Unbelievable Full HE Foch 155 + 25,000 Gold Giveaway! | World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks 155, Tier 10 Autoloading Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Foch 155 Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Today I am going take a little break showcasing new equipment 2.0. This time let me show you 2 battles from the craziest sessions I have had with 155 with HE ammo only, so far at least. Seems like RNG gods enjoyed watching what Full HE Foch 155 is capable of doing, when the gun works! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. 🔥First of all, *WE HIT 198,000 SUBSCRIBERS!* 🔥 Thank you very much, you beautiful people, 2,000 to go for our crazy goal! ❤
    Secondly, hope you enjoy this little break from the new equipment system, showing couple crazy battles with Full HE Foch 155!
    Lastly, good luck in the giveaway! If you missed the winners for the previous 30,000 Gold giveaway, I announced them in: https://youtu.be/by4M1YIHkT0
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    00:30 – First Crazy Battle
    04:00 – 25k Giveaway Announcement
    04:50 – Advertisement
    06:05 – First Battle Continues
    06:40 – Giveaway Details
    11:25 – First Battle Results
    11:50 – Second Crazy Battle
    15:35 – Second Battle Results
    16:01 – Conclusion

    • My favorite derp gun is tier 7 su-152. Not too bad reload and the he works beautiful at that tier.
      IGN: Zerfall2142
      Server: NA

    • Good game 😁

    • I think KV-2 is really good
      Name: TankDestroyer082009
      Server: EU

    • Dez my favorite durp gun canon is KV 2. Thanks for your videos.
      Server : EU
      USERNAME : Rajah258.

    • Hello Dez! For me it’s the little atomic bomber, the FV4005!
      Name: pulverisatordu68
      Serv: EU
      Big kiss of French!
      Translate this sentence if you want :
      “tu fait un travail incroyable, continu comme ça, je t’adore, et ce cadeau que tu nous propose c’est vraiment super gentil de ta part. A très vite, et good luck on the battlefield”

  2. Don’t have a favorite derp.
    Name: Anotherone50

  3. My favourite one is the Hetzer. With him i learned so much about the mechanics in WoT. Hetzer gonna hetz my Heart ❤
    Name: Link5000
    server: EU

  4. My favorite derp is dead… the 1200 alpha 150mm on the Type 5 🙁

    C3nturion, NA

  5. well done nice job with channel

  6. Name: Stely
    Server: EU
    Favourite derp tank is FV4005 Stage II (Shitbarn)

  7. Favorite derp is obviously KV-2. Got 2 marks.
    NoMoneySpend. Eu server

  8. Alberto Lopez Martin

    Hi Dez, eventhough I don’t hace the tank yet, I think FV4005 is a great derp.
    My name is Tico1112 and I’m from the EU server 😁

  9. Kv-2 with HE, all the way.
    Killed a is-3 once in two shoots. He was not happy 😊
    EU server

  10. Favourite derp tank is the Cromwell with the derpgun.
    IGN: TheCamoTeam
    Server: EU

  11. Best derp for me is FV4005.

  12. Arkadiusz Sobczak

    It’s definitely hetzer, its combination of gun and armour gives amazing results
    Nick: Arki_Piotr
    Server : EU

  13. My best derp gun was at O-Ni it wss awsome when i pen Lower tiers
    Name: LukaCro1233

  14. Herpa-derp KV2
    EU server

  15. Username: Domi7
    EU server

    I dont have any

  16. My Favorit is the good, old vertical Artillerie… The KV2 😉
    Name: Mannet84
    Server: EU

  17. I dont have derps
    Username: Meho75
    Server: Eu

  18. Stug III was fun, right amount of hide, speed and boom
    NA Server

  19. Only the T49:)
    Username: Karakorum01
    Server: EU

  20. M4A1 my first 3 mark 🙂 from 64%mark to 98% with durp. Love it and you dez <3 kera138 EU

  21. FV 215b 183 recently EU Jan__3__Sobieski

  22. If I had to pick one, my fav derp gun would definitely be Pz. IV H – It’s got mobility, so you can get into positions quickly, camo, which means you can stay hidden until you get an opportunistic shot, great RoF coupled with the meme AP rounds, which can melt the enemies’ hit points pool if you get to their rears/sides, even T7 heavies! Not to mention the extremely troll HEAT rounds you can abuse against the same tier heavies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , so what’s not to like?
    IG: Laserpointer_1 on the NA server

  23. Good old KV-2 and KV-2(R)

  24. Name: DasLampePvP

    Server: EU

    Big boi gun on the WT auf Pz VI love just derping away unsuspecting tanks especially cocky lights
    (Btw does standing around a corner with bison count XD)

  25. Ah you what to Know what my favourite Derp tank is , It’s the KV2R ,  Best Derp tank in the Game . TDS  .  NA TheMadDragon{-RAC-}

  26. My favorate derp tank is the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger with the 150mm gun 😋😎.
    My name: _GBASSASSIN_
    Server: EU
    I enjoy your unique content.

