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Source: QuickyBaby

is testing equipment 2.0 on the and one thing I wanted to test was an unstoppable T95!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Krysáček bruh

    I think this update should stay in sandbox, and dont add it in the game

  2. sourcecode 9999

    should work with badger as well rignt?

  3. Eh, this is nothing new to World of Tanks Blitz…

  4. now imagine that build on an ebr. the mobility nerfs they are planning when the tires are dead will be worthless so…

  5. Economic oppression on the top!

  6. Don’t worry too much about that ‘flag’ joke.

    If someone gets bent out of shape over something as mild as that, it says more about them than it does you. Or they (most likely) could just be trolling you, what with this being the internet and all.

    Personally, I found it funny.

  7. looks like yet another way to increase de facto pay to win nature of this game….”lets detrack this slow tank to get around him and be able to kill him” -> 5Head outplay -> “lul i have premium everything, repaired in 2s”

  8. This is the rare footage of T95 going above 20kmph

  9. Now with EBR

  10. I think Wargaming should not add this feature as it just will be unbalanced for the game and it will brake the gamr even more than it currently is.

  11. Is it worth considering letting gone the rep kit and taking the med kit instead?

  12. Great Video as always thanks QuickyBaby 🙂

  13. British flag equalling “opression”. WTF is that about? Are you ashamed to be British QB? Bloody well hope not!!

  14. Featuring my favorite tank!!!

  15. Alexandre SPENGOS

    Try 277 with max speed booster U got an 490 dmg russian heavy going faster than most medium it’s absolutely murderous when in platoon

  16. Wotblitz needs to take notes…

  17. Racing in t95…

  18. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    One of the important things about being a veteran player is knowledge of all the many vehicles in the game. If they institute this sort of thing across the board it will result in players not knowing what they are facing. Radically changing the way vehicles behave because of kits and addons…..yeah people might be very unhappy with these results in the long haul.

  19. I just get shat on so fast on this every time I play it. Every shot goes straight to the cupolas

  20. T95 will take EBR’s place in spotting. Gj clowns

  21. This new equipment 2.0 is broken

  22. My god. No! they are ruining a game if they ever make it haha!
    Instead of concentrating on the camouflage mechanics and make them with some sense, they are trying to give more points to the gold noobs. it sucks.

  23. Christiaan le Roux

    I hope they don’t put this in the game tbh


  25. Id use this kind of setup for my jpz e-100. Awesome video!

  26. QB is trying too hard

  27. Simplest solution to the “problem” of players not using all the equipment/consumables available increase the number of slots you can use. That would cut into WG’s profits tho so not happening

  28. Cant wait to build an anti arty maus

  29. So the amx elc bis may not be as bad anymore???

  30. dyemm how about wheel tanks with the camo/view range?

  31. These equipment have potential, but they also make some tanks crazy OP.

  32. Is it just me or is QB starting to look like mycroft holmes? XD

  33. I think i’ll buy again my T95 😁😁😁

  34. how sneaky can you make the 103b? wtb video.

  35. Swedish players will be like “Nej! It’s the Zoom Turtle!” when they see a T95 with this setup. It’s a joke by the way.

  36. Mr. Quickybaby…I had seen the ELC EVEN90 go berserk with the scouting build, Even those freaking wheeled tank EBR’s. And no doubt if they release this..will entirely destroy the game . With too many now players coming in and going fast tier’s rather than staying at least at the lower tiers, Well hell yeah. Many good players will be pissed off.

  37. Back in the 13/kmh top speed days, I got my T95 to 76/kmh falling off a cliff to kill a scout tank

  38. Orion the Warrior

    imagine a high speed tog lol

  39. Just a new way for wg to make more money…

  40. You simply MUST try the ZOOM TOG ™!

  41. Wonder if a similar load out would work for a JgPz E-100?1


    When you speak the truth how America is Number 1 and Britain can miss out butt. Haha just joking around but hey America is Number 1 in all things Military.

  43. I got my Deathstar down from 0,38 accuracy to 0,32, and I am not touching that hing until this becomes reality in some regard.

  44. Type 5 Heavy?

  45. noone:
    everyone: 1, 2, 3 seconds
    QB: 0, 1, 2 seconds

  46. This is fun for a test server .
    On live all about dpm,, gubhandling and view range.

  47. I still can’t forget that “the greatest scout known to men”

  48. jack of all trade yeeeeeh but what if your commander dies ? well … rip without medkit

  49. WG, if you are reading any of these comments, for the love of God, do not put these changes into the game… It’s a shitstorm in the making, and will officially mark the point where WoT jumps the shark.

  50. 2s repair is overkill, i would probably prefer 4s repair and go for another piece of equipment. Still pretty epic.

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