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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. gold spam. unsubscribed kappa

  2. omg pay to win he zhot 24te5r4fe gold shots and he is in the illuminati and he is for racism and premium ammo

  3. aaahhh the cosplay panther!

  4. Whats with the pen counter under the reticule ?

  5. the one, the only, the legend Luca3863

    amor thickness mod download?

  6. I play alot in E25 and I don’t feel bad. Have to fight my own aids teams trying hard to lose. Anyways keep em going beard man. Greets from Lithuania *wooorth!!!*

  7. 340 damage blocked..
    steel wall

  8. Furious_Deer_gaming

    i actuallyrun the same as you do on this and i completely agree with yu

  9. Alexander Krikorian

    You say the panther m10 is awesome, but you just had to shoot 40 premium rounds in a top tier game, and even then bounced a lot off equal tier tanks. Hmmm…

  10. at least you tried to shoot normal Ammo but i had this tank aswell and i did not like the 150 base pen.. so well played 😉

  11. Your streams are just getting better and better. I dont mean the gameplay – in that you are fucking awesome. But the overall experience and fun it gives me. Tenk you! 🙂

  12. How is it underrated? Wut?

  13. Circon has 30 mil whaaaa??
    Well, Im recently holding on over 6 mil at all times…

  14. The Panther M10 is one of my favorite tanks in game.

  15. people dont know, but prems with limited mm are rly good now, especialy mediums, in a lot of games you will be top tier, and even if you arent, there will be only 5 tanks that are a higher tier than you, my super pershing got even better to play now that it can see only 5 tier 9, the FCM is stupid now aswell

  16. Try the VK 3002 D, its extremely good less the pen.

    • less accuracy/shooting on the move. But otherwise fully agree. Super flexible. Can be used as a light tank if situation requires, can counter light tanks regardless of tier (20 hp/ton @ 40 tons…u know what to do..) Armor works almost like a heavy against lower tier meds as long as they dont press 2. DPM…220 alpha every 5 seconds, tier 8 meds can just dream of that..

  17. whats that armor/pen mod called?

  18. Also the French tier 7 is completely garbage

  19. KV-13 is amazing with it’s IS level armor and the fact it can smack you i the face with a massive HEAT shell in a brawling situation. The rush for the hill on Mines is hilarious when you smack someone for half their health in the opening moments.

  20. Now as I enjoy Circons stream, the youtube videos turn me off. Because i have seen the stuff on the stream already.

  21. Just 3 marked my panther/m10 two days ago

  22. Nice cleaning over there 3 fast kills:)

  23. Spicy bounces on the side of the AT15, got to love those!

  24. The pay to win memes were fantastic yesterday

  25. i love you circon 😀

  26. one of my most played tanks 😀 I liked it from the start.

  27. When the e8 get a 50 cal on top ?

  28. This Name Is A Fail

    ahahaha you killed me at the end man

  29. played this fucker when it was released with the superpersh, fucking 10/10 stronk tenk

  30. The penetration isn’t great, the alpha isn’t great either, but put that kind of Tier 6.5ish DPM in the right hands and…oh yeah, I’m watching Circon. Thanks for making me feel inadequate again… haha great game. Thanks for the entertainment as always!

  31. I’ve had some of my best and most fun games in my M/10, too OP with P2W ammo…lol

  32. At 15 A ist a Tier VII TD? I think Tier V III , but the AT 15 is it , or?


  33. It was, indeed, an awesome game 🙂

  34. Really love this tank. get it on sale. using my VK 30 01 P crew. pretty much a fucn tank. ace it on 2nd battle. in top tier battle. but when in tier 8 battle. shit so rough to penetrate enemy tank.

  35. After the ROF and gun handling buff. This thing went from the worst tier 7 prem to one of the best. It’s insane how fun it is now.

  36. “They can easily reset that” Famous last words.

  37. I don’t get why only dumb asses play the KV 13 it’s my fav tank if used right its an IS that goes 50 kph

    • I’m calmer than you right now I bet lmao

    • Matthew Sowers wide opinion on kv13 is its meh tank, if it was good tank you would see more about, I rarely see them and have played 20, 000 plus battles mostly around 6, 7 and 8, its just a widely held opinion, dont get so angry, if you like it fine, doesnt mean the wider opinion is wrong though lol

    • Why do you think I’m angry? What I’m saying is more than 90% of the people who play the KV 13 suck at its playstyle or at the game itself. If you use it right and you get a T7 game its one of the best meds at T7. its only real downside to it is the gun depression witch is -5 . But then again every tank can be good if played right.

    • Matthew Sowers there are much better meds at tier 7 and minus 5 is atrocious, why handicap yrself with meh tank when ther are much better ones on most of the lines? how many kv do you see, people arnt stupid, im sure a unicum could make it work but most arnt unicums and even they love an op tank not a bitch to play, but hey if its yr lovechild yu go marry it …buy a t shirt lol

    • Now you’re the one acting like you’re angry. Like you talk about opinions then get all butthurt when I say mine.

  38. The fact that you would have turned a profit without food blows my mind.
    that alone speaks for how good of a game this was 😀

  39. jesus those were some stupid enemies, especially that AT-15 A

  40. Pay to win crew?? Dont understand…and Gold ammo, everyone use it all the time anyway. Gg circ

  41. Worlds best anti tank weapon until the 50s but it can’t penetrate the side of an AT15A. War gaming has no bias at all. The 75mm L70 should easily pen 170 ish it certainly had higher pen than US 90mm guns which are what 180 ? 190 after buffs… No bias at all

  42. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    This is one of the only tanks I have 3 marks in (I also did the HT No.VI before it’s pen buffs) grinded the hell out of it when I was moderately new to the game and starting to learn how vehicles with functioning turrets worked. Easily the best purchase I ever made, it was playable to me even before the buffs. Btw I notice you run GLD over vents? Is that 1.86 really that much better than 2.02 and having over 445m view range, extra traverse/ground resistances and better reload?

  43. high tier sealclubbing 🙂

  44. Why did you go the last time up-mountain ? Well, rest very neat !!!

  45. This tank is v poorly played, one of the only tanks I have more than one ace wanker in

  46. P2w noob…….. I could get that score with no ammo!!!

  47. Skillz on display!

  48. I once had the horrible experience of facing Circon in that Panther M10 of his…ripped our team apart!!! Monster tank, with with +1 MM…love it!

  49. Great game Circon. An interesting fact about the M10 is that WG appear to have based the model on famous photographs of a captured Ersatz M10 without the usual muzzle break on the L70. The thought was it was removed to make it look more like the US M10 gun. However the muzzle break was taken by a US soldier as a souvenir and the M10 in WoT should have one the same as the Panther. I thought it was interesting anyways 😛

  50. Ah… you addressed my comment even before you made the video. How thoughtful of you.

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