Unicum Teaches How to Play Light Tanks (ELC AMX) on Airfield

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for watching, hopefully this one was helpful.
As always Im here to answer questions 🙂


  1. Play the 13 75. Best light tank Kappa

  2. why not C5? that rock is amazing for ELC. but gg anyway, T-10 gameplay? i
    love that tank

  3. A great and insightful video as always!!

  4. I love light tanks. i’ma 50%er overall but my recently played lights are
    60%+ . maby I’ll send u a few replays to show how I play em. I have a few
    up on qb’s replay site. philspamoni NA, I think..

  5. CHRoOMAX - magnus1voj

    What equipment do you use LemmingRush? I’ve noticed that you aren’t using

  6. Nice gameplay and commentary as always man… wp

  7. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    Lol “let,s take a look at the post game stats” ?

  8. Jaylin The LaxBro

    Oh he did a Quickbaby

  9. nicely explained play, thanks.

  10. Hey lemming, make a heart with your hands if you have being kidnaped

  11. Thanks for playing the ELC for me, makes me salty that you got the third
    mark (stuck at 94%), fun to watch game. Cheers

  12. how about playing the t10, cause tier 9 is the best

  13. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    Hi Lemming thx really enjoy your videos enjoy your holidays and GG ^_^

  14. Your videos are some of the most insightful internet tenks content on
    youtube.. because you actually go through every step of your decision
    making, never failing to mention the smallest details.

  15. Yoooooo this is my fav tank , I wish I could send you a replay of how i
    play it 🙂 but anyways great vid!

  16. I would really like for you to do a video of the t 20 please. Can you show
    when it is top tier and in a tier 9 match?

  17. when I get a heavy,i just go on the side closer to the …..
    airfield….and wreck faces

  18. could u play tier 1 like ms1 …..jk

  19. Your videos are always interesting and entertaining, thank you. An
    unrelated question… Do you ever appear in front of the camera?

  20. Gabriel Alexander (LightningCube)

    could you play the e 50 or kv-4 ? I’m having problems with how to angle the
    e 50 and for my kv-4 everyone pens the second turret.. :(

  21. A big bruh can I email u one of my ELC AMX replays? u ll be the first
    person to have one of my replays ever.. been playing for about 2 yrs now
    and all ur videos really helped improved my play style.

  22. Can you play the WZ-120 if you have it? I’m having kinda a hard time on how
    to play the WZ

  23. woohoo first here

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