Unfair Rampage – IS-M – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. First ;P

  2. Am I alone?

  3. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    notification squad… fall in!

  4. Legends says if you are early enough you can get a heart from Circon

  5. Man I just got this and 100 people already bet me here omg

  6. 2nd view for the win

  7. 100k! Congratulations!

  8. May the beard forever ride on!

  9. Serbian Highlander

    Beard of doom!

  10. Wow 3-5-7 is boring lmao

  11. Ah the 3-5-7 MM..

  12. Typical top tier battle with IS-M. Fortunately it’s balanced cause top tier game occurs 1 out of 25 times.

  13. And here you can see how enjoyable is 3-5-7 for low tiers 😀 We can see squirting happiness out of them :DDD

  14. WG: we need a new tank… Something new….
    Developers: take an is-6 reduce the front armor and mount the turret in the back.
    WG: *W O K E* REAL SHIT?

  15. Have we ever seen a game on this channel from the other side of the map ?

  16. I’m not saying it’a a bad battle, but I’m surprised this ended up on YouTube, because, honestly, even you seem bored.

    • Same, honestly it was only an ace because this thing is way to situational to have high ace requirements . Also it needs lower Tiers to shine

    • +Morganator 1342 is pretty high for a tier 8 Ace. I’ve been grinding this thing lately and got like 1200 ish XP quite a few times, still no Ace. While in some other tier 8s I got it with barely over a 1100…

    • wabba lubba dub dub cuh


  17. I wonder what modpack he uses that shows the damage standing in game?

  18. well that was brutal

  19. “They have an ELC Even 90, which is super annoying.”
    30 seconds into the game: ELC drives into the middle of Circon’s team, crashes, gets tracked, and dies.

  20. in tr8 battle IS-M its pretty good but in 9-10 you are just gun meat

  21. I know how gd a player u are circon but come on to fuck, talk about all Russian tanks being op as fuck or what

  22. imagine the ammount of salty rage wargaming and gaijin could generate by making the gun barrels physically modeled objects . .

    • Fun thing is, that as soon as the turret detaches from the hull during a blow up, the gun becomes actually modelled. I always wondered why they did this.

  23. Ye gods now there will be 10,000 potatoes in ISM s sniping and shooting from the ridges

  24. 3-5-7 for your enjoyment boys!
    “There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous” Napoleon might have said…This MM is to prove it!

  25. circon Chrysler k or is-m

  26. Nice trick pushing meat mobile out but too far

  27. Oversized butt puppy dog following ya round.

  28. that ELC is the real MVP

  29. Circon, you should play some KV-Fortress. I know it gets shit for being slow and non flexable, but its so fun to crush IS-3 drivers who think they are hot shit then shooting through their roof armour cause you are 10 feet taller than them.

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