Unicum explains why not to go Hill on Tundra – Path To Purple #7

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Source: LemmingRush

if my video made anything unclear or didnt answer questions that you have very well, ask me in the comments and ill do what I can to help you out


  1. Are there any other positions to play ? Besides the 1 line and hill??? Like
    maybe that little city ????

  2. Haha path to purple. I personally just want to be a green or blue player.
    Anyways, nice video.

  3. I dont like that hill also, but i know how to brawl there and i almost
    never rush to the top unless im in a very fast tank and theres no t49s in
    the enemy team. Its true that hill is risky but whats the other option? You
    suggest the 1 line, facing heavy tanks in a direct close corridor with an
    STB-1 isnt the best fight you can get in my opinion. And i find going
    middle also too risky of either being irrelevant by camping, or getting
    yoloed if going down river to the enemy side

  4. i think 140 will get gun dep to shoot the td’s.. Done that so many tanks

  5. Thank you. Everyone that employs the hill lemming meta needs to see this
    and remove some shit from their brains. I cringe when I get this map in
    pubs not just because the map is bad, players repeatedly fail to learn how
    expensive and useless the hill is. 1-3 line FTW.

  6. Lemming rush do u have every tier 10 in the game

  7. do some positional vids, pls :)

  8. You can drive off the steep sides to escape hill without passing the TD
    corridor, but I’ve seen so many people track themselves or take damage
    doing it if they don’t creep off the edge. But by then, what did you gain
    from being up there in the first place.

  9. Well said, maybe you should do more videos where you just show how to
    position yourself on the map. From what I have noticed, most people
    including myself struggle with getting in the right spot at the right time.
    Thank anyway. :)

  10. Thanks for this vid, very informative, very helpful.
    Thank you for your interest in helping others become better at this game!

  11. 9 times out of 10, team that wins hill wins battle. So just because it’s
    risky on an individual level does not mean you should not go. FYI 90% win
    rate, totally justifies taking this hill every time. (Unless you see your
    team is not making a team effort to take it).

  12. That was a very informative video. Thanks for posting it. I agree with
    everything you’ve said. It does seem like the hill just isn’t that
    important on this map. It would be cool to see more videos of this nature
    for other maps.

    Are there any times you go to the hill area, not with the intention of
    trying to take it but to try to bully enemy tanks that try to take it?

  13. Whether or not the hill is a bad spot I’m still going to go there most of
    the time because almost all of my team does, If I go to the other side I
    could get risk getting over run by myself.

  14. good video. thanks for great explanation.

  15. Going hill and camping on the hill are two different things. Why not open
    up with going hill just to get some sideshots against enemies who want to
    rush to the top of it, wait a little bit to spot who else is coming, and
    then simply relocate? As long as you’re not on the top of the hill you can
    disengage relatively safely.

  16. you can leave safe by going cliff.

  17. As always, top notch vid, and thnx for vocalizing the issues with the
    hill… I’ve seen the hill work but it’s usually because the opposing team
    has the spd advantage…
    Keep em coming mate….Bags2247 NA

  18. Hey Lem, I’m currently grinding the M103 on my way to the T110E5. Would
    love some content on those tanks or heavies in general. Thanks and keep up
    the good work.

  19. My experience with this map has been nearly the complete opposite of yours.

    9 out of 10 games Ive been in have been won or lost by the hill fight. The
    1 line is a stagnant fight, that has no ability to affect any other portion
    of the map other than the limited corridor provided by it. The only problem
    with the hill is that people dont know when its time to leave the hill
    after winning it (I myself have this issue sometimes). There are many ways
    to deal with camping TDs, that are watching their respective sides of the
    hill and there are many ways to deal with defending tanks on the reverse

  20. do more of these pls! keep up the good work!

  21. do video with me

  22. Im not agreeing completely, as a top tier or mid tier medium with over 45
    kmh you definetly should go hill ,if not youre just to weak or if youre to
    slow heavies or even tds could get shots. Maybe you catch a shot but if you
    play smart you will get easy light kills and side shots, i think the
    biggest problem is sniping from the hill, you need to know when to get out
    of there to help your teammates and not get capped out.
    Im playing on eu but often its situational, alot of it depends on enemy
    line up especially autoloaders.

  23. Btw what do you use to record rush?

  24. Great video

  25. Do a face reveal! I need a face to match the voice :/

  26. Pablo Mojica (FastCatAle)

    nice video

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