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  1. Day 4: play the F-104 S in ground or air RB to make an italian proud

  2. The solution would be so easy. 1. Make 2D Bushes, trees, etc. That block the LOS. 2. Change the render distance so, that vehicles start rendering closer than map objects. If you can’t see the bush, you neither will see the tank behind it.

  3. Gary the Metrosexual Fruitcake

    The only thing I turned down is grass, because it’s so annoying when you’re trying to peek over a hill, but you can’t see a fucking thing because of the grass. meanwhile some dude at 500m can see you with ease because the grass doesn’t render for him. Everything else I just keep maxed out

  4. I run 1440p with high settings but the few specific settings that use the ULQ LOD behavior are turned down.

    So I can see you further than you can, and see you through stuff (smoke/bushes/grass/cover/mounds/walls/etc) at certain positions and maps…
    These settings are basically cheating because of potato players. The real solution is to group the potatoes together and have minimum graphic settings.
    And yes it does help in Arcade when someone is ‘hidden’ behind a wall/mound etc and not tagged.

  5. I still remember upgrading my PC last year after 5 year service cycle. I never played at ULQ, but never had machine to go over “medium” settings. On my new machine, I was lost on many maps simply because of all the bushes and taller grass. I could never play the game on ULQ, god it looks like a Doom.

  6. There are at least 2 ways to fix this.
    1. Over a certain player level (1..100). ULQ becomes unavailable.
    2. Graphics level adapts to hardware in the pc or gaming system. If you have a faster machine and/or graphics card, ULQ becomes unavailable.

  7. Nassauischer Landsknecht

    Whats the intro music?

  8. Lol Tigor is flying 18:47

  9. الوردة El-Warda

    Fact:playing it with 20fps and 1024 768 resolution

  10. I get 20 fps on a good day with ilq

  11. You just realized that IS-2 is a beast huh, its my fav tank too, and i have the premium one with the best credit coefficient and 1500 SL rep cost only 😂

  12. Amazed it puts such high BR on a cancerous camp map like that.

  13. Hmmm…is the IS-2 under-BR’d…do ya think? Maybe just a real bad down-tier.

  14. ULQ is just how I play , which is great

  15. The 100 dislikes are people mad they can’t abuse ULQ anymore.

  16. James John Smith West

    How noone mentions that factory paints are unavilable for some vehicles like some stugs that stand out like a sore thumb in snow and normal maps

  17. Zasraniec

  18. Question…how do I hear audio chat on games? Or is it only when you play with friends?

  19. this looks like normal war thunder

  20. Im playing 20FPS in ULQ

  21. have no idea why games have such low quality setting that it start effecting gameplay if i dont have the specs for a game i don’t play it until i get a new rig. fucking disgrace.

  22. I only play on low because my pc is not good

  23. How did you get the double kill in intro

  24. I can feel the presence of my fellow potato pc users using this quality

  25. Looks same like my ps4 pro hahahahahaha

  26. Geezz never new it helped spot tanks from the air so easily. That now explains a lot of the “how the fuck did he see me from so high” questions LOL

  27. Imagine using ULQ only for an advantage. This comment was made by weak pc gang

  28. This looks like when you spawn in the tank in GTA San Andreas 😂

  29. The really bad thing about ULQ is that if you have heat he or heatfs your going to struggle

  30. if ULQ doesnt give a massive advantage then there is a epidemic of hackers

  31. I’ve never seen the dirt mounts on Alaska disappear, or had fences derender so close.

    Anyways, now do it at 720p with 75% resolution scale on a used 20-inch monitor.

  32. I play ULQ because potato PC but this video looks like extremely ultra poor low quality 😂😂😂 how u get that? Even in ULQ I have decents graphics and 30-50fps

  33. I remember watching that vid three years ago. My old laptop had to play the game with these settings. I’ve stopped playing War Thunder and have a much better rig now. Very jarring to see it again

  34. Ok but what if your pc or laptop can olny handel ULQ??

  35. ww2 ended when you posted this video

  36. When having a crappy pc is better than having a good one

  37. Its sad that you have to “dumb” down gfx settings just to not get killed by people that use lower settings..

  38. Dude, its always been like this. Its disgusting that gaijin have never addressed it

  39. Kinda makes the game look bad

  40. Plz play scropet

  41. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    Wait you don’t use ultra low quality?
    *this post was made by the broke gang*

  42. best video of this year

  43. Minecraftwizzard 2010

    Hey that’s cheating

  44. Ultra low quality
    *Me watching evry episode in 144p*: Nothing change

  45. Nageswararao Appana

    I get like 70 fps in 900p when using ulq but it still drops to 30fps everytime i shoot or some explosions happen near me.

  46. ULQ it’s the best way for ground battle

  47. I play on ULQ and I got 30 fps. Things dissapear, including tanks just little behind cover, so its not that cool. So yeah I would prefere higher quality. But with my pc: AMD Athlon II X2 250 3Ghz, 8GB RAM, GeForce GT 710 I can’t go higher. So I need it to have somewhat smooth play :/

  48. I used this to dominate last night! It does work

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