ULTRA TINY TANK DESTROYER | Supreme French Design AMR.35 ZT3

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ULTRA TINY | Supreme French Design AMR.35 ZT3


  1. *IMM BACK! Did anyone miss me?*

  2. I saw a vid on Forgotten Weapons about the French 25mm anti tank gun. Cool to see it in the game.

  3. Request for a combo video: black prince and the tempest

  4. if french had more of these in 1940 the baguette would be a regional dish of Brandenburg

  5. I love how you said THINK In like a Batman voice when he was looking at the armour for the tank

  6. скука страшная

    And then they will start winning Soviet tanks are not op xD

  7. скука страшная

    Looks like French small thing has better after armor damage than Italian one Oo

  8. “I think we’re good here” *immediately dies*

  9. @phylydaily the Lago has APDS with 105mm of pen at 2.7. Sweden low tier is absolutely broken espcially with the pbil

  10. I swear I checked everyday lol

  11. 11:01 what kind of gun a Lago has?? nothing special, just 37mm APmuddafugginDS high velocity ammo.. just like almost every swedish light/medium, at this br.
    if you wanna have fun with swedish low tiers, you should definitely try Strv m/41 S-II.. 50mm pretty bouncy front armour and 105 mm penning apds. in addition it has scouting ability and pretty good mobility…

  12. The og most sophisticated weapon system is back on the channel. Oh the nostalgia…

  13. Carter Campbell

    “Then you ruin someone’s fun.” I would argue that people who play Germany dont deserve to have any fun


  15. Great to see you back with amazing content!

  16. Alessandro Dolce

    French L3 ?

  17. Didnt know you whos playing lol

  18. Day-43 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  19. Low tie is fun tier

  20. The Lago has a 37 mm cannon it usually sucks ass but you can get sabot with it I’ve gotten a double ace with it alone

  21. Manuelito Noveda

    Time flies by really quick, it feels like the its just yesterday you just uploded the YAG-10

  22. David Bernstein

    The rescue part is so fun for me, I spent quite a few matches trying to rescue a tank that flipped over. It’s so derpy and lots of fun

  23. Please can anyone help me .I love war thunder I play on xbox. I have played for four years on and off . At the moment I’m finding the game absolutely impossible I’m lucky to get one kill seriously there have times where it feels where people now exactly where I am at all times I’m really struggling with the game and I’m not a nob by any means seriously I can get the drop on something and still loose. Yes it happens but it’s every single time I can not win any engagement need advice cheers

  24. Glad you and the family had some “family time”. Enjoy this while it lasts…, Banks will soon enough be doing Little League [fill in the sport or sports].

  25. Can you do a whole video in a normal speaking voice?

  26. phly i need help i realy need it from u pls 🙁

  27. i need help phlydaily i need help plz! 🙁

  28. 11:17 fav last words


    hes finally back!

  30. 5:48 LOL!!!
    11:17 LOL!

  31. Phly keep up the great work

  32. Go get ’em, Lago!!!

  33. It’s tiny, but not as tiny as the Italian one, where one bush is enough to hide the whole tank!

  34. Day 397: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  35. Day 353: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  36. i came back to game said your account does not exist the sound of desk fliping after reading

  37. phly le lago has the sweedish 37mm apds

  38. Devlin Plantenga

    Video 181 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  39. I love the “keeping up with foreign relations”

  40. Glad ur back

  41. The only fun to have in War Thunder is ruining other people’s fun.

  42. Day 259: you know by now, could you please play the m47-105/55

  43. herjohn albaladejo

    Actually SARC die from Ju 87 bomb


  45. Some of the best time to wear thunder is just playing tow truck. Moving dead test of the way clear road, Knocking them off bridges.. Spending 10 minutes trying to flip teenage over. Pure un adulterated fun.

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