes other than heavies. I can shoot from concealment (glass cannon TDs), face-punch (assault TDs), or run and gun (MTs and LTs), but something about the HT play style makes them problematic for me. If I aim well enough to hit shots I tend to take too much damage. If instead I focus on avoiding damage, I tend to miss most of my shots.

    • Patience is a virtue!

      I don’t think bad players tend to do better in heavies. What I said is that I see a lot of bad players in heavies but not playing them correctly. That really hurts their team. Pretty much anyone can play a sniping TD and contribute. But playing a heavy correctly means you have to brawl.

  31. Paper tank..
    And for some reason they consider Swede tanks not to have good ground clearance. This for a country that has lots of Soft soils… Tnaks have no acceleration, and Drag bottom.

    Udes 14..It was only one studied..
    Combat weight: 26,4 ton
    Length: 5,6m
    Width: 3,1m
    Height: 2,38m
    Ground clearance: 600mm
    Track width: 450mm
    Turret armor: 66/30/20
    Hull armor: 77/10+20/10
    Armament: 105mm L7 L/45, 105mm L7 L/51, 105mm Kan Strv 103 (Manual)
    Elevation/depression: +20/-5
    Ammo carried: 44 rounds
    Engine type: Diesel
    Engine output: 544 hp
    Power to weight ratio: 20,6 hp/t
    Max speed: 70 kph
    Crew: 4 men

  32. “This is going to sound so obvious….”
    Not to the average WoT player, unfortunately.

  33. Two great games, thanks for sharing.

  34. Thank you for T9. What do you think about gun handling on this tank? I heart, that it is not very good compare to t8 and t10.

  35. Thank you Taugrim for all of your vids. Super helpful to explain your mindset. Many times when I was in bad situations I asked my self how would an unicum player do in my place. Your second video expalined that perfectly. More videos about how to handle certain difficault situations would be nice 🙂

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