ULIMATE DEPRESSION | How Low Can WE GO? ( War Thunder Sturer Emil Gameplay)

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HARDEST BAGUETTE EVER | 500mm PEN (War Thunder AMX-40 Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/439902/en/


  1. Hey everyone! thanks for the huge support this month, this has been one of my best months yet in amount of likes and comments etc.
    Just wanted to let everyone know I wont be streaming for next two weeks as Ill be in the UK for Tankfest. Follow the link in the description below to stay up to date with my travel o7

  2. Bob Of Cheesecake

    The 50cal hit the recoil mechanism.

  3. It’s Ulimate

  4. Guys any advice for using german spg?, im stuck using Dicker Max

    • Don’t use it the only good German TDs are the waffentrager, Jagdpanzer 4, Jagdpanther , Raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT. The problem with most slow TDs are because they are slow

    • But if you want to use open top SPGs effectively I advise long range engagements and you should also set up the range finder

  5. Please bring the stug life to low tier (fun tier) with the gloriuse sturmgeschütz iii ausf. a, to back you up the luftwaffe have provided a Ju 87 G-1.

  6. It’s like ze Great Depression jajaja?

  7. I love how one of the crew members is chilling like he is in a bathtub

  8. 220 METERS of penetration?

  9. The saddest tank in the game :'(

  10. *Gives depression to the allies*

  11. Jean-Pierre Ferreira


  12. That cannon…so big, so beautiful

  13. Silver attic4863

    You should definitely play the SU-100Y. I have been playing it recently and it is fun to luge that heavy shot at enemy ‘s. ?

  14. 20 meters of pen? xD

  15. Vicious Unpolite Games

    yeah 230mm problem is even a bt5 can pen you

  16. Raditya Suryandaru

    Why did you say 4.3 but it said 5.3

  17. Challenge Time! Take out the T114, but you have to get two kills while in a body of water. Lake, river, ocean. No, puddles do not count. Attempt #4

  18. “Lets say 220m of pen at range” I want a tank gun with 220,000mm of pen damn

  19. 600th comment

  20. Laurențiu Panait

    Crippling depression. There we go, 600th comment.

  21. 50s have been bs for awhile now

  22. Super low – Available at South Korea K1 and K1A1 tanks

  23. -15 degree of depression? That’s child’s play in front of type60 sprg

  24. SpammerForSomeReason

    yay an emil vid again thx phly 😀

  25. Take out the m4a1 and p400 attempt #1

  26. SpammerForSomeReason

    that new gun sound of st emil sucks

  27. I-16 maneuverability master.
    Could you do an I-16 Type 5 or I-16 Type 10 video with a bit of historical info please.

  28. I love this thing. Sturer Emil FTW

  29. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #66!

  30. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Wait,why doesnt 128 in jagdtiger have an Apcr round ? The fuck?

  31. Ya’ll saying the Sturer is OP, you’re forgetting the SU-100Y, thing has more pen, is actually pretty fast, and has decent armor.

  32. Play the SU-100Y next!

  33. Earth Federation Space Force

    Anti-soviet magic NAZI SPG.

  34. German teams at 5.7 just get destroyed within two minutes witch makes it a real bitch to research

  35. Phly you should play foxhole

  36. I feel like the guy from the first kill could file sexual assault charges against you. Because that was nothing but pure rape.

  37. @Phly did you know that the Matilda has 20 dgr. depression, last I have played it I was surprised.

  38. Phly you haven’t Done a video on the M3 Gmc

  39. Loader: Gunner! Raise the fxcking gun!! So I can load the freaking shell into the breach

  40. Oh nice St. Emil, just now got the Dicker Max

  41. “Ulimate Depretion” (Ultimate)

  42. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    In Mother Russia, HE doesn’t destroy Ivan truck – Ivan truck destroys HE

  43. it’s Nashorn! with a typical british ‘a’ like in castle

  44. EXTRA THICC gun + saddest tank in the game :3

  45. You sound realy likes my friend in this gameplay

  46. FV4005 please?

  47. Smithsonian the GaMeR

    Phly is playing dirty

  48. Hey Phly, can you play the Bf110 G-2?
    I don’t know how to aim those 210mm rockets, so I want to see how you use it.

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