Unicum Guide to Light Tanks

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In-depth guide to mastering light tanks, with examples from many battles showing what good and bad light tank look like.

Light tanks have the highest “skill cap” any class in World of Tanks, as they are fragile, have relatively weak guns, and have enough mobility to get the driver into trouble. There are many nuances to playing light tanks correctly, so we’ll go through those in detail.

*What Bad Looks Like*
1. Suiscouting / charging recklessly
2. Spawn camping
3. Spotting in areas where spotting can be done by anyone else
4. Overexposing your tank
5. Dumb brawling / poor trading

*What Good Looks Like*
1. Active scouting smartly
2. Getting early spots + damage
3. Leveraging intervening soft cover
4. Exploiting low-risk opportunities
5. Knowing when to flank
6. Knowing when to back off / run away
7. Keeping your cool when you have support
8. Beware friendlies who’ll get you killed
9. Playing with low HP

*Recommended UI Options*
1. Settings → General → Enable Expanded Minimap Features → Always: this tracks the last spotted location for every enemy tank
2. Settings → General → View range indicators on the Minimap: check all 3 checkboxes. The first shows the view range circle, which is how far your tank can spot. Note that doesn’t account for enemy camo. The second checkbox shows the max distance (445m) that any tank can theoretically spot. The third checkbox shows the max distance that you will render tanks that have been spotted by an ally

*Recommended Equipment*
1. For the vast majority light tanks (aside from the ELC AMX), use Coated Optics
2. For the other 2 slots, typically you want one for gun handling (VStab or GLD) and the other for reload (Rammer). For autoloaders that can’t mount Rammer, go with Vents
3. For light tanks around tier 5 that can’t get to 445m view range with Optics and Situational Awareness, I have been experimenting with replacing Rammer with Binocs and having good results. This would be regarded as a controversial choice by other Unicums and I want to emphasize that I do this to help out-spot higher-tier tanks, not to sit stationary and be passive for long stretches time

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:


It took several months to collect and catalogue the illustrative footage in the video, so I hope you find it helpful. I’m so relieved to it 🙂


  1. You’re back! 😀

  2. Great vid, I 3 marked leopard vk in 180games, I use the autoloader, Why do you use the 5mm and not the 3?Your answer would be greatly appreciated,Also when should you push/brawl in a light?Thanks for your time, shiftyshiftry

  3. Nice job. Really excellent content. Thank you.

  4. Clearly stolen footage. Everyone knows Orientals can’t drive. C:

  5. You’re alive???

  6. Tactical break over, nice…

  7. Holy shit, I’m glad to see a new video! It’s been awhile, but it was worth the wait! 🙂

  8. бля, I thought, you dead ))
    welcome back on youtube

  9. Don’t go after arty! How I miss the good old days when Arty Ruled the World and anything that got spotted was instagibbed and lining up a BT7 like a cruise missile to spot arty could win the game for you.

  10. The work you put into this is so impressive. I can really appreciate the effort you put into this video.

  11. Glad 2 see ur back! ?

  12. Seems I’m going in the right direction, the bad is exactly how I started playing WoT (50% of my games are in LT). I’m working on survivability now, WR has increased dramatically and tutorials like this will always help, so thank you! I need to check, but did you do a crew skill tutorial, i.e. Poor crew vs 2-4 skill crew? I’d love to see the difference side by side. Oh, and best way to crew train for LT (it’s a bloody thankless task a lot of the time, makes crew training and grinding painful)

  13. Keep doing this vids man, i recently 3marked my type 64 and t37 and im on a good roll to 3 mark the amx13-90.

  14. Well good video. You seemed to have assigned yourself the impossible task of explaining everything a player needs to know about light tanks in 1 video. Kind of all over the place, but impressively done. Gratz.

  15. YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. in this meta spotting early game is almost always self harming, ur pubbies will all stop to shoot which slows them getting to powerful postions giving up map control. this isnt even to mention that scouting is hella risky all it takes is one enrmy to yolo into u. light tanks come into there own in the late game

  17. just plugged in my headphones and went deaf at full volume ..

  18. Great video as always Taugrim, especially for somebody that plays mostly light tanks.

    BTW, it’s great when your personality comes through; makes for great/amusing content that players can relate too. For example, at the 12:20 mark, “Look at the E75, that’s glorious, dude is….hahaha, full HP 10 seconds ago and now he’s one-shotable.” In situations like that, you can’t help but laugh and enjoy watching a Tier 10 heavy get nuked.

