UFO TANKS Vs. Helpless Normal Tanks (War Thunnder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

UFO TANKS . Helpless Normal Tanks (War Thunnder)

Thumbnail – https://.warthunder.com//897857/en/



  1. yayayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayaya

  2. They probably say yeetski

  3. What are you guys on??

  4. Phly what happened to your decal in War Thunder? It’s suddenly a blue circle instead of the (in my opinion) better looking red diamond. I think it fits much better with the colours of the pilot within it! Any clarification on why this change was suddenly made, and if there is any chance we can get both as separate decals? Love your stuff, continue being great, especially together with your mates!

  5. Are those toilet paper rolls on the back plate…?

  6. Object 279 can bounce a lot of shells but everyone who played char B1 bis knows that it is nothing.

  7. Thats funny 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Pillar Men: AYAYAYAYAY

  9. PHLY! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! Attempt



  10. Battlefront BORIS

    Hi ,i am a fan of youre work for some years and i have a channel with war thunder on youtube battlefront Boris, and i will like to know how much is a promotion.

  11. Christopher Bennett

    Dude the sound like the two aliens from sesame street XD

  12. Hey phly
    Never seen u do a vid on the sea venom #14

  13. JA JA JA

  14. Андрей Новиков

    You hurt my feelings, bro
    Hit – popadaniye
    From Russia with love

  15. It sounded like a bunch of minions replaced Phly and his crew at the intro.

  16. yayayayayayayayayayaya, play the ZTZ96A phloppyboye #13

  17. I love how warthunder takes away the Maus and still hasn’t put it back in for “realism” and puts this F****** thing in .-. Give us the Maus Daddy back

  18. My favorite part is when they said yayayayayayaya

  19. +1 for the Ayaya boi in the vid

  20. shittaklie mushrooms

    Anybody wanna be my war thunder girl friend

  21. Robert Johnston

    Has anyone noticed while playing the object 279 that it has a chance to extinguish its own fire without fpe

  22. I think I just got cancer from that intro

  23. just 4 grown ups having a fun time during quarintine

  24. Phly + Pewds collab.
    Attempt #4

  25. Phly could you post maybe a day or two before you record a video of what it’s gonna be? Normally I’d be in British tanks and I’d have come across you but the one day I don’t do it I see you were at 8.3

  26. This tank is a broken piece of shit, the people at Gaijin must of been drunk as hell when they thought of adding this to the game.

  27. I wish I could have this much fun playing War Thunder. The right friends definitely help.

  28. yayayayaayayayayayayayadadadadadadadaadada

  29. Wenn ich kommente bis du n opfer duopfer.

    Mirage is coming

  30. when quarantine gets you c:

  31. M32A1 Grenade Launcher

    Phly can spit out 1000 “ya” per minute

    Pretty OP not gonna lie

  32. Will Australia be added to the game

  33. GuardianEagle13

    Phly’s Intro: YA
    Me: Nice new sound effects

  34. Melvin Johansson

    Phly please play the Freedom lineup (the American 6.7 lineup)

  35. Ахахахах, я так угараю с их русского

  36. Object 279 is a common predictor in AB an RB battles, they can be seen all over map from western front to the half a meter deep rivers of Berlin.

    They have a life span of 3 to 25 minutes depending on the br the Object 274 is a hunter to be feared but is hunted down to near extinction by ATGM and darts leaving it crippled, to counter this they have started to hunt in packs of 4 and learn to coexist with other wild life to survive, This has been tank planet the Object 279.

  37. Yo, phly, won’t it be hard to say yeah-yeah-yeah so long??

    Phly :Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    I just came from watching a pitch meeting, and there was really funny “yeah-yeah-yeah.”.

  38. Carlo The Gamer

    plz add facecam to ur vidsssss

  39. actually i kill it easy

  40. Carlo The Gamer

    anybody else get deja vu cuz of the vid with slick with the same exact tanks, same strat and same map

  41. Phly, pls play the M48A2 GA2.

  42. i feel high watching this

  43. Is he okey at 0:30?

  44. I think this might be the best episode

    Because Phly is literally having an episode

  45. This video is full of content

  46. Wonders if there was a problem with sound with this video… Or just playing after finishing the opened bottles of liquor? 🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁

  47. Phlydaily you should get the old intro song back it makes me happy

  48. Jonathan Andersen

    Haha nice video phly. I have a lineup for you if you’re interested. Attempt #2. T55A-M1/object279 + bmp-3 + object 685 + shilka + mig-15bis with s21’s + il-28sh with s24’s.

  49. 0:00 – 0:22 how Aliens communicate

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