Upcoming tier 10 Soviet MT T-22

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello Warriors,

this is the upcoming 10 Soviet medium (likely a CW or so), T-22


The mockup the A-22 hull built from highly sloped rolled armor was made in 1949. Firing trials have shown high resistance of the mockup to large caliber AP shells. Based on this hull a paper project of a T-22 was made. The work on the project was stopped after the suspension and the general were drawn. The successful solutions were used during the development of Object 907

Tier: 10 MT
Hitpoints: 1900
Engine: 750 hp
Weight: 36 tonnes
Power-to-Weight: 20,83 hp/t
Max speed: 55/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 54 degrees per second
Turret traverse: 50,1 degrees per second
Terrain resistance: 0,575/0,671/1,438
Viewrange: 400 m
Radio range: 850 m

Hull: 100/80/? mm
Turret: 230/170/? mm

Gun: ?
Damage: 320
Penetration: 264 mm
ROF: 8,813 rounds per minute
DPM: 2820,1
Reload time: 6,808 seconds
Accuracy: 0,316
Aim time: 1,82 seconds
Depression: -5


Model pictures: 

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