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Source: Circonflexes

Honestly enjoying this medium tank so much!


  1. They should introduce a limit to the number of pings someone can use. It´s fucking annoying sometimes

  2. ah hah, lol

  3. What is Circons gun mark mod pack called, and where can I find it

  4. Ahh the indien pz the lowe’s cooler brother

  5. I thought the Indien was supposed to suck…lalalalalala LOL!

  6. Circon can have good rounds in a potato… so it’s all ways the man not the machine. Gj circon netherless.

  7. After the recent buffs this lil bad boy is like lowe jr.

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Oh yeah about the gun it has that 90mm HE pen seems pretty high for a tier 8 medium tank …

  9. The Indien must have received some huge aimtime/bloom buffs, because it did not behave like that a while ago.

  10. I somehow got to love the Indien and have one of my best WRs in it (61%). It’s a shame what comes after is such an immobile damage pinata bus.

    • @zomgl2pnoobffs not all tanks but it sure seems like some get initial boosts.

    • @Herbert Odilio Balsamo take ur pills and go to sleep. it has nothing to do with 3 marking.

    • @john sun There’s definitely favoured matchmaking on the first fight, but that doesn’t guarantee a win of course. For what it’s worth, my stats and experience with the PTA are from when the Leopard 1 was first added. I’ll might dust off my PTA and give it another go though — thanks for that tip.

    • @zomgl2pnoobffs No problem. I dont play WoT anymore myself, becuse it is frustrating RNG shitshow with bad balance. But Leo Pta is actualy good now. I stopped playing shortly after the last buff.

    • @john sun I played quite seriously and had good stats, but the Skorpion and all the pay-to-win that followed was the final nail in the coffin, and I’m totally casual now. I just dip in every so often. My WR has, er, tanked!

  11. Maybe it’s underrated, but it’s also not better than the pz 58 Mutz, and that thing is not much better than average. But yes, the tech tree tank is underrated because no-one plays it, while many people grind credits in the mutz, I agree with that

  12. This position is gonna be nerfed soon 😂

  13. Screw TVP VTU….Indien Panzer is the new Defender Killer

  14. Players hate him for this one simple trick
    (simply angles tonk and shot hits tracks)

  15. Nice game!

  16. You only had one blind shot hit

  17. I love the gun on the Indian pz

  18. I aslo think the Indien Pz is one of the most underrated mediums.

  19. Why does the gun reloading sound like an old style cash register?

  20. My first ever third mark of excellence ^^

  21. Shame the guy capped, it was completely not needed anymore when you killed the T29. Should have left the cap and gave you the chance to get the Radley’s out of courtesy.

  22. I don’t know why, and I need to find the clip, but you recycling the super hellcat reminded me of the best quote “YOU LIKE THAT BITCH?!” And I can’t remember from what video it’s from

  23. Great game Circon !!

  24. Let me guess, it’s the indien pz? Yeaaah, it’s the Indien Pz xD

  25. It used to have better armor, I remember brawiling vs IS-3 in it. Gun was buffed tho recently.

  26. Always liked the ridge line ability of it and decent gun. Got a lot of ridiculous bounces from it when working a ridge line.

  27. Every time he said Chad, I thought the was talking to me lol

  28. I don’t know but 75% of the time tier 10 matches in it against chieftans and the constant low rolls of 200 kind of make me hate it.

  29. I loved this thing. Having a harder time with the PT A though. Got much better when it elited

  30. I skipped this with blueprints because i wanted that leo pta now its on sale. Also 240-250 alpha dmg mediums are kinda boring imo. But the indien looks like a solid tank

  31. Guillaume Lemaigre

    Just finished that tank today. Pretty decent, but the gun is trollish.
    And in my opinion it just doesn’t have the mobility to really fit in that line, somehow. It just feels weird.

    • i wish it had a better p/w ratio like 18-19hp and that will remove the sluggish feel, i mean the fucking vk20.02 gets a 800hp engine that gives it a 20hp dafuk

  32. a-43 underrated

  33. i love my indien-panzer, its my favorite tier 8 ;u;. it can sidescrape so damn well with its 90mm side armor and thicc tracks. its fun to troll autoloaders and TDs with it lol.

  34. Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    I loved my Indien-Panzer, like it far more than the Leopard PT.

  35. Excellence

  36. I felt so happy seeing that EBR arty YOLO fail. Get wrecked wheelie fuck boi! But what a major dick the 53tp not getting off cap though.

  37. This game is getting more and more of a farce…the results are either 15-3 or 3-15…seldom we have an exciting game. The fun is gone….too bad

  38. i remember sidescraping against an is3a, and a t25e4, that was superfun, i blocked like 2.5k dmg, and the is so impatient, shooting gold only, plus he was like 300 mts away, and i was just chilling in the corner blocking everything, and sniping both of them.

  39. put em in the fuckin batroom!!Ahhh a bronx tale!!

  40. I thought about skipping this one, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable. The gun is definite a highlight, and i like it 30948930480238902 times better than the Pershit.

  41. I hated the Indien before the buffs. After them, it was prettg damn good. The 90mm of all around armor can troll a lot of shots and the gun is decent.

  42. And I wondered why there were a plethora of indien panzers in matches today…

  43. I’m new .. in the 3rd year type of new.

  44. When Indy will be a good tank pigs will grow wings. Every tank has good games but overall this is kaku tank

  45. When i played the indien panzer, i said the same thing. Suprising mobility, and excellent RoF.

  46. I love this man, been watching for like eight years but I really wonder how many light and medium tanks sniping from behind their whole teams and throwing games because they are not half as good as Circon are “his fault”.

  47. 5:37 You’re team is balancing to keep the battle even.

  48. Unsportsmanlike on the 53TP.

  49. Just a side note, I FUCKING HATE MAP PINGERS. GG sir.

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