Unicum Teaches How to Play When Your Team Just Melts in World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

-Dont force plays you cant make
-Be last to die

Dont let it make you mad, the only player on your team that you have control is you. If you did the best you can that’s a win.


  1. Great video keep it up!!! These videos are very useful and I’ve found
    myself improving a lot after watching them, thumbs up from me 🙂 . That
    match in the 907 is literally the SEA server in a nutshell XD.

  2. Jason Moreland (Digitalrecline)

    Great guide. cheers.

  3. LemmingRush, can u help me with same situation but with some tank that much
    slower than this Obj.907
    some tank like KV-4 or Caernavon, its really bad time for my KV-4 right now

  4. yeah rush your right mate my stats are sad yes a lot of that is i am way to
    aggressive ay so it will if i slow the fuck down yeah thanks for the advice
    RUSH 07

  5. this is great analysis and a reminder that even the best players have to
    learn to salvage good games from losses

  6. can you please post more CW battles? I love them so much and to see the
    super competitive side and communication between tankers and the commander
    is awe inspiring

  7. Too be honest I mostly die because I try to force opportunities instead of
    letting things play out and look for opportunities and taking advantage of
    it. I’m now more aware that I should focus the threat instead of a tank
    that’s on its reload (like a B-C or a tank with a long reload). This video
    was very useful. Oh also if you could, say hi to Halo__MeU. He’s also in

  8. Try to create some theme song, it is not very impressive when the video
    just starts without anything. Overall pretty fine video.

  9. After a whole night of really passive teams getting rolled over, this is
    very timely and has cheered me up. Thanks!

  10. TL;DW – when it obviously goes bad, run and farm damage until you die.

  11. Good advice Lemming. ;)

  12. Yay! A replay with commentary! Thanks dude!
    This is definitely what I need help with.
    I have super Uni games all the time, but I have way too many yellow games
    and below between them.
    I have been working on shot anticipation very hard along with positioning
    when it comes to dying teams. I often try too hard to win and over expose.
    I push 70% win rates at times though, so it pays off, but then I go on
    losing streaks and it just brings it down.
    gg wp

  13. These types of bids are helpful, question though, How would I increase my
    wn8 ? Any Tips?

  14. can you make a vid on how to play auto loaders? I’m a 2800 recent wn8
    player but I suck at playing tanks like the bat and 57 heavy. Thanks (:

  15. The Razer Kraken mic sounds like ass holy shit

  16. dont you love idiots who goes castle from north spawn? :)

  17. Yeeey new ep 🙂 lately WG gives us lemons and its always a melting team :P

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