    Keep up the great work; learning a lot.

  19. >leopard with 50mm instead of the mk103 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  20. Great to hear a shout out to 4TankersAndDog content…yourself, Dauntless, and 4Tankers are the best teachers in the game great job

  21. 39 minutes and 23 seconds of gloriousness. Yes, I know that isn’t a word. Great video Ed!

  22. 04:10 is my favorite spot on my Object 416. Not only for light tanks.

  23. Hey!

    Thanks lots for the video. 

    In addition to the great advice on playing lights, your video also provides lots of information on various locations which are good for tanks that have to operate “from a distance” like weakly-armored meds and tank destroyers. 

    Considering that my goals include learning to play lights *and* improving my understanding of TD play, watching your vid gave me a doubled benefit.

  24. Solid advisory video. I have only 1 thing to add. Try to take note which camping tanks (td’s) are still unspotted and their likely location. Often they kemp bush somewhere and close down a flanking line without ever being seen.

  25. Very nice guide! I haven’t seen any of your other videos but I’ll be checking them out. Very in depth, and useful to me even as an experienced player. Thankyou, subbed.

  26. Welcome back Taugrim, Great video about light tanks, i play one game after seeing your video and i had a Ace Tanker and Patrol Duty! Normaly i don’t play that good in a light tank, i’m more a medium tank player. Here is a replay of it:

  27. World of Tanks North America

    Excellent Guide Taugrim! What’s the next guide on 🙂

  28. Great content as usual. 40 minutes!!

  29. You must be TROLLING with this video?! The view range of light tanks was nerfed so hard that most mediums of the same tier and same nation have the same view range as the light tanks. Medium tanks are better scout now and should be scouting. Light tanks not spotting does not harm there teams, every medium has the same spotting spotting range as a light tier for tier, nation for nation.

  30. Are you gonna do heavy tanks aswell? I am a heavy tank driver mostly, but I see alooooot of people just doing it wrong. Probably because heavies is the “easiest” class to play, what’s your opinion on this?

  31. When I see your ammo loadout I am in awe! You truly are The One. Ultra Unicum! It is twice as hard, in my opinion, to be that good without using a single gold round. I really admire you! What’s next? Road to Unicum – Stock Tanks Edition? 😛

  32. waa long time no see! Quality content as usual.

  33. How2win with light tanks in current meta: pick one with good soft stats, don’t scout unless you are in prok or malinovka, and play like a medium with better gun.

  34. Awesome, awesome guide. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  35. glad your doing vids again…I look forward every time, keep up good work!!!

  36. much appreciated!

  37. Nice video. Glad to see you have come to like the Leopard, as you originally didn’t like it. It’s one of my favorites.

  38. lol that sentence at the end “asking” for gold 😛 that was cheeky. Jokes aside, I always considered you one of the youtubers (maybe together with oneandonly) who makes the biggest effort into recording these videos… with this video it is clear that you did a ton of work and put loads of time into this. Thanks for this. I am currently in Australia, so unable to play (former EU player), and thanks to videos such as this one I can keep improving my gameplay even without playing. There are not many videos with more educative content than this one out there, you are really doing a great job. Thanks again, Sir. Btw., why don’t you have a strong Asian accent? 😛 you should 😀

  39. Great Vid, subscribed based on it

  40. Very useful video. Thanks. In my Chinese lights up to tier 6, I had 60% plus winrate up to 50 battles; I had no 6th sense. When I got 6th sense, winrate started dropping. That tells me I started taking unnecessary risks.

  41. lets be honest you honest made this video to show off the stupid light tank drivers getting wrekt

  42. Great guide – just the facts – I like your simple but effective communication style

  43. this is very, very good guide. this should be on WG front page. there is so many bad light tanks players, i hope they learn something from this vid. i myself did 🙂 thanks

  44. I wish more players would watch your stuff and learn from it. You and maybe two other youtubers have taught me a lot and helped me improve my game hugely. At this stage I may not be learning as much from your videos (which could be a good thing?) but still watch intently. This kind of knowledge is now instinctive, making it easier to improve in other specific areas on the fly. Please keep up what you’re doing.
    – Sent some token gold your way, will keep you in mind next time I have $ to burn lol.

  45. wooo! THAT is a nice video. Thank you very much. And thank you Wargaming for sharing this guy video.

  46. Long video but super useful. Provides almost everything new LT players need to know in a single video. Great work man!

  47. Awesome video! Just one question;
    Will you upload more Armored Warfare videos soon?

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