Unlocking the Strykers TRUE Potential – M1128 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

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The M1128 “Stryker” has lost it's “Cope Cage”, making this an absolutely brilliant Wheeled vehicle for the Americans!

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  1. No that reload is not realistic if I am not mistaken it should have a 3 second reload

  2. @JustinPlays thanks for dropping a nuke on me yesterday w your BVM 🙂

  3. The Waffle House has found its new host.

  4. Stryker is supposed to have 6 sec reload

  5. the 7.5 isn’t realistic, teccccchnically its 6 seconds, however a stryker commander in a document claimed that they could engage about 7-8 people in a minute, (including target acquisition etc) and gajin took that as the realistic number. Spookston made like 3 videos on it, id recommend watching those, because this is all from memory (and mine is bad)

  6. *sees sponsor*

    Fast foward go brrrt

  7. Usually, I roll my eyes at the sponsor games offered by content creators not just here, but everywhere, that said this War Planet might be worth a look-see based on what was showcased here. Thanks Justin.

    • As do I. Not even trying to sell it at this point, I genuinely enjoy the game. As lvl 25 is no easy feat seeing that 30 is the cap on a F2P game

  8. So the German KV2 has a SAPCBC round now.

  9. I’ve actually been saved by the slat armor quite a few times but I really like the mobility without it so I’m trying to decide whether I want it on or not

  10. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  11. The waffle house has found it’s new host

  12. It’s historically accurate reload time is 6 seconds but remember when this thing had horrible mobility and 10 seconds of reload? I’m glad I didn’t play it back then but it used to be 9.0 and kinda op.

    • @Aidan McKinstry you mentioned the Type 10, I mean isn’t it supposed to be 4 seconds, is it much slower than that or faster? I think it’s 4 seconds and for the Leclerc it should be 5.

    • If it was historically accurate the autoloader would break after you fire a single round. The MGS is literal ass.

  13. He Justin love your vids and happy new year

  14. Strykers on diet plus the wheel vehicle ground pressure improvement make this thing really moves! Wish M1128 gets the autoloader speed buff to 5 seconds like the AGS (basically they use a very similar main gun and autoloading system), that will make this thing really spicy!

  15. Are you going to make a AMX 10RC video at somepoint?

  16. the Stryker should be able to depress much much further on the sides no sure why gaijin hasnt modeled that yet

  17. 12:38


  18. its possible that guy that friendly bombed you dropped that bomb 5 or 6 seconds before and you were the one that raced up and tried to park on the enemy.

  19. The slat armor saved me a single time from a missile. A single time

  20. I love using it now that you can remove that armor.

  21. Lol I said the same thing about puma’s in the background on Xbox series s

  22. Hey Justin, next time when you bring this out, bring the vehicle with the ammo as as close as its real life counterpart; IRL the vehicle carry 10 HESH, 4 HEAT, 2 Canister shotgun round and 2 M900 Sabot round. To replicate that ingame, carry 14 HEAT with the remaining being a Sabot round lol

    Also the IRL reload for this tank is 0.5 seconds faster than what you have ingame, and it’s still comparable to Soviet loader because just like Soviet autoloader, the ammo is from below loaded into the breech above. In this case, the ready-rack carousel rotates first to pick the desired indexed rounds, lift the rounds near vertical tip first, lifted upward by roughly 1 meter into the unmanned turret, aligned, then rammed into the gun breech.

  23. slat armor for the looks, though

  24. Is it just me or is every youtuber that plays War Thunder doing videos on the Stryker. It’s made me jealous, but I only got 10,000RP to go and I’ll be able to ride out in this bad boy.

  25. Why Vsauce on war thunder

  26. The slate saved me once from a heat round

  27. If only the MGS was a fraction as good in real life as it is in game. Feels bad man.

  28. The waffle house has found its new host

  29. Can you pls do a vid of re visit of the strv 122 serie ?

  30. To grind usa xm 1 or wolfpack premium. Maybe a comparison video only 0,4 in between

  31. 9:05 that one’s on you bomb guides itself and you got too close nothing the guy could have done lol

  32. The bomb was totally not his fault, he dropped that quite a bit before it landed and you drove from a safe location toward the bomb. Granted tou didn’t know the bomb was coming but you weren’t there when he dropped.

  33. Slat armour would be better if it worked properly, it’s suppose to destroy heat rounds so they don’t detonate but in game it activates the warhead and the heat being broken still just travels all the space it shouldn’t and penetrates the armour.

  34. Kristoffer Bergström

    Meanwhile radkampfwagen 90 sits at 9.7, has no thermals, worse round and striker is turretless… hmm

  35. hey Justin, does it actually make a difference to you, if we skip the Sponsor-part of your video?

  36. I would rather gaijin gave us 3 maps we can ban instead of one but hell I would ban the Aral Sea in a heart beat … but I can’t cause I have something with a ban already and i hate or dislike a bit more than 1 map but of course gaijin gives just 1

  37. FIX the fcking game for apple silicon its unusable garbage! im really getting annoyed by it! Constant crashes and render issues with low fps FIX IT! M1max its not the hardware

  38. Fleury Jean-François

    Turret tossing? There have been so many of them in Ukrainia that it could have been impossible to not include this.

  39. Soooooooo I’ve been wondering if you will make a video about the leak info about the F-16?

    • Not my place to do so, my channel isn’t really built for such news nor do I have an interest in trying to spread the info.

      Atleast here on YouTube. I will talk about it on stream however xP

  40. Love your content! Keep up the great work! It still saddens me to see 16k views and only 840 likes. Wish you only the best! <3

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