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ULTIMATE BUSH KEMP TANK (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Red Arrow = Clickbait

  2. Phly take the A-36 Apache at tier 6 with nothing but the 2x 100lbs bombs for your weapons and you must kill more than one tank with the 200lbs worth of bomb

  3. The war is over!

  4. Yo phly. I challenge you to play the British challenger!!!! This is like attempt #11

  5. Play BE-6 russian rank 4 bomber you never do a vidéo about it

  6. Why can i put only one bush on my tank????

  7. try playing with a hotas contoller set up both planes and tanks
    attempt 1

  8. Phly, Phly out the F-86-A-5 try and survive. Attempt #1 (Yes Pun intended)

  9. *Didn’t even have to click on the video to know it was the ASU.*

  10. Play Mig-9/L or G.91

  11. Get a japanes kamakazi and kamakazi into planes and tanks

  12. Where’s that nightclubbing guy at

  13. how d’you do to have 6 camo bushes of the same kind on your tanks ??? Otherwise, great vid 😉

  14. Phly can u take out the M22 and the F84 atemt1

  15. Fly Hear me! Use on of the captured tanks from other countries such as the churchill for the germans and rush to their side and pretend to be part of the enemy team…then when they drive past….BOOM!Suka bleit!

  16. Snikibriki

  17. Take me out Phly! I need to bounce some shells! My armor is hungry

  18. Kv2(1942) kemp bush 🙂

  19. You say “we” a lot.

  20. The_ Rutin_Tutin_Vladmire_Putin

    Comrad next take out a sneaky scorpion with bushes

  21. Which is the genuine? Kpz 70 or MBT 70? So wich nation has stolen thr other’s?

  22. How do you scout a vehicle?

  23. Funny but also far more realistic than most players who charge in because the believe their armor will save them.

  24. Fly the black widow

  25. Hey Phly do M551,F3D and m163

  26. 8:20
    *Shoots Pz.*
    “Gotcha radiator!”
    *Gets shot and dies*

  27. Can u go bomber hunting in the hurricane with the 47mm guns pls

  28. 6:46 -What do we say to the War Thunder god?
    Phly: Not todeiiii.

  29. hey phly what about the ISU152? is was only shown once on your channel this could be a request for loving the unloved.

  30. He phly play the b25j-20 but you can not use bombs just shoot planes down.

  31. I have a requst.Can you drive the 29k and o to the top tier and kill 2 tanks or planes

  32. ISU152 #LovingTheUnloved

  33. Phlydaily can you build caernavon in crossout pls

  34. Hey phly, can you go with Japanese Sherman with the ki-109 Attempt #1

  35. Did they really put your decal into the game or is it a mod/skin?

  36. Supper funny stuff Phly. Love it!

  37. Pls do British heavy bombers and nightlighters I feel they look great and there aren’t too many videos of them

  38. James The Gillham27

    The Sea Venom FAW.20 has been buffed recently. Kill a MiG-17 with it and a Tu-4. #LovingTheUnloved (P.S. I have done it before)

  39. Russian nuke combo, take out the mighty Kv-2 fridge launcher and the Pe-8. obliterate anything that gets in the way of the motherland!

  40. play the HE 100-d1 please
    Attempt 1

  41. Phly, set the scouting thing to your binos so that whenever you look at an enemy through your binos, you scout him, I have mine set to [Shift] and [R] for binos and sniper mode, so whenever i need to get a closer look, if it is an enemy, it will get pinged instantly

  42. My request , M4A3(105) using smoke grenade and HEAT shell in the possible close range
    Have fun with this…… 😉

  43. rubbish1 rubbish 1

    Play American gmc

  44. Hans Get the Flammenwerfer

    Apartje is here

  45. They need to fix the bushes. It should be effective at long distance. Not disappear

  46. Play AEC mk.II with croatian air force roundel all over the tank like this https://gyazo.com/d6cb1c4c3dc17f0a4437a429f0866291

  47. Fly play the most hardcore snyper tank: the jumbo with 100mm gun

  48. Hey phly can you take out the spitfire mk 24

  49. Sea plane vs boats BUT the sea plane must be on the water only and not take off (any sea plane)

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