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  2. **Random smoke appears**
    No one:

    Phly: Nice, We’re going to use that

  3. Imma head out and start grind the Sherman

  4. @PhlyDaily can you make a video focused on your rulebook?
    I just thought it would be fun showcasing it in just 1 video.

  5. Discord link?

  6. near 1 million!

  7. sorry but i wasn’t thinking about a song. dont even know what song that is or was or ever has been.

  8. I heard you say Sound Mod, are you perhaps using Epic Thunder? That reload sounds familiar as I just got a test file for myself.

  9. Is it me or do most of the kills Phly features look like they’re brain dead morons? I mean 7:43 the guy is just arbitrarily looking at a cliff face. Meanwhile, you’d think everyone when I play is goddamn Rommel.

  10. New drinking game: watch this video and take 1 shot everytime he sais “completely stabilized” and for the extreme players, everytime he sais “Stabilizer”
    After this game Warthunder will be more then just “almost fun” xD

  11. Dwayne Mayo Montemayor

    Sherman:right war wrong tank 😉

  12. Not just cc1, you will be fully stab’d in cc2 as well. Makes 76mm jumbo kiiiinda op,

  13. “hope you have the Russians on your team” I PLAY RUSSIA

  14. Did anyone else notice that square around that plane At around 10:50
    And it is an RB I think

    Look at the right of the screen

  15. Did anyone notice the typo in the title? “ULITMATE” LOL

  16. Sherman isn’t perfect (M4A2 near perfect), but the gyros and the 50 cal make it so worth playing
    I shoot down more planes than some SPAA with it.

    P.S. Also war thunder force you to play it multiple times in all Allie countries

  17. yo that song is sooo cool. what’s it called??

  18. PhlyDaily als can you show us your acc?

  19. on Devserver you could lock on CC2 and you keept the stab but no Gaijiggles dont want you to have fun so they nerfed the max speed for the stab

  20. *cries In wehraboo*

  21. Play the hornet phly!! #81

  22. M6 is awesome with the new stabilizer! CC2 and still stabilized.

  23. Anyone else got the Utopia amazon prime commercial?? Why would you pay to watch 2020 all over again wtf

  24. I always like to play as the italians but every single time i get killed by the f****** sherman every single time i learn and watch every single video to play war thunder and of course i get killed by the f****** and so i fight fire with fire but there’s one problem but i have learn to play as the italian pizza boy and italian pizza plain there is one thing the italians are not that good the other factions are a good except for italy but i think the reason why keep playing as italy is because i’ve been watching too many meme about the italians and the french there’s one thing to know when playing war thunder don’t be a idiot because i guess that’s why people keep laughing at me but i have learned from my mistakes and i always play as the german and ussr and us but sometimes play as the italians and i don’t regret anything except for the people calling me a noob no wonder they always call it pay to win


  26. “The best overall low BR tank” *laughs in Excelsior*

  27. Whenever phly says gyro I am thinking of Greek gyro
    Fun fact:Calliope is a Greek female name

  28. Phly when you want to save someone with smoke, shoot the smoke at the enemy sniper, not at your teammate -.-

  29. Phly
    Play the Centurion MK3 as it has never been pheatured on the channel bephore. Do it phor the Allies!

    Attempt #99

  30. Phly can u do the T55A n T55AM-1 since they in the same BR

    what is the different of T55A n T55AM-1

  31. HE on the mg of the hetzer with the 75mm and you can knock out the driver and gunner

  32. Are ya winning son?
    *turret blows off

  33. Even turning the volume down, it doesn’t make a difference – his talking is shouting to my ears

  34. Can u play the m8 on the American army I think you’ll get a kick out of it

  35. Dad?

  36. thanks for the weak spot location

  37. Can you do a settings guide because I am new to this and I would like some help


    Phly, please play the double whammy Soviet tank destroyer memes. The 2.3 SU-122 and the Zis 30. Two absolute beasts at their br and the guns are ridiculous. If you want extra backup toss on the t-126 and/or the t-50

  39. This brings more memories of me getting bully using Germany…………I’ll join america……..and russia

  40. “GRYOS”

  41. HI DAD LOL

  42. YO I WAS THE P.108 AT 8:40

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