Underestimated – Sheridan – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Earliest ever! Congratulations to me…on nothing.

  2. Man that was a great way to start a round.

  3. You do realize that you are the reason I stopped playing this game and just became a spectator, right? 😉

  4. See, if you complain that scouts have poor accuracy, WG tells you that “that scouts aren’t supposed to be sniping, scouts are supposed to be passive scouts and dog-fighters” while simultaneously removing all the bushes and scouting positions from all the maps.

    • The bushes that are there are always getting shot at anyways. Because they’re all too obvious. Because the maps are too small. It’s all about the maps being too small.

    • Well.. If you give them 0.28 dispersion either. They will def sit back and farm damage vs assist then. Tier X lights do that enough as is. As I was told to spot today in my tier 9 TD by a Sheridan. But 0.44 is not needed either. IMO a 0.35 ish would be more fair.

    • And now wheeled vehilces will be better active scouts, and I’ll bet you this, that they will rush the passive scouting spots and your team of campers will not hit them.

    • +Beachthony Housetano the t10 lights were going to be fine when theu were first testing them but of course all the shit medium players were like “t10 lights are gonna replace meds”

  5. No we cannot stop giving scouts bad accuracy because they are scouts, not TD’s

  6. Excellent…well done

  7. You make the impossible look so easy man…

  8. I actually crewed a Sheridan…

  9. gg, but please play lower tiers circon, much funner to watch seeing you rekting lower tiers.

  10. nice man 🙂

  11. Complaining about poor accuracy when your outspotting them in a t10 match and firing at almost max render range. Everything has poor accuracy at such range. And you had no issue driving 60kph on hilly terrain and nailing that 6th HE kill.

    • well, the issue is probably that light tanks are the only class that can’t farm damage on exposed targets at range effectively

  12. Circon, do you know the armor trick on Sheridan?

  13. snowisthebestweather

    Very sad he’s not using the derp.

  14. Do I thumbs up this f****** match of course I do

  15. NO DERP?!

  16. Light tanks are not as good as they used to be especially when mediums can do the same but better

  17. Error_UndefinedUsername_069

    no 152mm… SHAME

  18. Its honestly about time WG stop giving scouts shitty accuracy and also nerf the camo on Swedish TDs.. You were right next to him when he shot you and you could spot it… Also I love that ninja mauschen

    • It’s annoying how shit players thought tier 10 LTs will “replace” tier 10 Meds

    • +Aaron William Ching for real. I’ll shit on any tier 10 light tank with any of the tier 10 mediums. The only one you gotta watch out for is the AMX if youre half health and lower otherwise they can get it too. Tier 10 lights are the reason I tend to carry 10 HE shells in every tank seeing how most mediums 3-4 shot em and always pen and wreck crew, modules etc. If anything at least you’ll track em

  19. when wg adds the wheeled vehicles this should leave a gap to FUCKING BUFF light tank guns because the wheeled vehicles are they new dog fighters

  20. Welcome to a new instalment of mingles with circon

  21. Hey am I the only one who thinks that aft are completely going to break the game even more than it currently is ???

  22. Making Sheridan derp good: more pen or give -rockets- HESH.

  23. Finally! Papi played my fav tank :3 I remember when I first 3 marked it, was so proud

  24. Circon`s scouts are insane

  25. Sorry about being the guy that liked the video at 420 putting it to 421. xD

  26. You can make any tank look GREAT!! thanks for the replay and glad to see content every day…keep it coming!!

  27. I told you Sheridan is good !

  28. That IS-3 on your team was a swell retard magnet, GG!

  29. you make playing WOT look so easy…dank Circon!

  30. My favorite move on this map from south spawn is going along the river and yolo scout their scout. If you are in a bit smaller LT than Sheridan you will flush out/kill their LT without taking damage. Would not try in Sheridan tho 🙂

  31. Not a good enough game to post on youtube.

  32. 152mm derp or yew scrub, Circon

  33. That was terrible you show a replay where you snipped as a scout end of day the team won it you just farmed.. Even though was sensible if your team didnt perform game would have been lost.

  34. I prefer the challenge of the German tier X, has insane HE, it doesn’t work very well Vs the Sheridan though unless you have a perfect shot on rear.. I think its far more underestimated than the Sheridan. I don’t really understand why, played as it should be its great, its speed alone gets you the drop on other scouts at the start on some maps without the camo penalty the sheridan has. Also, I use optics even though it doesn’t really need them *PURELY* because of those Udes Shite-Hawk-Monkeys….fast enough and plenty minus-camo-view range to spot those fuckers before they even get into position.

  35. Flexing so hard on us using that HE on the arty B)

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