UNLOCKING THE OBJECT 279 (e) in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Obtaining the Object 279 (e) is of the hardest things to do in World of Tanks. Today we're going to try to do exactly that!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. I thought trees only gave camo when they weren’t knocked down ?

  2. Just enjoy the game(which is when your team has common sense) and you will complete “most” of the missions. Also wait for some more time, they will make the missions easier.

  3. qb – I hope you have a day job. At what point do you need a shower after shilling for WoT? Do you have any standards?

    You do know WoT is f’ing with the game, yes? I’d not doubt in real time. Seriously, you need a fallback revenue source. i unsubb’d long ago.

  4. The Magnificent Bastards

    hey quickybaby im hoping to get some advice here, i am on LT15 for the T55A and i havent been close to getting it done in over a year since i got a game with 6,998. what of my lights should i use for this mission? i have tier8 batchat 12T, tier8 LTTB, tier9 t54 LTWT, tier10 LT100 i have some other lower/mid tiers but i assumed 8+ was best for the mission.

  5. bloc-15 is ez. just use Lowe xD easiest thing to ace

  6. I have 13 ace tanker in my max 12 t

  7. And forgot to record

  8. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    Falling back to win the game for your team is not being selfish.

  9. such a hard fucking mission. Honestly, chances are high that you can’t trust your teammates when you’re a high rated player

  10. “Thick old tank…”
    SHAD NO!

  11. LOL, I’m trying to get the first reward tank, Stug IV. Yea, I’m not very good.

  12. Any direction that helps would be great. Thanks QB!

  13. I’m taking an extended break from WoT. Last big thing I did was unlock the T110E5. After that I haven’t had the drive to really play the game a bunch (also I’m out of credits 🙁 )

  14. 8:22 Or you could work out when the game or people tick you off. Serves as great stress relief AND helps get you in shape. It’s what I do at least.

  15. A huge congratulations for you, Sir QuackyBaby! ^__^

  16. Sory but your games are so perfect no light is cpunter rushing u no med get frustrated and goes and kamikaze u this is so unrelated 1

  17. Just got the t28 from the missions tonight
    Congrats on getting the obj. 279e

  18. You should get a 3 button gaming mouse to change between shell types faster.

  19. Im so sick of people in the overpowered 279es driving around spamming gold ammo. Its killing tier 10

    • Not just those, its people in general that seem to drive gold only in t10 in combination with 3 arties every match, just no point in driving anything heavy

  20. could you do mission guides for the T55A and so on for the people that are new or just have a hard time?

  21. Aadityaraj Malhotra

    I am still stuck on the Stug IV missions even after 5K games

  22. Congratulations. Nice video and achievement 🙂

  23. Yup, want your Pushing hard games on Obj 279 e

  24. Čangrizavi Majmun

    9 more missions for obj 260 ??

  25. Floris van den Steenhoven

    How do you get the thingy where you can see from the tank board on the sides of the screen if someone is a tomato or not?

  26. There are lots of people who do missions for $$$

  27. A guide would ne awesome

  28. That LT-432 is the definition of pathetic. As always, appreciate your content QB.

  29. do it in chinese meds or tvp vtu
    p.s. even muppet claus kellerman has an obj. 260 😉

  30. Congratz on getting 279 gj really enjoyed this video ?

  31. I would love you to play on the HK server sometimes, it seems they play so differently on the EU server

  32. Havent they made the missions easier again?
    Its not that hard, 260 was harder


  34. I’m trying to finish missions from lt-13 to lt-15 for obj 260 and ht-15 for t55a to be able to get obj 260 with orders cause i finished stug 4 and t 28 htc campaigns with honour?.T55a’s campaign is the next one to finish with honours

  35. Nathaniel Gousset

    My ongoing mission is to unlock all tanks for all nation with a Ace tanker medal on every.
    Too bad I started playing before they put Ace medal in game so I have to go back in tiers… And low tiers Ace could be very hard to get.
    Currently more than half done in total but I just lately fully finished tiers II. Some tiers I required several hundred tries while some tiers IV-V scored several aces before being fully researched…
    The bad thing is that it slow down the progression in mission and campaign because of the lower tiers.

  36. I saw your Stats with Obj 279e after 70 battles, and I’ll expect better results as this tank is so OP?
    This is nearly the worse T10 tank stats which you have. Why, it not fits you or?

  37. I expected that he is gonna smash keyboard like he did few years ago when he set on fire 2 tanks in the same game ???

  38. HEAT doesn’t work on hay bails? Lol

  39. The real Hero with this 10er Light!!!

  40. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    8:05 you mean 98% rushia bias rng ,,,,,,

  41. Congratulations QB 🙂

  42. Players like QB deserves it the most cause they’ve earned it in a fair way. Not by fixing what most of the players does.

  43. i half cheesed my way through to obj 279 e with those paper things which let you skip missions, got it pretty quick and ever since i got it i play it only occasionally its really strong, but not exactly my cup of tea i like to either grind more tier 10 tanks which i wont have the credits for to buy or play with tanks that have better mobility. as of now i need more than 60mil credits to buy all the tier 10s i have unlocked.

  44. I wish I could play world of tanks but my computer is trash and my parents won’t let me buy a new one.So I am stuck with wot blitz

  45. Why are you so jealous of other super unicums? That guy was in a tier 7 LT, he literally had nothing else to do than yolo you at the end of the game. Chill down, this isn’t a nice trait whatsoever. Anyone with a decent IQ will get why you do this, that’s why most good players don’t actually like your personality. Just a random fact if you ever read this. Still, you’re a good player, so don’t take it the wrong way.

  46. 13:25 *T H I C C*

  47. I have trouble even getting first class badges for the excalibur… but then again I’m not even good enough to get the #15 missions for the T-55A ….

  48. ive been playing since 2011 i dont even have stug iv lol and not a single tier 10 researched xD

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