UNEXPECTED CHALLENGER – Fun platoon with Daki / Mailand!

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Source: Circonflexes

Broadcasted live on
💬Discord! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. No advent calendar vid today, its just premium time. Enjoy the Sunday Morning Cartoons tho! 🙂

  2. Got the notification, clicked over to watch … “This video is private” … hmm, youtube …

  3. haha HE go brrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Let me get my waffles and coffee, sunday morning circon is amazing.

  5. Great to see so many EU streamers getting along with each other.

  6. Was first here when yt said this video is private. Not fair :/
    Thanks Circ

  7. Helluva game, but can we talk about the Jagdtiger at the top of the board tho?

  8. 1:45 Ofc he is mad. You’re basically asking him if he wants his old HE shells back, teasing with it. As it has the same alpha and pen as the old Type 5 gold HE had on the derp.

  9. Skill raid? is this real life?

  10. This tank is in avoid category. Very situational. In most cases you are exp pinata.

  11. That Balkony on the Jageru…free real estate 😀 Stay safe!

  12. Nice game!

  13. Im getting Deja vu from this video I feel like Ive either seen it already or a super similar one (or from stream idk).

  14. Is the ability to not have the camera fixed on the reticle in sniper mode a mod or is it an option that I’m just not seeing?

    • Hold right click and you can move the camera view independently.

    • @zGJungle Right that works for anything with a turret but hull lock gets forced on in sniper mode for turretless tanks and restricts your view to your gun arc. I see that he isn’t having his tank forced into hull lock in sniper view but I don’t see any options in game that would effect it.

  15. On blitz the jage100 has 15 seconds reload LULW

  16. I suspect that E75 was trying to complete some mission with camping. Good job Circon! 😛

  17. Where is the clip of a dead Ebr flying under a bridge?

  18. Chinese mobile games = Whale hard with your capitalistic credit card or suffer the painful f2p experience. Though graphics seem nice but it’s a no no.

  19. @Connard the testers in comments have been really open about wg unbalanced shit, they seem like they want the game to be balanced and actually fair to play unlike wot blitz (mobile wot)

  20. @Jell Testers giving feedback about things does not always equate to developer response. Just look at Wargaming. People will tell them that something is broken in testing and it will get released with zero changes.

  21. Missions that reward capping should not be a thing in the game ever period. Because the odds of you getting a game where you need to cap are so few and far in between they’re unlikely to occur at all and especially with a team that would cooperate with you capping for a mission at all is small. At the same time, the 99.99% when you accurately capped for the mission you still fail the mission and don’t complete it because WG is retarded they put two requirements in one primary objective slot.

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