ULTIMATE KEMP | Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ULTIMATE KEMP | Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer ( Tanks Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – https://.warthunder.com/post/620001/en/


  1. Do bulldog ad2 combo
    Or take the t95e1 and flank people on water



  3. This is my favorite vehicle in all game. Decent frontal armor, great angling, great gun, decent mobility, reasonable pen, deadly after pen effect… it’s just so well rounded. Also, at 6.3, you have SOME games without those damn IS-6 and even a few withou t-29s.

  4. PV-2D Harpoon! ! ! ! !

  5. Phly ive been asking for like a year, but could you please play the Chi Nu II. insane 152mm pen gun and very fun low tier battle especially when you keep the BR at 3.7 and below. NEVER been featured before

  6. you tested successfully the Ho-ri prototype, now its time to take the production model outside and play it aggressively

  7. Phly play the t110e4

  8. Challenge time. The big boomstick ZiS-30 paired with the MiG 9/L.

  9. Hey phly, how many hours do you have in War Thunder?

  10. Just got war thunder for my pc

  11. Any gun over 85 mm can go through a jumbos upper plate on level ground. I do it all the time in the T34-85, feels great. (the 85 has to be at a relatively close range)

  12. dank video more germans please

  13. Challenge : get 3kills tank with object 120 but you have to use HE shells

  14. use a combo of a locust light tank and p61 black widow

  15. Phly I like to see you get suffer so why don’t u take your Object 268 for a spin:D

  16. 4:53 “Tree down right here”
    *Zooms in, sees a rolling bush*
    Rolling bush: “Shit! He sees me!” *skiddaddles*

  17. Love the Jagdpanther, now play the Panther A

  18. Jagerpanzer 1 plz, you have never played it

  19. Sea venom or I cut my bollocks off

  20. that f6f killed the La5 with the tiny tim

  21. Hey Phly, love your vids man!

  22. SO nice IF you show . German Bismarck in your video

  23. why dont u use the brumbar again

  24. Is Phly on in game comms? is that why he’s always calling out his actions or is that just for our benefit the audience?

  25. Dear Phly:if you live in America or known as US you problably or maybe heard of the Net neutrality thing that is going on now at the US,Now if this gonna affect the whole world and the internet is broken. PS.YoloYili

  26. Damn that was a very clean game.

  27. Kursk was a good map when it had side objectifs.

  28. Love the unloved! PZ II H!

  29. Jagd-Fucking-PANTHER!!!

  30. Plz Phly Show us your settings and controlls

  31. I don’t actually play War Thunder, just a fan of Phly. However what was the context of him getting embarrassed of the branches on the tank in the beginning.

  32. Phly you should play world of tank blitz It is a fun game you can play on your phone you won’t see this but if you do try it out

  33. Yo flea, where dat wolfenstein at bro??

  34. Take the crispy boi bt-5
    Attempt numba wun

  35. It was funny when he had the bushes on the tank it looked like a dick

  36. you do *tiger(p)* next?

  37. What never ceases to amaze me is how you even see stuff at distance. It’s why I suck at WT ground forces, my old and knackered eyeballs let me down :/

  38. 30 smoke grenades

  39. please can i see your graphics setting my game looks bad even at max i don’t even have fog effect I am using gtx 1060

  40. Even the russian 85 mm can go through the front of the jumbo lol!

  41. Nashorn plz

  42. anna akhmadsyamsudin

    Ho – ri prudoctin plz

  43. M10 wolverine at BR 3.5+

  44. I just think back to when i managed to get both the Befehlswagen Jagdpanther and the Su-122P for free in a Event they had many years ago….Back then both were still 6.7 BR too i think,each worth around 30€… Those two tanks helped me grind so much money and reasearch points you wouldn´t believe 😀

  45. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #21

  46. challenge: M8 long distance HEAT fun

  47. tiger 2 always op

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