UFO ATOMIC BOMB SURVIVING TANK | Object 279 Monstrosity (War Thunder Tanks)

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UFO ATOMIC BOMB SURVIVING TANK | Object 279 Monstrosity ( Thunder Tanks)


  1. It won’t roll over from the blast, and when you open it up, you have several heated hot pockets (formerly crew) ready to go.

  2. Good Great Better BEST

    When it had good cross-country preformance, it was referring to it’s weight dispersion, in the event it could not use roads, for example, during a nuclear war, so it could go over softer grounds

  3. phly we must convince gaijin to make a user friendly map editor that we can then use to make maps to have gaijin put into the game if they pass inspection. kinda like the user made tanks that get put in as premiums. and if they pass the map, then the creator gets like 10k GE

  4. Is naval batles coming free at some point?

  5. Yeah they at it to 4.7 BR

  6. The windows noise had me dying

  7. шпрот

  8. AlfredNoyes Sumner

    Trust is still faster than a centurion fml

  9. Tactical nuclear weapons with enhanced radiation warheads when?

  10. it is russian tank so blyat

  11. Ply it is actual a real tank the russians made 1 prototype


    A Boeing 7407 in warthunder?

  13. Why does war thunder copy everything world of tanks does

  14. a centurion tank survived a nuclear blast, too


    Phly…. T-10 is IS-10

  16. The more tracks you have the better the tank can disperse its weight onto the ground
    Thats why the doomturtle is designed that way too

  17. Swedish tanks and planes

  18. they need to make t34 US super heavy

  19. texasdee slinglead

    I’m waiting for a dozen boat oars to come out of this boat .
    I need .

  20. Александр Огарев

    challenge for u: M8(battle bath) mix smoke shels, and heat. Be a ninja and help team)

  21. bet it’ll be operation summer next year.

  22. Dont you think their is already more Russian Bias? Now Gaijin will get more Evil Ideas 😀

  23. Hopefully we will have ATGMs when this comes

  24. Jesus fuck youre annoying.

  25. It Looks like a boat on wheels

  26. Actually if you shoot HE at the cheak then it may destroy the turret ring

  27. Volatile productions

    The cold war must have been fun.

  28. it’s spider tank ???

  29. *B A N N E R L O R D W H E N*

  30. Imagine getting the inner tracks blown off

  31. That tank is nut’s lol

  32. how about some of your friends drops the 5000 kg bomb, sets the max timer while you position yourself with damage off?

  33. it floats I believe the Americans also design something like this but it was really just a giant turret with tracks and a nuclear reactor

  34. 2:05 that shit absolutely killed me

  35. “60 metric tons, ridiculous !” oh wait, the abrams is 62…

  36. what has communism done

  37. To bad that there is literally no tank battles in the xbox version because everyone is playing with aircraft smh

  38. Only one way to fix this if the snail gets any mad ideas about adding this thing: “CALL THE FV4005 SOVIET REMOVAL SERVICE CHAPS!”

  39. The would be stunned for a bit

  40. Incredible Inverts

    Pray it not be premium

  41. AND It was designed like that to stop HEAT/HEAT-FS Shells ??‍♂️

  42. 8.3 I think

  43. Survives nuclear blasts comerads

  44. “LAAADYS AND GENTLEMAN!!” Why soo damn loud jeeez even my ear hurted.

  45. Idea for April Fools, post nuclear apocalypse battles using nuclear survivable tanks.

  46. y u no put crew language to the tank

  47. u are wrong he have protection from radiation, this shape of body give him ability to cross heavy terrain like swamps, and if u destroy him u are fuckt cuz he have was powered with nuclear reactor

  48. Rusia Bias Hide UFO 😉 That Why This Tank Look Awesome.We Need A Real Answer Now ?

  49. If you want to test that the Object 279 flip or not , just use in-game nuke(5000kg bomb)

  50. Can Everyone get100 subscribers without any videos?

    “We have make a UFO nuclear bomb survive tank so the Fat Eagle can bomb it and get jealous comrades”- The Soviet

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