ULTIMATE AMBUSH in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in World of we’re going to have to hold our resolve and set an ambush in the FV 4005 II!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Usually arty focuses that spot…

  2. lol thank god you got another match with no arty lol bullshit videos

  3. Easily my favorite tank in WT especially if you have a squadmate to fire ranging shots for you

  4. I thought the tank in the thumbnail was a kv-2

  5. you were so lucky there wasnt triple arty 🙂

  6. Its a great location when there is no Arty

  7. If there is arty in the game, that position is a magnet of doom….

  8. They nerfed the alpha on console to 1350 🙁

  9. another fact, there were no spgs xD , love your videos QuickyBaby ! <3

  10. Realy tried to drag that one out to the 10min mark…

  11. E75 and 263 are really stupid to push out when the score is 6:6 and they know there are multiple tds in the bush….

  12. Reason I think a Med needs to support on that flank. Instead of 2 TDs coming to that corner, 2 meds should of went. its a FV. everyone should know on that spawn, that is where the fv hides period.

  13. Team PLAY is dead and this is become a singelplayer game

  14. wat is the nxt tank to be on trackm

  15. QB…u forgot to tell…there were no arty…that’s why the trap worked !!

  16. The 263 next to e75 you held yor shot on because you weren’t sure you where going to kill him. As he was backing up you could have just shot him in the back thru his open roof and wrecked him.

  17. On the Hong Kong server, where I play, this is actually a fairly well known location for TD. It’s also useful as a last resort defense position if your team is losing. Not so easy to get to, especially if there’s no arty

  18. Funny how you upload a Death House replay on the day I roll for 2000 damage on a 60TP lower plate.

  19. Norris filed a lawsuit against the guy that wrote the “True facts about Chuck Norris” book… Literally the guy saves him from obscurity, and he sues him….

  20. Nice location, but as you mentioned, it doesn’t work well all the time.

  21. *Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding.*

  22. Chuck begs for the turrent to be broken so he can handcrank it for extra turrent rotation speed

  23. It’s because that position sucks when there is any artillery in the game.

  24. Chuck is in my T49 with improved bond equipment with the derp gun it has amazing gun handling for that 910 alpha damage you can counter EBR’s effectivly since you stilll splash them for 500 when you don’t penetrate hitting their wheels

  25. With Chuck its no longer RNG, its PNG, “perfect number generator”

  26. Why does his FV do 1700 alpha dmg with normal munitions I just do 1100 with this rounds????

  27. Highest damage I’ve ever done in this vehicle was just a little over 9k… But that was just before they nerfed it.

  28. Is the holiday ops still on?

  29. Chucks and the Christmas girls are in my FV4005 as well.

  30. because you cant spell am,bush without bush…

  31. Helen Grace Lozano

    *shoots a tank with 4005
    There’s artillery in yo game hohohohohoa! LOLOLOLOL

  32. QB is more OP than Chuck!!! lmao

  33. Imagine if Chuck Norris was the commander and Zlatan was the gunner..

  34. veird but I too decided to put chuck in the same vechicle 😀

  35. Everyone is still shooting premium rounds..

  36. But… what do you think of War Thunder?! Refreshing as hell coming from a 8 year WoT vet

  37. I love playing my 4005. It was my favorite tank for 2020.

  38. I put my Chuck in the T95 while I work for the T10

  39. Chuck Norris doesnt get lucky… Luck gets Chuck Norrisd.

  40. You wouldn’t be lucky if there were 3 arties there

  41. How would it look with 6 arties?

  42. i will put chuck in the obj 430u.. lets see how it will work out!

  43. Imagine if this tank has this damage in blitz

  44. It seems this is different version than the hero’s version world of tank .am i right?!

  45. Fv is toxic for the game, it shoud have its hesh removed or the tank itself removed

  46. Kv2 derp him self when chuck point his gun at it

  47. What is better, the American lights or mediums?

  48. Quickybaby i posted a replay in the Renegade on wotreplays (6k damage, 3k blocked, 2k spotting) had to carry too hard

  49. Got him in my Ebr he’s hilarious

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