ULTRA LOW QUALITY – It All Makes Sense Now (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ULTRA LOW QUALITY – It All Makes Sense Now ()


  1. Used to play ob a very bad pc but never played ultra low cause it looks to bad for me war thunder is too beautiful to be treated like that XD

  2. I use ultra low quality to get more fps really, cause I sometimes get 29fps with a 3.1 ghz processor???

  3. See i have a powerful current gen laptop but not powerful enough for gaming cause thats not what its meant for but as i have an xbox and gaijin are being gays but mot allowing it on xbox i have go play on the laptop for war thunder. I get bad frame rate still even on the ultra low setting but it looks better then what your seeing though

  4. a low end pc is like 250, and you can play medium on library computers, so who uses low?

  5. My dad was super excited to fly a plane on his laptop at 20 FPS since he’d never played a video game in his 47 years, he thought it was excellent and looked brilliant even at ultra low.

  6. lets do this!!

  7. Alexander Kinchen-Goldsmith

    i cant even play this on my laptop on ultra low ???

  8. BlameTheReflection Btr

    phly post a video with ultra low graphics and don’t mention it lol

  9. who the f**k cares,,,,

  10. Cookie_Wolfgamer

    What you all just watched is what I play with everyday

  11. I got an actual PC but it’s not good, I can run low but that’s 20 FPS, Ultra Low is my only savior.

  12. DerHeiligeSpaten

    I’m only playing on ultra low…

  13. I cant see shit! watched th video and paused it several times.I don’t play but like your vids. maybe a tutorial on how you spot?? maybe im just blind…but think it would help players become better at the game.teach  me and I might start looks kinda cool. thanks.

  14. This is why i dont play that game.

  15. phly its just like how u said 4 me…

  16. I also use a soundmod. However, an official. Don’t know the name right now. But honestly, in reality you would also hear tanks hundreds of meters away.

  17. Well shit, im out of luck ?

  18. Hey Phly, welcome to the club…

  19. Yolo Gamer Jansen

    i may be easy for you but with my laptop you also have lag (a lot), so that balances things out

  20. Ultra low settings is a little more than just being user friendly towards low end pc’s or laptops. Plenty of people with pc’s that can easily run on ultra high purposely play on the lowest setting due to the reasons you saw. It gives them a clear advantage over others players with the added bonus of having unwavering fps. I’d go as far as to say it’s a form of cheating that the game devs can really do nothing about, cause they either keep the ultra low settings as is or raise the minimum settings that will end up making it no longer possible for low end players to play.

  21. I called it a few vids ago, thx for making it.

  22. Earth Federation Space Force

    ULTRA LOW QUALITY, that’s how i play 😛

  23. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    For maximum realism, watch in 240p

  24. My mac isn’t from 2007

  25. Now you know why many high level players in different games play on lowest settings. FPS + being able to see things a lot easier.

  26. mahadisal ahadani

    I’ll download this again, cuz I really want to play this but I don’t have good enough pc D:

  27. I started playing on console and tried to play on my laptop.

    This brick is a Thinkpad from 2007 or 8 and a veteran of two Iraq deployments. It still has sand rattling around inside. It was in the back of my friend’s closet for years and discovered when I helped him move.

    Anyway, I saw that it met the minimum requirements (barely) so I dl’d and tried to play. I got 7-9 fps until combat started, then it dropped to 3-4. I got one kill then closed and deleted.

    Fuck that shit.

  28. Phly what happened to baron

  29. Now wait a minute! How u have only 4 crew in a T34-85? ALL T34-85 had a 5 man crew!

  30. Dude I play WoT at 4-10 fps. (old music workstation with crap graphics). 😉
    But that doesn’t help much. LOL

  31. at 5:00 you cant see behind them. it stops the tanks from rendering behind them.

  32. gaming pc’s costing 600$ ? here it’s 1200€ with keyboard and mouse included

  33. 5.50 sup dude

  34. Holy crap this looks like a student project

  35. its all play on. Ultra Low life

  36. Looks like Roblox

  37. if you love game graphic doesn’t matter

  38. Welcome back to 2004

  39. next do planes on ultra low

  40. I hope the game comes out on the Xbox one

  41. this is War Thunder Blitz

  42. Welcome to War Thunder 140p

  43. Oh no
    Not the bushes 🙁

  44. Phly, you’re definitely right to say that those on laptops should be playing on this setting. At long distances, the advantages you’re speaking of are nullified by infidelities in the graphics and bad mice. But on good computers, this setting is a horrible move.

  45. Andreas Johansson

    Gajin wont be happy about this 😉

    Edit 1: nvm he plays on a high fps 😛 ( i play on 20fps)

  47. My eyes, my sweet innocent eyes.

    Though I used to use this when I had my craptop but now I’ve got a decent rig I wouldn’t even dare go back to that setting, what’s the point in splashing all that money on a rig and not using it.

  48. stalinium stronk

  49. But Phly, keep in mind that I play on ULQ (on low I have around 20FPS in ULQ 60), and just realize that it is more bad than good because random things start appearing in front of you INCLUDING wrecked tanks, so that can mistake you easily.

  50. The USSR low tier heroes combo
    T-50 & Chaika
    Attempt #2

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