  27. anything else 😀

  28. Again an amazing game gg !
    I really like the Manticore. Such a good light which player doesn’t know how to play ! 😀
    Pseudo: Poufpouf_1
    Server: EU

  29. My favorite derp is the 105 mm Howitzer on the Wolverine. It’s basically the same gun as on the M4 Sherman, but with better aim time, accuracy, dispersion values, and rate of fire.
    Server: NA
    IGN: Professor_Bunny_YT

    Also, I saw 2 Type 59 Gs in the same battle recently. There was one on each team. They may have signed up together but I doubt it.

  30. Name : Hargrave_McSwagpants
    Server – EU
    Favourite has to be the M4A3E2 (Easy-two), stock turret with the 105.
    Enemy bounces off your turret and does 0 damage, you hit them with HE and do like 3, still worth it.

  31. Wg : How to nerf this OP td called T95…
    Dez : i have a idea 🙂 …..later : 6:14 xD

    My favorite derp is the old Cruiser II with the nuke launcher xD
    but now i think it’s the O-I or O-Ni, this tanks make me laught all time and i love play it
    Name : eliancraft
    Serveur : Eu

  32. Favourite DERP: KV-2 R
    Username: mfcaumo
    Server: South America

  33. I would say….. hmmmm M4A1 or KV-2. I liike both
    Server EU
    User: Ravenhof

  34. junista12
    SU-152 with 152mm
    Only derp gun that does not troll me 99% of the time. i average 2000+/battle. sadly i sucked as noob so average is low
    i dont like derp tanks in general bcs they are derpy.

  35. My favorite durp tank has to be the sherman III because everyone doesn’t know that much about it (at least people new to the game) and a juicy T67 comes around a corner and boom one shot.
    User: Ottertrucker
    Server: NA
    P.S. I don’t truck Otters those are just the names of my dogs. Otters are great. That reminds me, WG should like a Ice cream truck style for a tank. lol.

  36. My favourite derp tank is the Isu 152
    my player name is FightingPanther
    server: EU 2

  37. progaming evolution

    Derp tank:KV-2

  38. Name: Antorak
    Server: Asia
    Hetzer, simply because I didn’t know what to fire at all the extremely high tier vehicles waaaay back in beta. (Now THAT was MM at its most hilarious.) Results were amusing!

  39. Of course my favorite derp it the good ol’ KV-2
    Username: CrouchingGrandpa101
    Server: EU

  40. Favorite derp? Not a huge fan of derps…
    Favorite tank? 121B, I know i’m a masochist
    Server: NA
    Name: michaelnickles99

  41. Name: Mong18
    Server: Asia
    T5 previous version, now it been damaged…

  42. I feel like my favorite derp tank would be t49 I don’t have it yet but maybe. Server: Na User:mfm4

  43. Преслав Кирилов

    Name: Volf358
    Server: EU
    My favorite derp tank is Fv4005 Stage II (the pleasure of playing shitbarn is very expensive but worth it)

  44. Fav derb tank is clearly the shitbarn ^^
    Name: Wolfsrudel_39
    Server: Eu

  45. Name : Herpedodo
    server : EU

    Favorite derp is by far the T40, yes the shots go slow and in a high arc, but it is devastatingly fun!

  46. type 5 heavy in good times
    name: come_to_fight
    server: NA

  47. favorite derp: bt7 artillery, it somehow does ridiculous damage at tier 3, and HE has more pen than AP
    user: proinfinity10
    server: NA

  48. Favourite durp tank: Conway with the big gun 🙂
    Username: Killerlicious
    Server: EU

  49. Server: EU
    Nickname: jamalyo69
    My favorite durp tank is m2 medium tier 3 American tank. I had so much fun playing with it. It’s not the same due to HE changes as it was couple years ago but it’s still great tank to take off your stress😍 cheers

  50. Definetly O-I best derp gun in the game.

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